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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Egirdir September 22nd 2011

Thursday 22nd September - long day travel Goreme to Egirdir An early start today as we had a long, long way to travel. We did not have time for breakfast at the hotel as last night we purchased tickets for the 8.30 bus to Konya. We had bit our farewell to our host Cemil last night also as we left the hotel before he had arrived for work. The bus station in Goreme is just in the center car park where there are a few outdoor benches and a row of ticket offices for the different bus companies. I went and bought some bread and we had a makeshift breakfast on a bench with butter and jam we had collected from previous breakfasts. The local dog population decided we were interesting enough to sit and watch ... read more
balloons over Goreme
on the bus

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Egirdir September 20th 2008

The highlight of getting back on the Fez Bus was being reunited with our original tour leader Kerry who had been with us on the first 2 sectors and was by far the best Fez leader on the circuit. A large part of her appeal was that she appeared completely scatterbrained - mainly because she said everything as she thought it so, where others would try to maintain an aura of calm regardless of what was going on inside, you always knew exactly what Kerry was thinking and feeling as it happened - but despite this things always worked out and everything got done correctly which is more that could be said for most of the other tour leaders we’d had. We had 2 brilliant examples of this within minutes of rejoining the Fez Bus - ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Egirdir September 4th 2007

Welcome back blog readers, I've just got back from a short fishing trip on Lake Eğıdır... It was hıghly unsuccessful, but lots of fun none the less! The lads and I are currently based ın Eğıdır ın the Turkısh lake dıstrıct. We're stayıng ın a great lıttle Pensıon wıth a rooftop balcony bar and 500 ml beers for 2.50 YTL (1 YTL: $1 NZD). The vıew ıs spectacular! Prıor to Eğıdır we were ın Selçhuk (5 hours bus rıde away) where we took ın the ruıns at Ephesus. Ephesus are apparently the best preserved ruıns from the Roman era, and were awesome to look at. Whıle we were ın Selçhuk we stayed at the Kıwı Pensıon, whıch was very hospıtable especıally because they had a pool (many hours were spent coolıng off ın the pool). They ... read more
Nick taking in the scenery

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Egirdir August 21st 2006

Saturday August 19, 2006 - We woke up at 6:30am in order to catch the first bus out of Olympos at 7am, bu tit either didn't come or we missed it. Either way we decided it was a good thing. We then had two hours to go to see the beach and ruins of Olympos (on the way to the beach) and have breakfast before the 9am bus. The ruins were good to see and the beach was pretty, but by that time the sun had come up and it was baking already. So we walked back, explored some more of the ruins, and had our breakfast. The bus filled up quickly and we were on our way. We had to pay for that small bus (which we had avoided doing the first time) and then ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Egirdir July 17th 2006

That's not to say I am travelling at breakneck speed and that is I appear to be. No. It's that there have been a few days of cycling with not much else. Hence the blur as each day just melds with the next. The scenery along the D-320 has been fairly consistent not changing all that much. I had mountains on either side of me - big, brown, bare mountains with even bigger brown bare mountains behind them which felt like I was riding on the set of some western movie. And I did have a stretch of beautifully tarmaced road which made cycling an absolute dream although that was fairly short lived and it was back to the gravelled hard shoulders before I could really appreciate what it was I had. Hmmm, think there is ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Egirdir May 17th 2006

17th May Arriving in Eğirdir early in the morning I slept in my dorm till just before breakfast and spent the day walking around the tiny picturesque town. As normal it seemed as though there were only men in the town and the women were all in hiding, drawing attention to me. I even had a sleep on my daypack in a park next to the lake I was so relaxed. The lake is completely beautiful, surrounded by rocky and tree covered mountains. When the sun shines the water is a beautiful turquoise blue and I love that even though there are heaps of pensions (hostels), there are not many touristy shops, which is a nice change. I went for another walk at sunset and ate dinner at the pension (eggplant stuffed with veggies) which was ... read more
view from the pension
such a cute little town
camel thanks

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Egirdir June 1st 2005

In the late afternoon before we reached ergirdir we stopped off at beysehir for some special maras ice cream made of orchid sap and goats milk. And we also visited a very old and small mosque. From ergirdir the next morning we drove towards kas stopping along the way at chimeara and olympos.... read more
Beysehir to Ergirdir
Mosque in beysehir
Mosque in beysehir

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