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October 3rd 2008
Published: October 3rd 2008
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Hi everyone
Well there is soooo much to catch up on in the last 7-8 days since I had internet access - and it's a lie I am not in the Rockies now but in Vancouver hotel - but I thought I would just give a camping report - as I have left the girls in the hotel BAR (!!!) - they have had a pitcher of beer at a micro brewerey, cocktails in Gastown and I dont know how many pear ciders in the hotel bar , since I left them on the BIGBUS at lunch time. I have been the sensible one and been to the Dr Sun Yat Seng chinese garden and the Art Gallery!!! We are meeting at 8pm - for dinner in posh resto round the corner from hotel so I think they will maange to get there - but I have an hour to write a bit of news.
Thanks to you all for comments - its lovely to know you can be bothereed to read this drivel - and I've only had 1 cider so it might be quite sensible drivel - bit dont mind the typos.
We have done such a lot and the 3 of us got on so well - I think Tracey and Suz want to make a habit of this. Going back a week or more - we were up at the crack of dawn and off to the horsetrail ride in Banff with Warner stables ( can reccomend - excellent - they really look after you - Mr Warner has owned it for 47 years I am told). Bright blue skies and about -2deg - as we pulled up to the ranch there were 2 bull elk about to see each other off - chasing each other and so we stayed in the RV well out of the way - till they calmed down a bit and we could go to the horses. To our suprise we 3 were the only ones on the breakfast ride - so there we were me and Troy ( the cowboy!!!) in the chuckwagon with 2 horses pulling it and the girls and a guide on their 3 horses and when we got to the camp there was a the cowgirl cook!!! So how is that for service- it made it so special and the girls were great riding off on the trail - and would you believ it Suz had got some boots so she didnt have to do it in her heels!! - we had about an 1hr to get to the camp in the woods where we had a big STEAK and eggs for brekki and there was fresh fruit and muffins and huge pots of coffeee and a fire!!! Wot an experience- after an hour the girls rode back a different way and said it was just fantastic riding along by the river along the Bow Valley. It was a bit chilly- so I had got back before them and got the heater on the in RV to warm them up - the elk had gone by then. So wot can you do after that but go up to the Hot Springs and have a swim ( or loaf about) in the pool - 2 deg outside air temp and 39 in the pool - sun shining - fab!!! And to top that off we booked massages - my guy was Anton and gave a great swedish massage.

(Of course you all realise that I cant actually remember all this - I have been keeping notes to aid my recall) And Bob - stop showing off saying you walked up and down Sulfur Mountain. And never mind Ray Mears and firestick etc - Hello magazine makes a bloody good firlightere as well as all the tourist magazines we have found. Also cowboys use plastic cups to get a blaze - i saw Troy do it!!
And I know you are all dying to know who is BillyBob ( in the title of this missive) - well after driving around for about 5 days and trying out various names for our monster RV - Suz suddenely came upon it BILLYBOB- and that was it and so he became personiified.
We seem to be trying out pitchers of beer on our travels and can recommend The Grizzly Paw in Canmore - great food - bison burgers and Grumpy Bear beer - Rutting Elk beer also good tried that later in week. Also cocktails - Paw Linis and I can recommend the cherry cola!!!
You will be pleased to hear I havent lost my bargain hunting skills - on Bob's advice I got a Safeway card and so we are getting money off everytime we shop!!

So next day - bigger drive up the Icefield Highway to Jasper stopping on the way and I will leave that till the next report - better go and check out those girls in the bar.
Love to everyone.


3rd October 2008

love the sound of the pool and the crisp mountain followed by a swedish massage- sounds so very tempting as i am melting here in my office at work in sydney where we're experiencing 35 degrees!!send anton over!so i guess cowboy country is ok then- don't spose you've mentioned brokeback ?? love to hear your adventures-i'll just be going as far as neilsen/bondi beach this weekend-reserving my energies for reading your adventures. take care. lots of love from us down
3rd October 2008

Howdee gals
Sounds like you are having such a wonderful time, such a lifetime experience! Tracy, I told Liam about the bear and he was wondering if you had taken a photo? A.Lynne I think you should start a business in organising trips for people!! Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip Lots of love Lisa X hugs and Kisses from Liam and Nathan xx
3rd October 2008

sounds like fun!
Hi there! Sounds like you're all having great fun. i think I would have been torn between the art gallery and the pear cider. I remember it well from when we were in Vancouver! I'm sure Michael would have been very proud. Keep having fun. xx
3rd October 2008

Hi Lynne, No more showing off. I was totally knackered after the climb. And wished I had taken the cable car. I love the sound of all this beer. I was right impressed with Canadian beer when I was there. Glad to hear that all is well, and that the Elks are in fine form. Have you seen any bears yet? All the best Love form Prill and Bob

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