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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 20th 2021

Early Morning tour - English Bay English Bay is the body of water where the shores of Vancouver meet the Pacific Ocean and that is where Patrick’s tour ‘Guide’s Choice’ commenced. It was 7am and very few people about but plenty of gulls on the pebbly beach. The Stanley Park Seawall, a popular running and biking route, runs along the east side of the beach. The Silvia Hotel is an ideal place to enjoy a cocktail & watch the sunset. Virginia creeper is the ivy-like plant that covers more than half of the property. The plant is a trademark feature of the hotel and a well known landmark in the city. In 1975 the City designated the Sylvia a heritage building, ensuring its survival for many years to come. We saw an amusing sculpture ‘A-maze-ing Laughter’ ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 20th 2021

Road Trip to Vancouver Part 1 - Squamish. Squamish calls itself the “Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada”, today Finn joined his dad as we strolled around this pretty town. They town had recently been the location for a Christmas movie which is why we saw snow and Christmas trees laying around. The community garden looked well looked after. The Stawamus Chief, officially Stawamus Chief Mountain (often referred to as simply The Chief, is a granite dome located adjacent to the town. It towers over 700 m above the waters of Howe Sound nearby. It is often claimed to be the “second largest granite monolith in the world”. The indigenous people from this area, consider the Chief to be a place of spiritual significance. The great cleft in the mountain’s cliff-face in Squamish legend is a mark ... read more

Yoho National Park & Field In 1886, the Canadian government reserved 10 square miles (26 square km) at the foot of Mount Stephen in Yoho as a dominion park. In 1930 a much larger area was declared a national park. The park was named after a Cree word meaning "wonder and awe”, an expression which perfectly describes Yoho National Park. Shaped by the forces of plate tectonics and erosion and sculpted by glaciers from the ice age, Yoho's steep slopes, flat valleys, and alpine peaks comprise a variety of unique habitats that are home to an incredibly diverse mix of plants and animals. An 1871 agreement to bring the province of British Columbia into the Confederation of Canada set the wheels in motion for the creation of the Field townsite. Crucial to the agreement was ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kelowna August 14th 2021

Le 14 août 2021, La journée commence par un petit-déjeuner absolument gargantuesque servi dans des sacs de papiers bruns, à la mode covid-19. Ça nous cale l'estomac pour les prochaines heures et peu après, nous quittons Revelstoke en direction de la vallée de l'Okanagan. Après un petit 25 minutes de route, nous parvenons à notre première activité de la journée, le Skytrek. Plusieurs parcours sont disponibles: arbre-en-arbre pour adultes, tyroliennes, murs d'escalade, etc. Nous, nous y sommes pour le jungle-gym pour les enfants de moins de 12 ans, et le parcours d'hébertisme pour enfants de 5 ans et plus. On est un peu déçus de ne pas pouvoir profiter pleinement des installations, mais comme on doit suivre la plus jeune à la trace dans le jungle-gym, nous avons tout de même notre compte d'exercise. Pour cette ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke July 22nd 2021

Day 21. My time in BC has come to an end. I just finished loading up the bike which means just about everything else is stowed and ready to roll in the morning. That’s one nice advantage of a pull through site, I can drop the ramp and load the bike without pulling onto the road like most back-in spots although I may have mentioned my site in Cranbrook was deep enough to unload on the grass behind the trailer. I got up shortly after eight again and had a banana and a bacon sandwich. I cooked the whole pound this time so I have some I can microwave on a travel day. When I passed through Sicamous on my ride about noon the smoke was so heavy it was difficult to see exactly where on ... read more
Another great road
Armstrong Ice Cream shop

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke July 21st 2021

Day 20. The ash seems to have stoped falling but the smoke may be worse due to the fire in Sicamous. I caught my first whiff as I exited the trailer to make my pancakes, well actually it turned into one large pancake but that’s irrelevant. I buy the “just add water” pancake mix and use eggs for my liquid to get some protein. Let’s be honest, pancakes are just to hold the syrup. That’s what we really want. Being diabetic I’ve discovered all sorts of “no sugar added” or “sugar free” things including pancake syrup. Most of these things contain sugar alcohols which are derived from sugar but the human body doesn’t absorb them like processed sugar. When I passed by Sicamous this morning I saw three water bombers in the air fighting the local ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke July 20th 2021

Day 19. When I stepped outside this morning everything was covered in ash and it continues to fall this evening. I assume it’s from the big fire near Kamloops but Osoyoos is on fire as well. The government has declared a state of emergency for the area and as of this morning 1100 hectares (2700 acres) were burning out of control. Today I decided I would not ride but go to the gym in Sicamous and do some grocery shopping. I tried calling the gym yesterday afternoon but just got voicemail. I tried again this morning and got the same so I went on their website and it showed day passes were available so I gathered my gear and headed to town. When I got to the gym the door was locked with a key pad ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke July 19th 2021

Day 18. After yesterday’s 29Km of gravel road the bike was pretty dirty but I knew I was going to ride another six and a half today so I just left it that way. Again I plotted a route in the GPS last evening so I knew what to expect. What I didn’t expect was how much smoke from the wild fires there was an hour South of here. I took Hwy 1, The Trans Canada Highway, to Salmon Arm that then the fun began as I turned South toward silver Creek and Yankee Flats. Beautiful pavement and lots of twists and turns all the way to Hwy 97. I could see the smoke was getting heavier as the hilltops started to disappear. By the time I got to 97 it was like riding in a ... read more
Shuswap Lake
Salmon Arm

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Smithers July 18th 2021

Smithers BC, is approximately halfway between Prince George & Prince Rupert in the Bulkley Valley, along the Yellowhead Highway and where we find Patrick today on his road trip. Founded in 1913, the community of Smithers over the last century has become one of the more iconic settlements in the area. There are few places in British Columbia that can boast the quality of life that Smithers has become known for. Smithers owes its name to the chairman of the board of directors of the Grand Truck Pacific Railway. Smithers requires all the businesses operating in the downtown core on Main Street to construct the buildings in such a way that the alpine theme of the area is maintained. We spotted “The Alpenman’ which serves as a representative of the town’s symbol and mascot. Wherever you ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke July 18th 2021

Day 17. I actually slept until nine this morning. Not straight through but I kept falling back to sleep. It’s been about eight a.m. most days that I didn’t intentionally get up early to move on to the next destination. Yoghurt with raspberries and nuts and then a bacon sandwich chaser got the day going. I finally remembered to put the one gallon gas can in my saddlebag just in case. I also carry a five gallon can of diesel in the Jeep for the same reason. I had a route that included some of the back roads highlighted on the map I got from the owner at the museum yesterday programmed into the GPS from the night before so off I went. The route South of Sicamous along Mara Lake is nice and I stayed ... read more
Entering Vernon

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