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August 31st 2012
Published: August 31st 2012
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Cabernet FrancCabernet FrancCabernet Franc

The first bottle of wine that I drank that I've purchased myself
It was kind of a typical week, though busy as Jamie had returned. I finished my two big reports so the next week or so at work should be relatively easy. yay!

I was doing very well with going to the gym every day for at least a half hour - burning some calories, climbing some stairs, and reading my book. The women's gym is pretty lame but it is better than nothing and it's free.

Wednesday was the busiest. I FINALLY had gotten my national id, so I was looking forward to getting my license. Yay! So, I decided to go Wednesday after lunch and meet Jamie for a massage afterwards. Little did I know that the licensing place keeps ramadan like hours as they close at 2. Such a pain. I got there at 2:15. I decided not to go back to the office as I would have to leave in an hour anyway to keep my appointment with Jamie. So, I just went home and rested. 😊

At 4:30 I started walking towards Jumeirah Beach Residences, where our spa was located. Basically, I walk to the metro station and use their pedestrian bridge to cross the main highway. Usually there are like 3 cabs sitting outside the station on the other side, but I guess because it was rush hour, there was none to be seen. It was so incredibly hot, but I figured I may as well start walking. As I was about to turn a corner, a cab stopped to collect me. I probably could have walked, but it was VERY hot and a little further than I'd thought. He drops me off at The Walk, a main place with stores and restaurants located on the beach. I really wanted to explore as I did have some time, but it was just way too hot. So, I went into the Hilton to wait for Jamie. As I was waiting at the spa, they gave me some tea and then said I could go ahead and change into my robe. The woman then led me to the steam and sauna rooms, or I could lounge on the chairs in there. I decided to try the steam room as I haven't done that here yet. Usually I do not like steam rooms but today I made myself go with it and soak up the entire spa experience and I found myself really enjoying it! I could only hand about 10 minutes, so I came out to lounge while waiting for Jamie and my massage. I felt really really good though.

Finally, Jamie arrived from work and we headed to the main lobby again. Soon I was led to a room called "Bliss" I think. And my masseusse was terrifice. She didn't talk and applied just the right amount of pressure and she didn't once tickle me. I was so close to falling asleep. This was also the first time that I was not told how tight or tense I was. I think I really do enjoy Dubai. After it was all over, Jamie and I were taken to this other lounge area where we were given tea (I had peppermint) and fruit while we relaxed. So nice. I will definitely plan to do this again. It was pretty expensive, but fortunately Miss I-Have-A-Coupon had signed us up for this because it was 2 for 1. I think it is part of the Entertainer, a giant coupon book for the Dubai area where you get these types of deals for food, hotels and these kinds of services.

After our nice, long, relaxing massage we had to go to soccer. Our coach was making us do some training before each practice to build up our endurance for the games. I hate training; actually, I hate running around in circles with no goal. But I just had to run around the sports center once, then we did sprints. We also did some push ups and sit ups - because my team barely lost the sprint competition, we were punished with extra sit ups, so I guess I probably did about 70 situps that evening. Bleh! Then it was game time and it was time for our girls to start taking this stuff seriously. We were seperated into our groups - defense, offense, middies. I am the striker so it was just me, Noof and our two goalies to practice with shots. Then we played a scrimmage. We have a friendly on Monday with another girls team, I play coed on Saturday and we will continue our weekly training. I had planned to sign up for volleyball, but with soccer three nights a week, that will be too hard. Plus, I still need to take an arabic

where our spa was

Anyway, nothing too exciting going on - basically, just my life. Enjoy the pictures.

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1st September 2012

"Nothing too exciting", you silly girl! You're living in Dubai, every day is exciting! I could definitely use a spa day...color me JEALOUS!!

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