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Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Amasya September 27th 2016

AMASYA REST DAY 2. 27 September, 2016. Today I needed to change the rear tube on the bike, clean away the mud from a few days ago, and take care of the drive chain. Afterwards walked up the mountain to a cafe near the Sultans' tombs. The views over the town were spectacular, and reinforced my thoughts that it is a town reminiscent of Florence, same earthy colours, mountainous back drop, river flowing through its centre, Mosques instead of Churches and a great atmosphere, at a fraction of the cost of the Italian city. Wandered back after consuming fried ice cream and two Turkish coffees. One of the benefits of cycling is the weight loss, which enables me to then eat what appeals! Checked on the tyre, semi soft, despite checking the tyre for sharp spikes. ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Amasya September 26th 2016

Posting photos of Amaysa and former unspellable town name ( without looking at it) before cyclists arrive and internet dies. Will provide thoughts later, haha.... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Amasya August 4th 2014

Amasya, Turkey July 24th 2014 “The best laid plans of mice and men” Robert Burns, To a Mouse I was 'free' after my Georgia saga, albeit that now I had my first ever 'criminal conviction' (but that's all another story ….see previous 12 blogs). My lift from the border got me to Posof at about 2 pm: a cute little Turkish town parked on the side of a mountain just 10 kms from the Georgian border. But it was a Muslim holiday, which while of no consequence in larger places, meant there were no buses out of this place to anywhere. And I wanted to get to Ardahan (78 km away) at least, and possibly all the way to Dyabakir in the middle of Kurdistan. So... I decided to try and hitch a lift. I walked ... read more
Arhan trying on my sunnies
Posof looking back from the truck
The border range - Georgia and Armenia from Turkey

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Amasya July 17th 2013

Hey guys today we are in sofia, it was fun, the boarder was a drama but so was the turkey one, i think thats just Gona happen from here on out. We did a walking tour and saw a protest which was exciting but quite peaceful there were kids there, it has lasted every day for 2 months. Just has tea and Over tipped the Taxi driver due to. Us having to get rid of all our coins. Now just relaxing before an early start tomorrow to serbia. Xx... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Amasya July 16th 2013

Photos, i love apple tea and all the Jewllery with the eye on it to keep away bad spirits.... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Amasya October 25th 2011

It’s been awhile now since I was in Amasya, and so much has happened since, that I was going to skip saying anything about it. But then I thought of the lovely little city – with its mountains, pock-marked by the tombs of ancient Pontic kings, elbowing their way into the streets – and I realized that it just wasn’t fair. I liked Amaysa from the moment the bus pulled into the small otogar. It could have been that, for the first time in a week, I was going to stay in one place for more than one day. When you’re on the road, any place you lay your head for two nights already begins to feel like home. Or, it could have been that Amasya is ridiculously quaint. It’s old Ottoman houses built between the ... read more
Looking over the River
The Citadel
Photo 4

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Amasya October 24th 2011

When I checked my email this afternoon I was surprised to see so many messages asking me if I was okay. I’d only been offline for two days. I’d gone much longer stretches without contact before and no one seemed to mind. It was only when I got to the sixth message that someone said something about an earthquake. Suddenly, it clicked. People had more reason than usual to think that I might be in danger, and they were worried. I assure you that I am okay. I was hundreds of kilometers away – safe, and blissfully ignorant – from the epicenter of the earthquake that rocked eastern Turkey on Sunday. It was never part of the “plan” to travel that far east (practically Iran), and now I will avoid it all the more, so please ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Amasya August 22nd 2009

Amasya was 4 hours away from Sivas by bus. Once again the scenery was impressive. It was a shame we passed through Tokat without stopping, but the only reason we wanted to go was to experience a Tokat Kebab. Aubergine and meat are alternatively threaded on a skewer and it is cooked/smoked vertically resulting in an apparently exquisite taste! Never mind, it's only food!! We arrived in Amasya at 8pm and were disappointed that the bus driver refused to stop in the town centre, depositing us instead at the otogar a few kilometres out of town. Luckily they provided us with a servis transfer to our hotel. We chose the Konfor Palas on a recommendation from Ibrahim, a Couch Surfer who we sadly did not get to meet. We were more than happy with his choice ... read more
Beautiful Amasya
Statues of the Sultans

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