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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Field February 14th 2020

My camera tells me how stark is the lighting at Emerald Lake. No matter how brightly the sun and sky glare, the encircling peaks guard against the colour palette. Black rocks and dark trees challenge the depth of brilliant crystals. Dark shadows created by wind drifts entice the eye with shapes and swirls. High clouds chase blue streaks away from the expanse of ice blanketed by snow, barely marked by skiers, snowshoers and walkers. People relish feeling tiny in the midst of the high mountains, the wide lake and the endless sky.... read more
Horizontal wonder
Mirrored view
 Snow blobs

North America » Canada » British Columbia February 4th 2020

Having spent many a glorious vacation in several corners of the world, from viewing the magnificent glaciers of Alaska up close, the peaceful civility of New Zealand and the cultural dynamism of modern China, to name a few, through this blog, I showcase our very backyard - Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia. How better to spend six summer weeks than with one's own family, touring the spectacular majesty of western Canada, albeit a mere sampling of its quintessential magnificence? I have chosen to publish this blog now (better late than never) because at the time of this vacation, I chose not to disrupt group activity by being glued to a tablet writing. This is neither an account of an adventure into some mysterious and strange faraway land nor is it a description of museums like ... read more
Ready to head out from Calgary, car in tow.
Floating homes near our site in Oak Bay, Victoria.
The Sutherland  flag

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kaleden February 1st 2020

I’ve come from a place where despair is not an option, where too much glitter is never a thing. Days when I find myself occupied in the house, I have only to step outdoors to be slapped in the face by surprise: burros requiring sombreros, infants teething on onions, an old woman as wizened as the avocados she’s selling, rock star beauties queuing up for the bus. Colourful this, cacophonous that. There are no exceptions; this is my everyday in Mexico. Fast forward to this Canada: a silence so profound that I imagine myself cocooned. All sounds, all colours, absorbed by a cushion of snow. The view from the window is a frozen frame blistering before a hot projection lamp. The faint whir of the heat pump, when it splutters to life, feels like an invasion. ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kelowna January 20th 2020

Well that beautiful trip to Kelowna has come to an end. The weather was colder than normal dipping to -23 C and the snowfall amounts were incredible, made for a few days of great snowmobiling for Ron. We will be home today!... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver January 17th 2020

I would love to report that we woke up early and refreshed, ready to hit the town for our last day in Vancouver, however that would be a lie. We didn’t set alarms and so accidentally slept in until about 12pm. I fully blame the fact that we’re staying in a basement, and the fact that Vancouver is very dark itself at the moment, so it says nice and dark and comfy down here. Anyway, we did eventually leave at about 1pm, and we headed straight to Frenchie’s for lunch (allegedly home of the best poutine in Vancouver). One thing we have learnt this past week is that while there’s a chance of regretting it if we both get a meal, it’s very unlikely to regret only getting one. So we shared a veggie poutine (I ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver January 16th 2020

Had another morning like yesterday morning, where we had to decide whether to sleep or stand. Once again, Adam chose to sleep, and I chose to stand and go for a walk. My immediate goal was coffee, however I found a thrift shop, that led into another thrift shop, that led into ANOTHER thrift shop, so I ended up spending all of my time in these three stores. Adam texted me halfway through my vintage adventure, where I was just in the middle of purchasing a Canadian Hockey cap (for $5 which I thought was amazing but Adam was less than impressed) and we met halfway between the stores and the Airbnb at about 12pm. We ended up going to iHOP for breakfast where Adam got Mexican churro pancakes and I got Italian cannoli pancakes. We ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver January 15th 2020

Had a super relaxing day today. We set alarms for 9:30am to give ourselves a bit of a sleep-in, but it turns out we were super tired and slept through it. We have plenty of time in Vancouver to explore and have fun, so we figured it was okay to relax a little and catch up on some zzz’s. At 10:45 we woke up and made decisions. Adam decided to sleep some more, and I, worried if I slept too much it would ruin any chance of a normal sleep schedule, decided to go for a walk. It was -7 outside and snowing but it was so beautiful! I didn’t even mind the cold, everything is just so much prettier in the snow. I went into a few gift shops that were pretty cute and also ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver January 14th 2020

Ok so we ended up getting to bed at around 1am BUT there’s a good reason! A few good reasons! Firstly the forecast said it would be snowing at 11pm so we waited up for that (didn’t happen), then I got a call from my mother who is currently travelling around Greece, THEN we realised we had to pack before we went to sleep otherwise we’d have to wake up super early, and DURING packing Adam threw up. So we had about 5 hours sleep. Which is fine. So fine. We left the apartment at about 6:45am, when it was pretty much pitch black outside (although not so dark that we couldn’t see cars covered in snow- so it did happen!) and headed to the train station to go back to the airport. It was really ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kelowna January 6th 2020

2020 is here 🥳 A few weeks in the new year with family and enjoying some winter activities ❤️... read more
Road Trip
Road Trip

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vernon December 7th 2019

SUMMATION: Thanks to "The man in seat 61. The title of this last blog sounds like a mystery novel, but it is in reference to a website called "the man in seat 61." This site saved our souls many times during this journey. It is a complete European train travel guide and we recommend it to anyone considering train travel in the future. Visiting nineteen countries over a 100 day span, we are giving this European trip a 9+ rating. TOP 3: #1 Norway - the famous Oslo to Bergen and Flam railway trip - spectacular scenery #2 Prague - architecture and colours, took my breath away #3 Lagos, Portugal - gorgeous beaches This adventure started with a desire to vacation in Portugal. Obviously, it took us a long time to get there. Seeing country sides ... read more
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