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September 7th 2012
Published: September 8th 2012
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I was so excited to try my first brunch that I skipped out on the trip with Jamie and co. to Al Ain. My coworkers had been planning this for weeks and I looked forward to trying it and getting to know them better. If I hadn't gone, it would have been at least another month to experience it... Decisions, decisions. Either way, I'm sure I'd have a great time.

Anyway, my "american coworker" and I (let's call him Melvin), went out to McG's again the night before. I got to see his apartment beforehand which is much better than my own amazing place.... Oh well - I still live in my dream apartment for the moment. He lent me a couple of books so I can pursue my NPR Tope 100 Sci Fi / Fantasy list. I just love the Salmon dinner at McG's and one, and only one, Guinness washed it down quite nicely. I also got to meet another coworker's (let's call him Marvin) family, who were very sweet.

Melvin texted me the next morning to tell me that he had to finish a contract and would be late to lunch. You have to remember, our weekend starts on a Friday and we are at least 8 hours ahead of the US, so he often needs to finish things before their workday starts. I am very thankful that I was not deemed worthy to have a blackberry. Been there, done that.

So, I took a cab there and got there 15 minutes early. I was going to tour the beautiful hotel grounds where Pergolas is located, but it was already starting to get hot out. So, instead, I enjoyed sitting in the lounge and people watching. Samar was the next to show, and by then the restaurant was open and we went in to sit. I was sooooo hungry so I went ahead to get a salad to start - I had eaten nothing since the night before. There was so much to choose from!!! As I returned to the table, a former fugroian and his wife had arrived. He was very funny and pleasant, and she was sweet and had a laugh that reminded me of Sujin. Josh and his wife arrived next - they are both two of the quietest people I've ever met, but very nice when you get to know them. Sam and Sandra were the next to arrive and then it was on to the buffet with our drinks. Sam and are in a non-competition to lose weight, so we stuck with the colorless drinks. Vodka soda for me - it was mostly soda. Sam runs and I have soccer, so maybe we'll do well, but I think she is more on top of it than I am!

There was just so much food and lots of scantily clad drunk people. I guess there was a huge birthday party behind us and they were having a great time. The only downside is that we were seated next to the patio door, the patio of which was kind of in a wind tunnel, so every time the door opened for someone to go smoke (which was about every 2 minutes), we got blasted. Once, I got something in my eye that bothered me for about 10 minutes. I was really irritated that non-smokers were being punished again - no one at our table was a smoker. Melvin and Marvin and family arrived around this time. Melvin tied the doors shut with a napkin which did not ingratiate us to our smoking drunk neighbors, but the staff seemed to understand and eventually blocked it.

The food was delicious and it was great to talk to my coworkers on a more personal level. Most of the foods were sorted by areas. There was a cheese and fruits area by our table - I had some cheese to nibble on. There was an Indian area with lots of types of indian foods in bronze pots. There were lots of types of Lebanese food which was yummy as always. There were warm foods near that; that included some delicious falafels and Yorkshire puddings. I had my first Lamb twice today with the Yorkshire pudding and Lebanese lamb oozi? It tasted like beef so I was happy.

I was given high compliments yet again on my camera - good job Ventucky!!! They played with my camera the whole time, which means there are lots of incriminating photos that will not be posted. 😊

After lunch, about 4 hours later, half our group left, while Melvin, Samar, Sam, Sandra and I made our way to stop two: Double Deckers. This is a pub that is just outside and downstairs. We walked through a courtyard area and I figured this would be the jist of it. Oh no. We walked into what was basically a nightclub in full swing. At 4 in the afternoon! I could not get over this! It was nice; we wound up drinking Guinness, people watching, then dancing. Some jerk knocked some glass off the balcony and onto the dancer floor and a shard cut my leg; it wasn't bad, but bled for a few minutes - I was not pleased. I got over it and we moved elsewhere in the club were we remained for the rest of the time.

The amount of married men trying to pick up women was disgusting. Ugh. Probably more than half the guys there were married. I don't mind dancing with a married guy, or hanging out with them and talking - Melvin is one for instance and we have a blast. But a married guy that comes over to dance with me and starts grabbing my butt better step off. I definitely got to see the gritty side of Dubai this evening (afternoon?). My experience with guys in Dubai has not been good and if this is what I have to choose from, I'll have to look elsewhere.

Anyway, at the end it really felt like midnight, but was hours earlier! I think we wound up staying like three hours and I was home by 9 - so weird!!! We have lots of fun dance pictures and videos, but again, I will leave it to your imaginations.

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Smokers have to go Smokers have to go
Smokers have to go

... to another door
vodka sodasvodka sodas
vodka sodas

and some kind of pistachio raspberry dessert
All kinds of foodsAll kinds of foods
All kinds of foods

Indian foods were on the left in those bronze pots; there was a whole table of lebanese foods
"Night" club?"Night" club?
"Night" club?

It's about 4:30 at this point
vodka sodavodka soda
vodka soda

mostly soda

12th September 2012

Hey, Bot! This entry made me realize how much I miss hanging out with you and the gang. But it makes my heart sing to know that you're having a wonderful time out there and hanging out with some awesome people! XOXO! Sujin

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