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September 23rd 2008
Published: September 23rd 2008
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Hi everyone
It is Tuesday am at our lodge at Banff there is a bit of news to catch up on.
First - flight was very good - and I liked the downstairs toilets- got a bit of exercise going up and own the stairs there! Arriving at Calgary airport - evryone is so friedly with folks in cowboy hats calling Welcome to Calgary etc - not quite like Heathrow - and tho' I didnt spot him Suz and Tracie said there was a real hunky guy on the passport control.
My B+B in Calgary was lovely - a women only place - so very good for me on my own - hosts Glo and Sandra were very welcoming and "my own space" consited of a bedrm, liv rm and kitchen and use of super garden and deck- sun was shining so to beat the jet lag I walked to a local resto and made myself stay up watching TV till 10pm. Glo is also a professional chef so brekki was VERY good - special pancakes with strwberries and also sausages - wot more could you want.
I was supposed to pick up the RV at 1.30pm so time to fit in a little wander in Calgary - using the fast track train into the city. And if anyone reading this is going to Cal and expcecting to see the Gardens in the Toronto Dominio Tower - well they are closed for 2 years.
Picking up the RV truned into a bit of a chore cos mine was a turne around and it wasnt back yet!!! But no good getting your niks in a twist so I settled down with coffe and my book ( re-reading The Go Between) and chatted to other folk who of course got away before me. Eventually after an encounter with the working of the monster RV - I was away about 5 pm.
Suffice to say if you miss a turn ( no I am not talking about playing monopoly) - then you are completely lost in Calagry - nowhere does it say Highway numbers or sign TO Edmonton etc - just helpful things like 238 st west - or **boulevard east!!! There was a lot of ******* going on and Beeny Rabbit was quite shocked!!!! So there I was drivng a 22 foot monster RV and getting to so**in grips with Cal roads. I saw a Safeway and went in there for food and more directions - I was sure I followed them but got lost again and was out on the Prairie roads heading god knows where- - then I saw a highway sign North - and took it - but is was a gravel road so got bumped about a bit - and at last a sign for Drumheller ( where I was heading - suppoed to take
1 1/2 hr from Cal - took me 3 at least and by then it was getting dark. But I found the campsite by the Tyrannosaurus Rex and had some food and went to bed - it was then I realised why the RV lights had seemed dim - I still had my sunglasses on - silly me.
Got up at crack of dawn which was about 7 am - surrounded by rabbits - real ones - very cute and Beeny was happy to meet some Native American rabbits. Sun was shining so I went of to do a scenic road loop - this is round Badlands country - and loads of dinosaur bones found here - I expected to be ambushed by apache - but had a safe trip - fabulous scenery overlooking Horsetheif Canyon and a cut little ferry crossing at Bleriot Ferry ( something to to do with Bleriot brothers - who took first flights.)
Then I was on the the Tyrrel Musem - dinosaur bones and fossils galore and I have been reading on on the Burgess Shale and evolution so it was GREAT. Richard Dawkins would love it.
Have to go now time is running out.
Will blog again later .
LOve L xxx


24th September 2008

sounds pretty adventurous so far-can't wait for the grizzly episode!IS Suzanne with you now? l !ove to you both xxx. Take care. It's warming up here in Sydney-yay!
4th October 2008

Your description of trying to get out of Calgary was spot on - I had the same trouble earlier this year when I visited. I was trying to get to Banff - a journey I did many, many times in the long distant past - and I too got very frustrated! So it wasn't you Lynne, it was the ***ing lack of clear route signs. Still, I'm glad to hear that you finally got out onto the prairie - I hope you enjoy the wide open spaces. I really do wish I was there with you!

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