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North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park December 31st 2021

1.Two Jack Lake with Patrick - Two Jack Lake named after Jack Stanley, who operated a boat concession on lake Minnewanka at one time, and Jack Watters, who worked for the mines in Bankhead, a town which flourished at the base of Cascade Mountain just after the turn of the century. 2.Lake Windermere with Pam - Lake Windermere wasn’t always called what it is today. It was first named Lower Columbia Lake. The average depth of the lake is only 15 ft (4 ½ m). Windermere and Invermere were named after regions in Britain. Tens of thousands of years ago, most of the Rocky Mountain Trench, as we know it today lay under about 6,000 feet of ice. As the ice gradually melted, it left behind lakes, rivers and streams in the valleys between the mountain ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park July 16th 2021

Glad for only a low level of haze from forest fire smoke, the eight walkers in our group followed the sun-dappled woodland path around Johnson Lake . The coolness of green buoyed our spirits after the heat of the past few days. Deadwood from fallen trees in the forest and in the water were fascinating in their many stages of beneficial decay. Discovering the correct unmarked path, we came to an old cabin, once home to a recluse who survived only because of a few non-judgemental friends. The cabin itself, explored by Carla, was empty, but hunks of thoroughly rusted metal outside gave rise to unanswerable questions. Emerging from the forest as we rounded the end of the lake, we were happy to see Black-eyed Susans and other wild flowers. Doz... read more
Cascade Ponds
Johnson Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park June 27th 2021

The lakes are named after Lawrence Grassi who emigrated to Canada in 1912. After working for the Canadian Pacific Railway for several years, he began work as aminer in the Canmore coal mines in 1916. Grassi went on to become a well-respected climbing guide and built many trails in the area, including the one to the Grassi Lakes that bears his name & where Patrick was for his morning walk this morning. The cliffs are formed from a fossil reef formed thousands of years ago. The cliff is a favorite of rock climbers who use the pockets left by the sponges as hand and foot-holds. The reflections in the lakes and down into the valley were wonderful on such a beautiful day.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park November 9th 2020

Le 19 septembre 2020, Le réveil sonne à 5:00. C'est dur, mais on fait passer la pilule avec un appel-vidéo à nos trois petits monstres, restées à Montréal. Tandis que nous nous préparons rapidement, nous sommes rassurés de ne pas entendre bouger et parler dans les chambres à côté: nous avons plus de chance d'être dans les temps pour accéder à Moraine Lake avant que la route ne soit barrée. On visait d'y être pour 5:45, et bien c'est finalement à 5:39 qu'on arrive à la barrière et heureusement, les garde-parc nous laissent passer. À nous Moraine Lake! La route d'accès fait plusieurs kilomètres, on tournoie en pleine forêt dans la nuit noire. Puis, c'est le choc quand on arrive au stationnement: il semble y avoir un énorme happening nocturne ici. Plusieurs personnes ont apporté leur ... read more
Magique Moraine Lake
On prend la pose à Moraine Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park October 30th 2020

Partir en voyage en pleine pandémie? Et oui, une méga-promotion avec les milles aéroplan aura eu raison de nous. C'est aussi une excellente occasion de visiter notre propre pays à l'occasion d'une petite escape en amoureux. Et après le confinement, et plus encore après des mois interminables à la maison en arrêt de travail (la «joie» des maladies chroniques autoimmunes...), j'avais définitivement besoin d'un grand bol d'air. Et c'est dans les Rocheuses que je l'ai trouvé. Le 16 septembre 2020 15:20 Nous sommes à la garderie, on récupère en vitesse la plus jeune 15:35 La cloche de l'école sonne, vite-vite, on ramasse nos aînées. 15:50 Tic-tac, tic-tac. Nous sommes coincés dans le traffic en plein dans le tunnel, l'heure tourne, notre avion décolle à 19:15 et nous avons un arrêt à faire chez belle-maman pour déposer ... read more
Johnston Canyon
Johston Canyon
Johnston Canyon

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park September 2nd 2019

We woke to the sound of rain. Persistant rain. We had breakfast from about 8am watching the rain from the window. We dragged it out as long as we could but finally had to leave. So off we started on our penultimate riding day, in the rain, uphill and with a chilly head wind. The rain set in for a while and after about 5kms we reached our first pass of the day. The descent was taken with care due to the rain but the wind was still cold. Luckily we had all put on extra layers this morning. We are riding on the Icefields Parkway. The scenery is spectacular. If it isn't huge mountain ranges towering over you from either side, it's turquoise coloured lakes reflecting them, and of course there are the glaciers themselves. ... read more
Just Glorious
Simply Extrordinary
Saskatchewan Crossing.

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park » Bow Lake September 1st 2019

We snapped back into our routine seamlessly. Up at 7am, aim to leave by 8am - and leave at 8:30am. We left Banff with mixed feelings. We're keen to continue our journey but our stay in Banff was wonderful both from a recuperative and scenery perspective. I'd definitely add Banff to my list of places I'd like to visit again. The sky is overcast as we leave and there is a forecast for showers later in the day so the wet weather gear is packed at the top of our panniers. The first part of the ride was the 60km back to Lake Louise along Highway 1 with it's wide bike lane and smooth surface - what a joy to ride on. The ride is a gentle uphill the whole way but the 3 days rest ... read more
Icefieds Parkway

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park August 28th 2019

After having been told yesterday that the car park at Moraine Lake usually fills up at 5am, we’re up at 3.30am and on the road by 4am. Issy’s still recovering from jet lag, so she does what is probably the sensible thing and stays in bed. Consensus is that this had better be worth it. It’s raining on and off which isn’t doing much for our collective sense of humour. We turn off the Highway at Lake Louise and make our way up the ten kilometre windy road to Moraine Lake. We hold our collective breath as we approach the car park; if it’s full we’re not going to be happy campers. We drive quickly into the first empty spot we see. It’s a bit after 5am and there aren’t too many spots left, and it’s ... read more
Log jam, Moraine Lake
Moraine Lake
Looking east from Moraine Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park June 16th 2019

I worked, saved and invested well so that some day I could do some very nice things with my family. At first, I wanted to take the whole family to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest, but my daughter Heather is a teacher and Oktoberfest in September isn't a time she can leave her job. My next thought was to take them to one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in all my travels. That place is Lake Louise in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 10 years ago, a couple years after I retired, I made a trip in my 2000 Suburban from Chicago to Alaska and back. I headed for the Teton Mountains in Wyoming and from there, followed the Rocky Mountains as far north as they go before driving the Alaska ... read more
Fairmont Chateau
Lake Louise View From Our Rooms.
The Rockies

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park June 4th 2019

Day 30 4/06/2019 Lake Louise – Banff After a sleepless night due to the noise from our neighbours we were ready for Penni when she picked us up at 9 and back to the Bagel shop and a Starbucks coffee then onto Lake Louise. Karly and Scott mentioned the noisy neighbours to the parks ranger and he advised that the people camping on the other side of the noisy guys also put in a complaint. We had a walk around the lake. It was the most beautiful icy green colour when the sunlight hit it. We took some photos and then went for a walk through the Fairmont Hotel. We bought some souvenirs and then it was off to the Lake Louise Ski Fields. Ron, Scott and I went on a chair lift while Penni and ... read more
2 Jack Lake
3 Amigos
Lake Louise

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