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October 3rd 2008
Published: October 3rd 2008
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Me again -
We left behind out timeshare base at Harvie Heights, Canmore and set off on the long journey to Vancouver - we didnt quite know where we were headed but had several plans - all dependiong on how tired we might get with the driving. Great weather again and quite abit warmer - we have been so lucky with the weather.
As we left without brekki we stopped at cute little town of Field ( I was interested in this location as it is near to the Burgess Shale - famous for Fossils which changed the way we think about evolution - well God was working overtime if he put all then there!!) Lovely little houses there lots of B&Bs and a great cafe - which had aspecial on that day especially for Suzanne - eggs benedict - her favourite.
So well set up with food - next stop was Golden - nice visitor centre there and helpful - Tracie fancied a whitewater rafting but it was off season so no go.
We are making good going now and stopped in Revelstoke - and were wowed as we went along by the length of the trains - does Canad hold the record for the longest train I wonder. Didnt go tin the railway museum ,Bob - but the girls went in the visitor centre and admired the 80's big hairdos there.
So we wne ton further and after driving along by the beautiful huge Shuswap Lake for what seems like hours - we decided to make for Paul Lake just out of Kamloops .
The countryside has now chagned to dry hills, long river valleys and cows and ranch style houses dotted about - Bob - thanks for the Paul Lake tip - we loved it there. And there wasnt even anywhere to self register for the night so we just pulled in for free. This was the chance to try our fire lighting skills with Hello magazine and Alberta Camping - so we got the fire going and when we went to borrow an axe for the neighbours - he was kind enough to say he would chop us some wood and hey presto we had a roaring fire going for hours. And of course you have to have proper food so we had bbq pork chops, mash and salad!!!- no cowboy beans for us, washed down with g+t and port and lemons of course.
Would you believ it that in the pitch dark Suz and Tracie took the torch and said we are going to look for some more wood!!! I was so pleased to see the way they have enjoyed this camping - its the experience I wanted them to have and they have loved it and I have loved being with them. At times since Michael died I have struggled to find real happiness as it is so elusive but I have found it with these girls on this trip again.
So on our first day we had actually got 1/2 way to Vancouver - good going and the journey continues.
LOve to you all.
Lynne xxx


4th October 2008

Paul Lake
Hi Lynne and girls, We had a great time at Paul lake. It was such a surprise after all that dry bald landscape before you get to Kamloops. We had to pay though. I think it was 10 dollars. We are all OK. Very glad to hear that you are happy Lynne. Sounds like it has been a very good experience for all of you. Love Prill and Bob But have you seen any bears?

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