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North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park August 20th 2015

Nothing can explain the nervous and excited energy I felt while I waited at the airport for mum and sis to walk through the doors at arrivals to collect their luggage. This was more special than just the usual airport pick up as I had not seen anyone from home in person for nearly 7 months and in this case it was my family coming to visit. It was great to have a familiarity around again, but as I found out as our journey goes on that having them for a short time may have reminded me what I left behind 7 months ago, what I am beginning to miss a lot more. CALGARY The journey to that climax started with a couple of days touring around Calgary. Feeling like a minor expert of the city ... read more
Calgary Zoo
Two Jack Lake, Banff
Lake Minnewanka, Banff

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park July 14th 2015

Day 11 This day found us heading south to begin our journey home. We drove thru Jasper and Banff and the scenery is overwhelming! Just so many glaciers high up in the mountains. Only stopped once at a scenic overlook where wildlife gathers in winter as it is protected from the harsh winters. I always thought it was harsh everywhere up here in the winter. It's all relative I guess. We drove the same roads as we did going north, but going south gave us different views. Saw the crazy hat ranch place again, and tons of cattle ranches, and mountains in the distance. Stopped in Pincher Creek for the night and hope to make it to the Wyoming border by the end of the day tomorrow.... read more
Same lake same Mtn, and same day

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park July 12th 2015

Day 8 Slept in again this morning, just something about the cool mountain air... Headed back to the same road where we saw the wildlife the previous day but were shut out. Probably because it was noon and they were all in nice cool places by then. Early worm gets the bird! However, there was still spectacular scenery. Oh my goodness! The huge mountain peaks and glaciers were all over the place. I have never seen such a chain of mountains with 10,000 foot peaks and glaciers. We made it half way to Jasper on the Ice fields parkway. It was about fifty miles of this (and it was still going on...) Oh, and the lakes! Lake Louise is not the most spectacular lake in the park as we found out today. We hiked Bow Lake ... read more
Bow Lake
Bow Lake
Bow Glacier

We didn't really do all that much today, but we enjoyed what we did. After a good breakfast we left Canmore for Johnston Canyon. Our plan was to hike up the canyon, but when we got there the trail was closed due to a tree that fell across it right at the beginning. Bummer. But we found a park ranger and asked his advice, and he told us of another way to the upper part of the canyon, on what is known as the Moose Meadow trail. Why it's called that I do not know. We saw neither moose nor meadow the whole way. We did see lots of forest, a couple squirrels, butterflies, the most beautiful flowers, and we reached the upper Johnston falls not long before they closed those off too. A couple of ... read more
Johnston Canyon
Lake Louise

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park June 7th 2015

Two Jack Lake Campsite #32 We moved into our long-term campsite, #32, the next day. It was a walk-in site which meant we had to bring food down from our truck to cook each night then trudge back up from the lakeside after each meal to clean and store those items in our hard-shelled vehicle, away from bears. The short walk was worth it. Even the rangers said we had the best campsite in the entire Banff National Park. The setting was private, separate and had expansive views of Two Jack Lake. I took dozens of photos over our stay of the beautiful light on the lake in its many changes from sunrise to sunset and later. Two Jack Lake and Two Jack Main (not open until high season) are off the Lake Minnewanka exit instead ... read more
Lake Morraine Reflections
Yes that is a bear
Our campsite on Two Jack Lake

I was lucky enough to see two spectacular places that are just an easy drive out of Calgary. I had been told that Johnson's Canyon Ice Walk was a nice place to see and a 'must do' so I decided to go on my own adventure and see this amazing place. Little did I know that not far from Canmore a place called Grotto Canyon would be another one of mother nature's spellbinding sights that would have me captured under her spell. ITS A NEW CAR Last week end I caught the train nervously with $2700 in my back pack, my evidence of registration and my international drivers license. I wasn't nervous because I was carrying $2700 in my bag and on the train with the odd shifty character around the place. What would be so ... read more
2003 Grand Prix Pontiac
Ice skating for the first time
Some how balancing for the photo

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park December 24th 2014

Today was our transit day to Banff ready for Lake Louis. First we packed our bags and checked out from out motel. We had a great stay there and would recommend it to anyone traveling to Vancouver. We asked concierge for directions to the train station which they were happy to help with. Leaving our motel was the first cultural challenge of the day, there are four entries to the road and we were sent out one we hadn't expeienced yet, this one was a rotating glass door. We got confused as to why the revolving door appeared locked, we took a step back then realised we were walking out the left side or clockwise, upon trying to go the right hand side or anti-clockwise we managed to exit the building. We made the two block ... read more
Our boots in the snow

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park August 13th 2014

Today we were going to go river rafting but we couldn't because Ania messed up on the GPS, so it could have been a short ride which my dad didn't get. But instead we went to a lake that was really blue and pretty. When we got there I got a fossil necklace and I got earrings for my mom. Next we just walked around the little neighborhood near the lake and then we picked a place to sit so Ania can teach us to meditate. I didn't get it though. After that we went to a waterfall to dump cold water over Ania's and my dad's head for some reason. Next we went to a store and got veggie burgers and broccoli for our BBQ at our campsite. When we go to the campsite, Vitor ... read more
Emerald Lake
After ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Takakkaw Waterfall

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park August 12th 2014

Today we were going on a kind of long hike up this mountain that was really, really pretty because there was a nice lake that was called Peyto Lake. It was really blue. The mountains were also really pretty because of its beautiful flowers. I took a lot of pictures with my new camera that Ania gave me. At one point we stopped to have a drink and eat. We had apples and dried fruit. Next we went up just a little bit more and Vitor started building things with rocks. The view was amazing. Finally we went down the mountain and Ania told me a few things in Polish because she is from Poland but of course I do not remember. Then we went to Jasper National Park and on the way we saw some ... read more
A Fun Selfie
Athabasca Glacier

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park August 8th 2014

We had the best of intentions today of getting out early and riding the chair lift to the Norquay ski area and having breakfast on top of the mountain, then driving to Lake Louise for the views, then going up to the Sunshine Meadows area for some hiking. Unfortunately, early morning claps of thunder and occasional lightning flashes made that plan obsolete before it was born. After breakfast in the hotel, we decided that the chair lift was not to be, and decided to drive the 60 km to Lake Louise. It appeared more clear that direction, but by the time we got there it was raining hard. WE returned to the hotel and took care of some mundane chores. BY afternoon, a clear time was promised over the Lake Louise area, so we drove up ... read more
Glacier above Lake Louise
Glacier above Lake Louise

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