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after a good day of skiing...  

after a good day of skiing...

Skiing Mza'

January 7th 2011
This is the last entry of our Christmas holidays. Seems that a lot of you have enjoyed our entries so far as I have never had so many hits in a month, and we are only the 18th! Thanks a lot. Sorry for those who thought it was a little too much, rest assured, I'm not blogging anymore for the next three weeks. I'm writing this entry from the cold of Shanghai...where it is actually, I'm ... read more
Middle East » Lebanon » Beirut

Lebanese Flag Lebanon has made progress toward rebuilding its political institutions since 1991 and the end of the devastating 15-year civil war. Under the Ta'if Accord - the blueprint for national reconciliation - the Lebanese have established a more equitable po... ... read more
19th January 2011

and after a good hot bath.... Love you Darling!

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