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North America » Canada » British Columbia » New Westminster October 11th 2022

“There ain’t no journey that don’t change you some.” - David Mitchell And what a journey we had! We’ve been home for several days now, and I’m rested enough to do my wrap-up blog. We covered a lot of ground over our month long trip, had lots of great experiences, drank lots (beer, wine, spritzes), ate lots (grilled fish, pasta, pizza, gelato), and walked about a million steps, up hills and down hills, up stairs and down stairs 😂. If you‘re thinking of visiting Croatia (which I highly recommend), be prepared for lots and lots of stairs! We travelled in a wide variety of transport on this trip (plane, train, subway, bus, mini van, and a variety of boats), which was lots of fun. We took numerous ferries in Croatia and they were a great way ... read more
Lager in London
Memorial for the Queen in London shop

“It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on earth has ever produced the expression, 'As pretty as an airport.’” - Douglas Adams And we’ve spend quite a bit of time in airports the last two days! If you read my last blog, you know we were concerned about making our standby flight from Rome to Vancouver. Spoiler alert, we missed it 😢. But, first things first, back to our last morning in Rome. The morning started with an email from WestJet saying our flight to Rome was delayed (an hour or so). We weren’t concerned about that, since there were several flights from Calgary to Vancouver we could take (we had to connect in Calgary). As long as we made the flight from Rome to Calgary, we’d be fine. We were up, showered, breakfasted, ... read more
Two sad travellers!
G&Ts and cheese and onion crisps
Relaxing in the lounge at Gatwick before our flight to Toronto

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver September 28th 2022

The Vacationer conducted an online survey of 1,098 American adults 18 years and older. They were asked, “When flying on a plane, which behaviors from fellow passengers annoy you?” There were frankly no surprises in the responses. The top two most annoying behaviors were tied: disruptive, drunk passengers and having the back of your seat kicked, both coming in at 59.11%. A close third with 48% is smelly co-passengers with either too much perfume or poor hygiene. Poor parenting skills also made it to the list with 46.81% people hassled by inattentive parents. Some of the other offences were smelly foods, armrest hogging, seat reclining, talking too much, boarding/deplaning out of turn, loud music, and taking off shoes. People are also vexed by couples indulging in PDA and fliers getting up to use the restroo... read more
Just the worst!
Hard to believe

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Port Moody September 24th 2022

So when you look at all of our bags, it really looks like we're either travelling for years or moving houses. So much for being able to pack efficiently! While two of them are for Hannah, we've probably still packed way too much! We'll also see if our packing trend holds up - whatever the last minute article of clothing we throw in the end is usually turns out to be the thing we wear the most. We leave for the airport in a few hours as we're on the red eye to London. I always struggle with flights that are late in the day. It feels like the whole day is just anticipation of the trip. Of course, there are all the little things that need to be done - cleaning out the fridge, petting ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Port Moody September 23rd 2022

This is it! We leave tomorrow for our UK adventure. We've spend the last year planning and we leave tomorrow. I'm spending the day today doing things like getting my hair done, pedicure, etc. while Don has one last day at work. Tonight we'll celebrate Don's birthday and get our packing done! Between the two large bags we're bringing for Hannah and our own bags, it's going to look like we're planning to move there. We've been watching the London weather for the past week or two and it was supposed to be sunny and warm. As of today, though, they're predicting rain and cool most of the first few days. I'm feeling quite pleased with myself for buying a good raincoat. Don hasn't done any of his packing yet. I think that he's finally decided ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » New Westminster September 9th 2022

I heard an airplane passing overhead. I wished I was on it. - Charles Bukowski And tomorrow, we will be on it! We are so happy to be travelling again, on our long-delayed trip to Croatia. We booked our Croatia trip early in 2020, only to have it cancelled shortly after because, of course, Covid. We are finally able to go, and the timing turned out just perfectly because we are now are able to meet my brother Ross and sister in law Beth in Italy, where they will be travelling, when our Croatia trip finishes. We start our travels in England, visiting Susan's cousin. We'll be staying in Eastbourne, on the south coast, and we'll also have a night in London. The area around Eastbourne looks really lovely and we are looking forward to doing ... read more
Obligatory Ella in Suitcase Photo
Ella on her cooling mat

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 15th 2022

Vancouver, 14 juillet De toutes les villes que j'ai visité, elle gardera toujours une place particulière. La métropole de la Colombie-Britannique, nichée au pied des montagnes sur les rivages du détroit de Géorgie, a un charme certain qui attire migrants et touristes par milliers. Malgré un coût de la vie ahurissant (le prix moyen des maisons dépasse ici le million de dollars), la grande qualité de vie que l'on y retrouve, le décor splendide, la mentalité "West Coast" (certes plus cool et écolo que l'Alberta voisine) et les nombreux attraits naturels et sportifs tout proches (la mer et la montagne, le beurre et l'argent du beurre quoi!) rendent cette ville tout simplement irrésistible. La ballade sur le seawall dans le célèbre Stanley Park nous a encore une fois comblé, avec une trempette d'orteils sur la non ... read more
Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nanaimo July 13th 2022

Nanaimo, 13 juillet C'est pourtant bien écrit sur les plaques d'immatriculation de la province, mais on ne cesse de se le répéter! Parcourir les routes de la Colombie-Britannique est un plaisir toujours renouvelé et toujours riche en OH et en AH. Depuis Jasper, nous avons d'abord descendu la vallée de la rivière Thompson Nord vers Kamloops pour rejoindre ensuite la vallée de l'Okanagan. Malgré un climat semi désertique (un peu moins cette année, le vert du paysage nous a surpris), on trouve ici de vastes superficies de plantations de toutes sortes, allant des cerisiers aux vignobles, en passant par les abricotiers et les pêchers. Les kiosques de vente, apparemment presque tous tenus par des gens de la communauté indienne (de l'Inde, pas des premières Nations!) sont nombreux et un arrêt dans l'un de ceux-ci nous a ... read more
Fintry State Park, vallée de l'Okanagan, BC
Penticton, BC
Penticton, BC

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kamloops July 10th 2022

Kamloops, Colombie-Britannique, 8 juillet Ah, les Rocheuses! Tout les superlatifs du monde sont ici applicables, avec raison! La partie canadienne de ce grand système montagneux qui traverse les Amériques attire depuis longtemps les amateurs de paysages et de randonnée. Avant la pause pandémique, ils étaient près de cinq millions à visiter le plus ancien (1885) et le plus célèbre des parcs nationaux canadien, Banff. Aujourd'hui, alors que le tourisme mondial reprend de plus belle, l'afflux de visiteurs est tel que certains sites perdent de leur charme en raison d'une congestion monstre. Nos visites aux Lac Louise et Moraine ont fait chou blanc, les accès étant bloqués dès 9h00 en matinée. La petite ville de Banff est littéralement prise d'assaut, tant par les canadiens, les américains, mais aussi cette année par les européens et les asiatiques, notamment ... read more
Johnston Canyon, parc national de Banff
Johnston Canyon, parc national de Banff
Johnston Canyon, parc national de Banff

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver June 25th 2022

I woke up this morning to beautiful, bright sunshine! I’ve had awesome weather during my stay here in Sechelt/Vancouver. I slept in this morning waking up around 7:30 or so. I had a shower and went downstairs to enjoy the breakfast that the hotel puts on. It was pretty decent. Scrambled eggs with turkey sausage links, some ’home fries’; chunky potatoes with some chunks of sautéed peppers and onions. Coffee, of course. Finishing that, I went back up to the room and then got things tidied up. I then went out to start my day. I walked from here to the post office to post a parcel in the mail to Mom, and then walked to Gastown. I wanted to buy a couple of t-shirts for the family, and took some video and photos (see attached). ... read more
Bacon Cheddar Burger
Old Spaghetti Factory in Gastown
Store display in Gastown

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