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never saw so many of not special nice areas...more money in cars than in renovating buildings?
Beirut from the Corniche
On the corniche
Interesting view of a lighthouse lost in the middle of buildings...
Pigeon Rocks
My two loves
Ummayyad Mosque
make your own!
more perfumes...
Spices from the Souq
beautiful Azem Palace
Azem Palace
Khan As'ad Pasha
More spices...
Only in Damascus!!
Perfume stall
Azem Palace
Azem Palace
Baths at Azem Palace
Azem Palace
Souq in the Old City
Khan As'ad Pasha
Al-Khawali restaurant
our first meal in Syria...and one more lemon and mint juice!
The "old" train station in the city center
The "old" train station
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Burj Khalifa
Bedouin Tea stall at Wadi Mujib
Bedouin Tea stall at Wadi Mujib
Desert Sunset
The most beautiful city I've seen - Sana'a, Yemen
Friendship in Sana'a, Yemen
Sunset on a magical city - Sana'a, Yemen
Camel feeding time - Sana'a, Yemen
Market area within Sana'a, Yemen
Distinctive architecture in Sana'a, Yemen
85 Istanbul - August 2010
79 Istanbul - August 2010
77 Istanbul - August 2010
74 Istanbul - August 2010
69 Istanbul - August 2010
65 Istanbul - August 2010
63 Istanbul - August 2010
46 Istanbul - August 2010
42 Istanbul - August 2010
41 Istanbul - August 2010
40 Istanbul - August 2010
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