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September 24th 2008
Published: September 24th 2008
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Hi again
I am hoping to get up to date now - we have done so much in the last 2 days from our base in Canmore - just outside the Banff Park Gates.
I drove from Drumheller to Canmore on Saturday and it was sunny and warm and quite lovely driving on the straight prairie roads then suddenly you are in some rolling foothills and over a ridge the Rocky Mnts loom ahead. The trees are lovely Fall colours and as I took the old Highway 1A - Bow Valley road it was a very lovely drive.
I am very happy with the RV - it doesnt feel too BIG once you are driving - and once I got a pillow behind me I can reach the pedals so I am ok!! It is well kitted out and VERY SPACIOUS. My first campsite in Canmore was lovely - by a river - until the trains started thundering through and so I thought no way am I gonna have this - so I then drove out of town to a secluded riverside-in-the-forest camp. I know I am pretty good at lighting the fire at home - but one box of matches , and a candle later I had to give up on the fireplace idea - how that Ray Mears does it I dont know- bet he uses firelighters!!
Cosy and warm in the RV at night even tho the temp was pretty cool. and the heater works well .
Sunday I was picking up the girls arrivng from Calgary - they got the shuttle bus - and just before they arrived it started raining!!! They were ok after the journey and tucked into some nice big steaks with mushrooms+ salad- I cooked for them - its always nice to have proper food after the plane food.
So we are in this resort just about 2km from the Banff Gate and we have a nice condo( thats what you call em here I think) - 2 bedrooms upstairs and a balcony that looks across to the mountains. We have been warned that there are bears around as the fence at the back is right onto the Banff Park. Only sign we have seen tho is some garbage torn to shreds!!
So in our first 2 days we have had lovely weather - blues skies and sun and some clouds- yesterday we went straight to Lake Louise - you cant miss that for the famous view and the girls took out a canoe - we followed that by lunch in the resto at the famous Chateau Lake louise hotel - overlooking the lake. Drove then up twisting road to Morraine Lake - the blue green of the water is just like you see in photos - in fact we rather feel like we are wandering thought a Rocky Mountain Calander. Bit of shopping in Banff after that.
The girls have not been tempted to drive the monster yet - but I am working on it.
Today we went back to Banff, took the gondola ride to top of Sulphur Mnt - ice and snow up there (glad I bought hat and gloves yday)and then later on the did a boat trip on Lake Minnewanka - lovely lovely lovely.
We are booked up for the horseride tomorrow - so wish us luck.
By for now,
Lynne Suz and Tracie xx


24th September 2008

Dinner with the duffs
Hi Lynne, and girls, Great to hear your news. Whats all this gondola business. We walked up, and down, sulpher Mountain. I agree about the trains. They go through all night don't they. Very hard to sleep as they hoot all the time. We are planning to have a cavery dinner with the duffs next Monday. Ray loves it as it costs £3.50 a head for as much as you can eat. Spent a lovely afternoon in their garden while Prill killed their wysteria. Collecting wood today for the winter log store. If I were you I would use fire lighters to light your fires. Its probably too cold at the moment to light easily, and wet as well. We were there in very hot dry conditions so it almost lit on its own. I wish I was there. It sounds great. Love Prill and Bob
24th September 2008

Sounds Fun
Its sounds as though you are really having fun. I'm envious!
3rd October 2008

Have just read your latest blog Lynne and you're making me feel very envious. Sounds like you are all making the most of the time you have together and have had a really exciting and fun 2 weeks. Its great to read, in more detail, about what you have all been doing. I'm sure the girls wish they were staying longer. Enjoy the last few days with them and keep on blogging so that we can read about the next leg of your journey. Take care, love to you all Chrisxx

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