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May 3rd 2005
Published: May 3rd 2005
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Well Dan's been gone for a few weeks now, he's off down in Costa Rica soaking up the sun and enjoying the surf while I'm left back here at the coalface trying to save up and visit him. Check out his blog in the Costa Rica section to see what he's been up to. Meanwhile, the weather's been warming up here, and like Dan said in the last blog I finally got a good electrical job for a little local company in Banff which is awesome. apart from that I have to get up early now, and think about stuff during the day, and rip the crap out of my poor hands that haven't even seen tools for over a year now... great to have some money coming in again though, times were getting tough there for a while. All good now I'm back on track and me and Kim(my lovely girlfriend for any of you not up with the goss) are off to Costa Rica to visit Dan for couple of weeks at the end of the month, then shortly after we get back I'm off to London to meet up with Timmey P, Tux, Sam and Dan "Systems Analyst/Onsite Engineer" for a mission down to Spain and a couple of surrounding countries. So really looking forward to getting back on the road and catching up with some of the Mt Eden crew over in Europe. Its a shame to have to leave such a great bunch of friends, a good job and an awesome girlfriend behind here in the Bow Valley but it'll also be nice to get back into the travelling thing again for sure. Heres a few photos from over the last month including a few of Dans Farewell party which was an absolute riot!!!

Oh yeah, I moved in with Joel, Bugz and Lucy over in Banff yesterday to save a bit of money so I'll be here for the next month. it's sweet because it's right next to where I meet for work in the morning, and they have an awesome balcony that gets heaps of sun and has a pretty cool view. plus they're pretty cool too I guess

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Gav, Muffin and Pauly Gav, Muffin and Pauly
Gav, Muffin and Pauly

getting amoungst it in one of the many rumbles at Dans farewell party
Butters, after a nasty fall on a rail at SunshineButters, after a nasty fall on a rail at Sunshine
Butters, after a nasty fall on a rail at Sunshine

and a re-aggrivation at Dans party

found out Pos-c wasn't 4WDrive after all
Wainman Electric workshop unveilingWainman Electric workshop unveiling
Wainman Electric workshop unveiling

that's my boss Howie to my right, and Wade from Oz in the black hat who works for us aswell
some bears on the way home from work one daysome bears on the way home from work one day
some bears on the way home from work one day

I wish! apparently they're starting to come out of hibenation now so we've got to stay alert... alrighty then.
me and the Manme and the Man
me and the Man

who's now getting a tan sitting on the san-d with a beer in his han-d

18th May 2005

Hey here is a Swiss-dude and is amazed about your traveling! I'm planing also a trip like that. Just wanted to say "Respekt"....... one more thing.... tell us what all happend wrong. :-) never got in the wrong situation, where you thought "damn, what the hell will i do now"????? Well keep it on and enjoy some silence..... - Merlin
19th August 2005

U know wussup
U inspire me brada. Just your travels and experiences with different peoples seems to have been and will be the shit. I'm overe here in oakland california attempting to live in this expensive place and save money to have a full on holiday. It ain't easy but I'm gonna do it soon enough. Again Blessings to you and thanks for the inspiration.
26th April 2006

i lorve you russ mate ragh! butterz

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