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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side May 22nd 2015

Left at a decent enough time for another coastal journey, some of it along the coast which has become the Turkish riviera with hotel after hotel after hotel, some of which were as big as Wembley Stadium & quite gross. A few had big statues out front as an indication of oppulence? But the one to take the top prize had 2 Greek females & gold plated or at least painted gold & were a good 40' tall. Once through the grot the road was as twisty as the others but climbed to 1500 m above sea level , hugging the coast & again just beautiful. We stopped for lunch at a more organised cafe next to one of the many fuel stations that are in Turkey & this time we had pide (a form of ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side May 18th 2015

Woke to a beautiful day. Went off to the showers at 7.30 in case there was a rush which there wasn't, expecting a cold shower as the sun hadn't been up long. It was uber hot. Our bodyguard slipped away in the night to do some mine sweeping I assume but a couple of gullets motored across the bay. Could have stayed here for a while.... Got away for 9.30 as we knew that not only was it a fair way away but also it was the coastal road - & what a road. Once again it hugged the coastline close to the sea & passed some lovely coves, little beaches & also a harbour that had nothing around it; it was just a mooring site I suppose. Back through the snow covered mountains, out, back ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side October 7th 2013

With hats and hoodies on we were ready to go. Leaving the town behind we quickly picked up the signs for Antalya, not quite our destination but on the right track. Woolly says – we were back into the mountains on lovely turny roads which took us through rocky crags and formations, the views were as stunning as we have grown accustomed to and as each bend passed we marvelled more at the scenes in front of us. Jo spotted a sign for Tinazepe Cave, sounded like a plan! Remind me in the future to ignore her! As it was just off the road it seemed like a good idea and it would break the journey up. Being Turkey’s longest cave I thought it was a must. It Covers 22KM of tunnels with only 1580 metres ... read more
View from the Caves
Growing Tites
The Intrrepid Cyclist with Woolly and Snoopy

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side July 15th 2013

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side February 25th 2013

Heading eastwards along the D400 we decided to spend the day looking at Aspendos and Side, two of biggest tourist attractions in the Antalya region. Woolly says – A chance to take to the stage??? Turning right off the main road, we followed the sign posts to Aspendos, pulling into the car park. Woolly didn’t look all together impressed. Woolly says – It appeared to be a large wall with nothing else of course I was disappointed, not a stage in sight. Paying 10TL each (approximately £4.10 GBP) we went through a dark covered archway and there in front of us……. Woolly says – a HUGE stage area, I got very excited and started to warm up my vocal chords. To the rear of the stage the walls rose behind with alcoves where sculptures would have ... read more
Makes a good stage drop!
Imagining the sculptures of yesteryear
Ceiling backstage at Aspendos

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side October 18th 2010

Sunday 17th October. The weather behaved itself being sunny and bright living up to the translation of the region's ancient name of Lycia, meaning the land of light. We'd planned to go to Side (pronounced Seed-eh) as it was the only remaining archaeological site in the vicinity of Antalya that we hadn't visited. We took the ultra modern tram to the Otogar and then a bus to Side. The journey from Antalya to Side is only 65 kms (just over 40 miles), but took more than almost three hours in total because the inter city bus dawdled its way out of Antalya looking for, and stopping to pick up passengers along the route. Then, when we arrived at Manavgat the town nearest Side, the process reversed and the bus dawdled its way through the crowded town ... read more
Antalya Otogar
Side     Temple of Apollo

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side October 9th 2008

Idag har vi badat i poolen nästan hela dagen. Vi har två jätteroliga vattenrutchaknor som vi har åkt femtioelvatusen gånger om inte mer! Också bor det en skitsöt katt här! Vi gick på en liten upptäcktsfärd i området med och kikade i lite affärer och så. Vi skaffade oss en ny kompis i en affär precis mitt emot hotellet, haha. Också var det en läskig hund som följde efter oss jättelångt! Vi har varit här i snart ett dygn och redan skaffat oss en katt, en hund och en kompis, haha. Nu ikväll var vi på turkisk afton på hotellet, det var helt okej även om det mest var fulla gubbar där som skämde ut sig totalt! Aja, maten var jättegod iaf! Vi drack turkisk öl idag med! Effes och någon konstig med citron smak, har ... read more
Turkisk afton

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side October 8th 2008

Nu är klockan ungefär tre på natten och vi är framme på vårat hotell i Side. Resan hit var inte så farlig ändå, det kändes faktiskt som att det gick ganska så fort. Fast iofs kommer väl alla resor kännas korta i jämförelse mot resan till Japan. Framme på flygplatsen i Antalya var vi helt övertrötta och vid utcheckningen av väskorna sa vi "inte min!" till verkligen varenda väska och våra var nog nästan sist. Haha vi hade skitkul fast alla andra tyckte nog att vi var lite jobbiga kanske :P Det är verkligen jättemysigt här och så varmt och skönt! Fast vi har inte hunnit kolla så mycket än eftersom vi kom nyss och det är mitt i natten och väldigt mörkt. Så därför ska jag sova min första natt i Turkiet nu. Natti! ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side June 28th 2008

Turkey has its own flair! The trip to Side was mainly about lying on the beach and enjoying the food, which was not really enjoyable I must say. That's what you get from All Inclusive, I guess. Anyway the beach was nice and it was really really hot. You can take "buses" to visit some ruins near the old town. What I remember the most are the little local shops, which try to sell their own products, clothes, bags or shoes. If you want to go to Side, I recommend you to take a Hotel from a higher categorie and with good food, I'm sure it is a great and relaxing way to spent your holidays and if you're interested in the local culture you can make go sightseeing around the city.... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side September 3rd 2006

What would you most hate to do when the forcast is for 10 days continuous rain? Go camping!! That's what we had planned - 2 weeks camping in Cornwall. Sorry people in Cornwall, you have a beautiful county but who wants to sit under canvas watching the rain pour down and tripping across a wet field to answer a call of nature? We were all set to go but on seeing the forcast we searched through the internet, got a late booking to somewhere guaranteed to be hot and sunny. Turkey, well Side, to be exact. (Prounounced Seeday) 24 hours later we were sitting on a plane winging our way to bluer skies. The hotel turned out to be a bit basic but at least it was somewhere to rest your weary head after a hard ... read more
Mamhets Restuarant in the ruins
Temple Bar
Sheila in a busy street, Side

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