Day 99 Halfmoon Bay

Published: July 26th 2018
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I didn’t get to sleep until after 2.30am and awake by 6. What is it. I should be tired from all the activity.

I went for a walk by myself as Jane and Barb wanted to read and Al was pottering. I found myself on the ‘beach’ side of the jetty we visited yesterday, stumbling over totally encrusted barnacle covered rocks heading for the creek and huge boulder rocks beyond. Sitting atop the boulder and with no-one about except for 2 sea kayakers an hour or so later, I gazed out over the waters, which were at low tide, and thought about how artists, be they painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers or photographers or writers or poets, could not help but be inspired into action when in such a beautiful, peaceful environment. Canadian Geese slowly made their way to where I was perched as well as other birds. Even a few drifting logs headed my way. Walking back, I came across a snake about a half metre long, sunning itself upon the stones on the upper reaches of the beach.

In the afternoon after Al and Barb had gone into Sechelt to do some chores Jane suggested we walk to
the General Store Café and have an ice cream (YES, she did) as well as checking out where I had walked this morning. The tide was in so we scrambled across rocks high up on the shore line endeavouring to ‘circumnavigate’ under and past the jetty. Well, the circumnavigating and passing under the jetty was going quite well until there was no more rock to scrambled upon and we were faced with a very high man made stone wall but as fortune would have it the builder of the stone wall was still building and made conversation with us. We have found that the Aussie accent has got us out of many predicaments and into many fortunate situations. This was one of them. However, ‘the dog’, a huge Great Dane, had to be calmed before we entered the solid wooden gate. We greeted and patted the dog which was being held by four hands. The wife had joined her husband, the stone wall builder. A beautiful conversation ensured, drink had and the dog in love with us! Turned out that the wife is a teacher based in District Office of the Sunshine Coast. Travel = people, sights and food. Keeps
on happening.

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