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October 3rd 2008
Published: October 3rd 2008
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Hi everyone
Got to try and catch up before I set sail ( well fly actually) to Ontario tomorrow. So where was I - setting off on the Icefields Highway to Jasper I think. This is one of those roads in the world that you don't want to miss - and it does not fail to live up to expcectations - the mountain scenery and colours of the rivers and lakes as well as the autumn colours of the trees and most of the time the sun was shining made this an exceptional trip. There was snow on the mountains and that outlines the rock beds and made it look even more beautiful...so we were in awe most of the time. This was the chance for the girls to have a go at driving Billybob and Suzanne was quite happy as she has drivien automatics before - so we began to share the driving - Tracie had a go for a while but was quite happy to be the co-pilot dishing out crisps , oreo cookies and bottles of water to the drivers. She could sit in her seat behind the driving section and reach the drawers where we stashed the goodies.
At the Columbia Icefield we took a tour on to the glacier in these huge track snow vehicles - I was reminded of being here in 1970 with my first Michael when we camped in a tent opposite the glacier - and we couldnt afford to take the trip onto the glacier then - so I have been waiting since then to do it!! We had 20 mins on the ice and it was a bit of a blizzard - but I made sure I stayed out in it for the whole time.
It's great having Billybob to rustle up cuppas in and also of course the loo - as Tracie and I both agreed!!!
Also made a vivit to Athabaska Falls and walked down the trail there to see some folk filming some guys in a canoe.
And so to the Elk - we checked in at Whistlers Camp 3k out of Jasper and we were overrun with elk there. Driving around trying to get into our alloted site there was a male and several of his harem all along the road - as I inched forward he started screeching at us and lowereing his neck - silly bugger doesnt know the difference between Billybob and another male elk!! We had the cameras at the ready then and as he got closer screeching ( a wierd sound I can tell you) Suzanne was yelling Mum MUM shut your window !!! I think she thought the bugger was going to stick his horns thru the window. Well then he realised that Billybob wasnt gonna charge at him and so he herded off his ladies and off he went, and we got inot our site!! Phew.!! But a bit later we saw some other daft buggers with their cameras out in the open getting closer to him and he started to charge at them. We kept well away.
Its a big campsite there but plenty of space in the trees and quite private, and a good spot for the girls first camping night. We drove in to Jasper and had a good dinner at Earls - second floor resto with views of mnts all round. And this was a chance for me to don the big black rubber gloves and do all the power supply and waste dumping and such exciting things!! But I did it!!!
After a game of cards where I lost several $ to Suz and Tracie - we reitired to bed - the girls enjoyed making up their beds in the cabin above the driving section - I had the double bed at the back - privilege of age!!
Next day we drove back to our base at Canmore - along the way we visited Maligne Canyon - wow it is deep- and some of these river bedswhen they are in spate after the snows must be something to see ( remeinded me of NZ braided river valleys). Spotted a few mountain goats lying at the side of the road obviously tired out.Ray - thanks for the tip - we stopped off at Num Ti Jah ( means Pine Marten) lodge at Bow Lake and had coffee and cakes - and so to the end of that trip and dinner again at the Grizzly Paw - more beer to try and more Bison Burgers...acutally fish n chips for me. Back at the lodge we packed and got ready to take off early in the morning - destination Vancouver.
More still to come - sorry I am hopeless at trying to get foots on to the blogh like all thses other clever poeple - so you will have to wait for them - a treat for later - or you might be saying " not more mountains"!!
Bye for now.
Love Lynne and Tracie and Suzanne xxx


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