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October 13th 2006
Published: October 13th 2006
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Hahahahaha, surprising, eh? There was probably some snow at some point last night, but all traces were gone when the sun came up this morning in my new home town of Kingston. Walking from the Post Office to the library, I was caught in a sudden fall of hail, or as I euphemistically term it small round hard SNOW! Hahahahaha, geez I'm so Australian, just the thought of snow is so novel to me that I get excited, whilst all of the locals are just bitching about the cold autumn weather.

Thanksgiving was as to be expected - a public holiday based on gorging yourself one day and eating the leftovers the next (we're still working on the leftovers actually...). Halloween is rapidly approaching, and with it the arrival of cheap CANDY! (yay). I'm not sure if my new apartment is in an area with lots of families, so I doubt if I'll get to see any trick or treating kids, so I may just have to don an insulated pirate suit and hit the streets myself (anything in the name of free sugar).

So I have some free time today and while it's so cold outside (a pattern tipped to last for at least another 4 months) I might try to finally get the last of my trip photos on the blog, so I can start with the new Canada photos - I promise lots of squirrels and (thankfully for many) a lot fewer euphorbias (but there are still some hahahahahaha - suffer in your jocks).

As an Australian I'm quite the novelty here in Kingston - in a larger city like Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver I would probably remain under the radar. No-one (apart from Clive) has asked me to say Crikey yet (thank god), but I did get one of the guys at my new job asking me to say G'day. The new job is just part-time until Christmas, but it's at a great spot - a fine foods company, so the place is packed to the rafters with imported coffee, chocolate, biscuits, cheese, tea - everything! I haven't asked about a staff discount yet, but believe me I'll be partaking of any benefit that comes from working there, on top of the free hot chocolate. Unfortunately they are currently unable to import Tim Tams and Vegemite from Australia due to distributor problems, so any parcels containing the above-mentioned items would be gratefully appreciated, especially as Clive has decided that he loves Vegemite and is plowing his way through the tube I brought over from Melbourne. I'm praying that the huge jar I sent from home arrives soon, with the Tim Tams in tow.

It's a battle to fight off the assorted colds and flus that seem to be infecting the entirety of the country right now - I thought I was just allergic to Nick's cat (where I'm staying until we move into the aprtment on the weekend), but no I'm officially sick which bites the big one, but at least I'm not alone.

A quick check of the computer has just unearthed the fact that I cannot, in fact, upload photos because I can't access the two USB ports on the computer (so why are they there?), so I'll have to upload from home at some point. I'll go and find a book or newspaper to read instead, and try to keep myself out of the cold weather.

Greetings to all at home and abroad - send me some emails! Ciao mis amigos!


14th October 2006

yes, snow
yes. as Emily said.. send more tim tams and vegemite. in return, we'll send you stuff we have too much of - a box of tim bits and chunks of yellow snow. don't eat either.
15th October 2006

I Just knew it!
I did warn you that Canada was "Oh! so coooold" but did you believe me? Now you too can experience that cutting, biting cold that only the frozen wastes of that gorgous country can offer. It has a lot more to offer but you need to understand just how cold it can get and start to adjust the clothing accordingly - like lots of it!!! Geoffrey and I have just returned from a week in North Pembrokeshire, fishing. It was just great and we both really enjoyed it. Anyway back to normality as from tomorrow. Take care of yourself and keep us posted on your progress. Carole x
17th October 2006

glad to see you made it there in one piece. dave was mentioning something about taking 70+ hours on a bus(?) to get where you needed to go. can't send goodies if i don't know where to send them to... email me an address and you might receive something in the mail!

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