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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kelowna August 23rd 2019

We had a decsion to make - How to get to Kelowna? Our original plan was to go via the rail trail around the Myra Canyon and in to Kalowna. The Myra Canyon was the whole point of taking the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, it has 22 tressle bridges and numerous tunnels. But because the trail had been so bad, we reconsidered this option. Instead we would take the rail trail part way and then detour straight to Kalowna and head out to the Myra Canyon the next day. Settled! We had a good breakfast at Denny's and headed out on the trail. From the town of Penticton, and for the first 20kms the trail was very well groomed and easy to ride on. It was all up hill though at a constant 2% to 4% ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kelowna August 23rd 2019

In Dante's Inferno there are seven levels that you descend through on your way to hell. As far as the Kettle Valley Rail Trail is concerned, I think we started at Level 8! But today we ascended through all levels and saw the Rail Trail in all it's grandeur. In a 15km section there are 18 tressle bridges, 2 tunnels and numerous cuttings. On display was the undeniable determination of the Canadian government back in the day to build a railway where one should not have been. The trail hugged the sides of the Myra Canyon on it's way north to transport goods to wherever they needed to go. The railway is long gone, proving to costly to maintain and keep open, especially during the winter. What's left, in this well maintained mecca for day trippers ... read more
The Longest of the Tressle Bridges
A series of 5 bridges in close succession.
Another Tressle Bridge

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Penticton August 22nd 2019

We woke to a beautiful bright sunny day. We had 96kms to Penticton. We had made what we're sure was a wise decision to not follow the rail trail and instead take the road that runs parallel to it. We'll take the ups and downs of the road over that brutal trail any day. The day started well. There was some early climbing, more so than we expected but all good. The bright sunshine faded fast as the morning wore on. And then we had light drizzle, nothing to be worried about we didn't even put on our jackets. We had made reasonably good time on the bitumen and were feeling good about the day. We came into Bankeir and as we rode past the fire station we were offered water by Fireman Rob which was ... read more
Fireman Rob
Sheltering from the rain
On the slush

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Princeton August 21st 2019

We had the luxary this morning of not being in a hurry to lead. With only 26kms to travel it is as good as rest day (you'd think). After a sleep in we rose to a lazy breakfast. Mike came around and so did his lovely wife Sandra. What a great couple. We spent the best part of the morning chatting, hearing stories of freezing waste deep in snow winters of normally around -10C and summers that hit 40C. And stories of bears, cougars and deers in the local area - just what we wanted to hear. We enjoyed their company so much we arranged to meet them for dinner in Princeton. We left Tulameen at Midday with a prospect of the KVR being in better condition than yesterday and it certainly was - but still ... read more
Jeff on the trusty Dahon
One of the two tunnels on the trail today
Our Lunch Stop under an old bridge

North America » Canada » British Columbia August 20th 2019

It was an early start today, We promised ourselves to be out by 7am, needing to climb a mountain and cover 140kms. We left at 7:30am. This was partly due to Jeff starting off the puncture count with a slow leak overnight. I had worked out that our 46km ride up the mountain gaining 1200 odd meters averaged out at about a 3% gradient - now that's not too bad and I assured everyone we'd be fine. As it turned out, I was wrong. The climb to the top of Coquihalla pass took in the order of 4 hours. We gained and lost height a lot in the first 10kms so much so that it meant the climb when it actually started was at least 6% with long stretches of 7 to 9%. It hurt. A ... read more
Great Scenery
Hauling it up the hill
Coquihilla Pass in the background

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Hope August 18th 2019

Nothing like "Breakfast Included" to get everyone up reasonably on time and into the dining area. Sadly the standard was quite below par, the coffee undrinkable and the tea barely so. I guess a redeeming feature was the home cooked waffles. We set off about 8am after some advice from a local on some of the quieter roads to take. We trundled along quiet farm roads for the morning taking in the scenery. There was milking shed after milking shed for the first 30km, but strangely few cows to be seen. The ubiquitous corn fields streched out just as commonly, and staying true to yesterday, plenty of berries on offer, usually Blueberries but Strawberries and Blackberries as well. We made great time today in the morning. Not having to navigate exiting the city or trying to ... read more
More of the same
Front Garden Furniture
Cyclist Sculpture

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver August 17th 2019

As I type this entry it's 34 hous after the time I got up on Friday (5am) and its STILL Friday! We actually landed in Canada 2 hours BEFORE we took off so effective I figure we were younger when we arrived than when we left. Not sure what that means exactly on the way back but I sure it will have something to do with time travel. The flight over was in a Dreamliner 787. A very nice plan even back in the cheap seats in Economy. The flight was uneventful but a 14 hours is still a VERY long time to spend sitting on a plane. We got into Canada at 7:30am. The bikes all turned up safe and sound and we made our way by taxi to a Storage Facility near our hotel ... read more
The weary travellers arrive
Three of the Amigos

North America » Canada » British Columbia August 14th 2019

More marine life adds to the excitement in the Inside Passage. Pacific white-sided dolphins: Dolphins on the bow: Seal play: read more
Kayaks in Reid Harbor
Peter decarbonizes barge operator
Shearwater abandoned docks

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Hartley Bay August 10th 2019

WHALES! On our way to Prince Rupert last week, we started to see more whales, spotting a humpback in the Fraser Reach, a few orcas in Wright Sound, and some dolphins or seals feasting in the distance. Now on our downward slide south, we traverse virgin waters for Ama, heading west towards the open ocean but still skirting the Browning Entrance into Petrel Channel, and the first encounter with any other creatures, is whales! When there are whales on both sides of the bow, and you can hear their breath, “whooshing” out and up into giant plumes, the spray falling on our decks, we know we have found whales! And now we are too close. Though we are barely 100 meters from shore, humpback whales are on both sides of our boat. Suddenly Ama feels very ... read more
Whale fin flying
Squally Channel whale
Hello Humpback

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kamloops July 27th 2019

I have said in the past that if we set off without a plan, the day often has a plan for us. But the reverse can also be true. The day can often unravel well made plans by tossing a wrench in it all. Today was one of those days. We left our hotel at 8 AM and 62 degrees and raining, and headed north. Our plan was to drive to Vancouver and go back to the water’s edge to enjoy the view before proceeding on to Kamloops. Well, Border Control was the wrench. After spending an hour and a half in line at the border, (where 8 available lanes were only manned by 4 people) we no longer had time to go to Vancouver, so we had to turn east and go directly to Kamloops, ... read more
Park at the boarder
Washington gas stop
Washington gas stop

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