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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver October 2nd 2023

Day 2 - Sunday Ok, so, one of the reasons why I don't usually experience the nightlife when I travel for an iF3 competition is because you have to sleep sometime. 12 hours on your feet working the event and then 12 hours out partying at night would equal zero hours of sleep... and that would be brutal. That's almost what happened to me in Egypt two years ago. I was sleeping in the Uber, sleeping on the plane, sleeping every chance I got after a couple of late nights in Cairo. It was tough, and this time even more so. Chelly and I were up until about 3am. When we woke, it was time to get everyone fed, packed, and checked out of the AirBnB. So we ate our Indian leftovers for breakfast (Indian meal ... read more
An Official Olympic Venue
The Final Test
Short and Painful

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver October 1st 2023

This Time Was Different Usually when I go to an iF3 event I am on my feet filming for at least 10-12 hours per day, talking to people, climbing over stuff, walking back and forth from end to end of a stadium, wandering around the athlete staging/warmup areas, and maybe trekking back-and-forth to the track or the pool. Add to that the time in the morning and at the end of the day spent charging batteries and offloading footage. This means in the nighttime there's scant time left to find whatever food spot is still open and have a nice, chill dinner with someone from one of the national federations or teams, then crash at my hotel for as much sleep as I can squeeze-in before getting up and doing it all again the next day. ... read more
Barefoot Beauty
The Next Generation

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver September 30th 2023

Me & The iF3 I first found out about the International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3) in 2017 when they launched their organization dedicated to bringing the sport of Functional Fitness to the Olympic level, and held their first World Championships. There was a fundraiser and I pitched in. I didn't win the fan-wheel bike, but I was happy to help spread the word, and a seed was planted. In 2018, I decided to approach them about making a documentary. My friend James Fitzgerald at OPEX Fitness connected me to Gretchen Kittelberger, founder of the iF3, and we started talking. In 2019, the USA team brought me to Malmo, Sweden as their videographer and my documentary work for the iF3 began. I turned the footage from that trip into Reach For The Rings, my feature documentary about ... read more
I'm In The Audience Now
With My Boys

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver September 17th 2023

Då var alltså stunden kommen. Jag skulle vända hemåt mot norra halvklotet igen. Denna del av världen jag nu lägger bakom mig ska jag definitivt återkomma till. Visst, långt bort men så otroligt vackert, innehållsrikt, omfångsrikt och så mycket av allt. Men ändå lättillgängligt när man väl är på plats. Språk, stil, uttryck - ja det är mycket som känns igen som man då inte behöver ödsla tid på att lära sig. Förutom att man envisas med vänstertrafik men tempot är så pass lugnt så det kommer man in i snabbt. Smidigt att ta sig till den enorma flygplatsen i Sydney. In och utcheckning gick hur smidigt som helst och jag använde mig av mitt privata loungekort för att äta upp mig lite innan tretimmarshoppet över till Auckland där jag senare under dagen skulle flyga vidare ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver September 17th 2023

Bilder Sydney - Auckland till och i Vancouver... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia August 7th 2023

Today was a pretty relaxed day. We didn't have a schedule to adhere to so we decided to explore Stewart. We drove into town and stopped first at the Visitor Center. It was a very small room with a counter for making purchases and a bank of flyers and booklets of what to do in Stewart, BC and its sister city Hyder, AK, the surrounding communities, and the province of British Columbia. Next to the Visitor Center is a boardwalk that goes out over and across an estuary. There wasn't a lot of animal activity save for a few birds and a lone caterpillar. It was a nice walk out and back and even though today was cloudy and overcast, the views were beautiful. It just all seemed to fit well together. Stewart, British Columbia is ... read more
His Spurs Don't Jingle-Jangle-Jingle
Every Mining-Related Town Had One
Welcome to Hyder; The Friendliest Ghost Town in Alaska

North America » Canada » British Columbia August 6th 2023

My alarm went off at 6:30 and I kept snoozing it until 7:00. Mike is always up way before me. He gets his coffee going, makes his toast (warm, dry bread), and feeds Charlie. After Charlie finishes his breakfast he has gotten into the habit of jumping up on the bed and going back to sleep ... tight against my head! Our routine of breaking camp went smoothly. So smoothly in fact that we left 15 minutes ahead of schedule. I could have hit that snooze button three more times! Just before we left, while Mike was in the park's bathroom, I showed Dave the giant bug that pinged off Mike's arm yesterday. It was still in the door cubby where it landed after I shook out my blanket. Dave said, "Yeah, that's a giant fly. ... read more
Bear Number One Today
Mama Bear
Baby Bear

North America » Canada » British Columbia August 5th 2023

We woke at 6:00 to be on the road by 8:00. Today would be a long day. Yesterday while we were at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center, Dave and Teri brought up concerns about staying where we had originally planned. The campground had high reviewer ratings, but we would be dry camping, meaning no water, no electricity and no sewer hookups. We decided to change our reservations and book the night at a place with lower ratings, but had full hookups. Our drive would take us down into BC for a short while before arching through YT and down into BC again. The lake we drove by yesterday was nothing compared to the lake we drove by on our way through Teslin. Teslin Lake is really long. I swear it was next to us for an ... read more
DIY Home Depot
It Took Forever for This Guy to Give Me Close to the Shot I was Looking For
Dave and His New Piney-Coney Walking Stick

North America » Canada » British Columbia July 11th 2023

Today was the first opportunity to actually sleep in. We didn't have to get up and get on the road to the next destination, we were already there. It was pretty nice. When Mike returned from taking Charlie on his morning walk he told me the sun was actually normal looking. It wasn't a fuzzy orange orb in the sky. The smoke had cleared somewhat and you could almost see a few patches of blue if you squinted hard enough and used a little imagination. By the time I dragged myself out of bed, everything was as it was the last time I'd looked up. Mike and Dave went to the park's restaurant for breakfast. Teri and I were invited, but turned it down and opted for a more gradual start to the day. According to ... read more
Shrek Lives Here
The Boardwalk to the Hot Springs
The Water Doesn't Look Too Bad From Up Here

North America » Canada » British Columbia July 10th 2023

It was a drizzly morning. Not enough to make packing up miserable, just enough to let you know it was there. As I said in yesterday's post, Mike and I went to the on-site restaurant for dinner. The dining area had a high curved ceiling. At about the height a regular ceiling would have been built, there was a wide wooden shelf that ran on three sides of the room. Now on this shelf there was some greenery; some bushy greenery, some viney greenery. The greenery on the shelf, and the shelf on the wall and the walls there in the dining area-o. Oops, sorry. So among the plastic pine boughs and fake trees were several taxidermied animals posed to attack, alert or flee. It was a little too dark in there last night to take ... read more
The Tattoo Parlor
Charlie Likes the Water

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