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October 5th 2006
Published: October 5th 2006
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I made it, despite the dire premonitions of death due to the somewhat dubious safety record of China Airlines. The overnight stop in Tai Pei was great - the "accommodation" was actually a golf course country club up a hill outside town, so it was very quiet, with a double room and bathroom (complete with actual bath - not like a hostel) all to myself! I made the most of the sleeping facilities after 10 hours in a plane, and the prospect of another 10 the following day.
The flight from Taiwan to Canada was longer (or was it just because I couldn't sleep?), arriving in Vancouver at 9am. After having to cope with needing exact change for the bus, without actually being told how much it actually costs to get on the bus, I made my way downtown to my hostel, located in Davie Village, arguably the gayest village in all of Canada.....
I've seen only a little of Vancouver (and the rest of BC) has to offer, only having time to stroll downtown (full of skyscrapers), the harbour (full of rich people and their boats) and Stanley Park (full of squirrels - black and grey), then today walking around Grouse Mountain (full of bears - caged and loose, and deer) and sitting by the water reading.....
Tomorrow is the monotonous marathon 70 hour bus ride to Toronto, to get there before Thanksgiving - my very first!

Sleep deprivation and roadside diners await.....

Ciao for now mis amigos! More after Thanksgiving...


5th October 2006

As your Canadian man-slave, I must welcome to our big, big land... everything is bigger- er, never mind. Em, enjoy the bus ride - play "count the mullets" along the way! From here on in, there are NO more Tim Tams or Vege-whatever-you-call-ite. Now smear that maple syrup on your donut and dunk it in a double-double, you hoser - you've taken off to the great white north! WELCOME!!!!!

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