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August 10th 2012
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Sadly, on Tuesday this week, Larry & Judy's Labrador Sonny had to be put down. Sonny had been unwell for some time and eventually, after a bad night, was unable to get up. The vet examination confirmed that he was undoubtedly suffering from a large tumour in his abdomen which was causing extensive problems. He was nearly 14 and had had a good life. Didnt want Judy to have to cook so I bought us a Chinese from Quality Foods, huge portions and tasty!

Wednesday we drove to Tofino on the Pacific coast. A smal trendy fishing town at the end of the Pacific Rim Highway. We stopped at the famous Long Beach, a UNESCO world heritage site. Picturesque. In Tofino we watched charter boats unloading their catch whilst we ate lunch. I had a very nice seafood chowder and a local brew. Larry fresh Cod & chips and Judy Pulled Pork sandwich. Mmmm. The highway road was about 75 miles of mainly twisting switchback road interspersed with sweeping wide highway. Some spectacular vistas on the way and a stop at a set of falls and a gorge where winter melt floods had washed up a huge tree.

We don't have the monopoly on roadworks in England. There were some minor (and I mean minor) joint repairs being conducted on the PRH. This necessitated delays of 10 minutes and convoy vehicle led queues for 1Km (that's right 1.6 miles) on either side of the minimal work area where 2 men were shovelling grit 2 metres off the carriageway! Unbelievable! Absolutely no reason for it. Ah well the scenery was good.

On the way back and within 5 miles of home Judy spotted a large black bear on the far side of a gulch off the highway. We turned round and parked. As we started to take photos from about 50 metres he ran up the hillside. Suprisingly he stopped and posed on a log out in the open. Wish I had a decent SLR but my little Panasonic took a reasonable shot.

Thursday Larry and I were out early with the boat to China Creek on Berkeley Sound, part of Alberni Inlet that leads to the Pacific. Water was glassy, weather was sunny aand warm. Fish weren't biting though, we had 2 or 3 near misses and Larry tried every variation of gear and tactic without success. We're a bit early for the Springers (Chinook Salmon) and the Sockeyes have just finished. Anyway it was an excellent day out on the water. When we landed a woman at the dock said only 7 fish had been landed all day! Made me feel a lot better. A 5 mile drive on corrugated logging trail to get back to tarmac roads left us thoroughly rattled and in need of a beer (BC Carribou).

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11th August 2012

Nice Pics
Mike, Good to see you are having a nice time,bad news about Sonny,having lost Galaxy a year ago we know how it feels!Still passing on your news to Dick,I didn't realise he had no Internet of his own.Job cars are ok, we can keep them locally so that is a result. Gathering my Somme team for a pre tour meeting this coming Friday,guests include Mr Kendall,Nick Fear and Alun Howells.Keep up the updates. Pete.

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