Polar Bear Diaries #2

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October 19th 2009
Published: October 22nd 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

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1: bear breaking into the lodge. 15 secs
Hey Guys.
More and more bears are moving through the area every day and they are getting hungrier as well as more curious! We have had a couple of big male bears trying to bite their way in. Tearing away at the underside of the lodge and ripping off panels and fittings! We now have Buggy 1 up and running and on the tundra! Buggy 1 is operated by Polar Bears International and is used for research and live broadcasts, it is the only buggy on the tundra that picks up high speed internet!

I am in the lodge dining room right now looking at the frozen edge of the bay and at a young female polar bear rolling in the sea weed... She has just sat up and stopped rolling.... She is licking her leg and yawning, she is tired after almost 10 weeks of fasting... She has now dug a little hole in the kelp and is now resting. In the distance I can see another bear walking this way, and there is a raven sitting on an icy rock...

Additional photos below
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Routine maintenance.Routine maintenance.
Routine maintenance.

Doing the routine daily maintenance on the buggies.
Too close for comfort.Too close for comfort.
Too close for comfort.

I had to fire a couple of warning shots to make this big fella move away. I was on bear patrol, while some minor repairs were being made to our water delivery vehicle.
Eye to eye.Eye to eye.
Eye to eye.

I eyed-up this guy as he looked between two of the lodge units.
Buggy 1Buggy 1
Buggy 1

The Polar Bears International buggy. It has a lot of high tech gadgets on board for filming and broadcasting.
Buggy 1 and a bear.Buggy 1 and a bear.
Buggy 1 and a bear.

Check out the exterior camera set-up on the mechanical arm at the front!

22nd October 2009

Be careful
Hello Dave, Gee that was too close for comfort, Bears are too close, Giles really enjoy reading your articles, so do I, Just be careful Your Mother-in-law, Aurore

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