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January 19th 2009
Published: January 19th 2009
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Bodrum FerryBodrum FerryBodrum Ferry

Fahri Kaptan 1
Thursday, 15th January, 2009 continued

We went down to reception bar area about eight thirty, had our usual drinks and updated the blog.

We then went up into the town and had a short walk around. On the way back we popped into the pastry shop and bought some lovely cream and chocolate cakes. These were eaten in the room, in very short time.

Friday, 16th January, 2009.

Today brings another new adventure, we are off to Turkey.

The weather was overcast and looked like rain.

Pat and I both went down to breakfast. Then back to the room to get everything together and vacate the room. We gradually moved everything to the car, and then checked out of the hotel and paid our bill.

By this time the rain was throwing it down, so we had some coffee, and did some internet surfing in the reception area of the hotel.

When we looked across to the Port the ferry wasn't in and we thought that by now it usually was. The weather had been really windy so wondered if it might have been cancelled?

So we drove around to the Port,
Bodrum FerryBodrum FerryBodrum Ferry

The beast on the small ferry
to check that it wasn't on another berth, which it wasn't. The guy in the cafe wasn't too helpful, so we decided that we would pop to the Travel Agency, where we bought the tickets to ask them.

We parked the car and walked into town to the travel agency, they said that it was due to arrive at one o'clock.

So we went back to the car, then headed off to the Carrefour supermarket to get a few emergency supplies for the next few days, just in case stuff, biscuits, crisps and fruit.

We also topped up the car with petrol to ensure a full tank.

Then back to the Port. It was still only about one o'clock and the ship arrived a short while after. The ferry was called Fahri Kaptan 1.

We were generally hanging around and the guy who turned out to be the passport guy asked if we needed any help.

Another guy, turned out to be the Captain of the ship asked if we were travelling and told us to make sure we were there at three o'clock.

We killed time until the travel agent guy turned up at three o'clock and got our tickets, after payment of port taxes of €6.00. Then through passport control and then waited for Customs. Some form filling in and we were cleared.

Next on to the ferry. The vessel was probably capable of carrying three cars, so don't get the impression of a large boat.

We loaded no problem, had to shift the car on the deck, twice! Then left immediately after.

The crossing took about one and a half hours, and was bumpy but OK. There were lots of brits day tripping from Turkey, to get there ham and bacon we guessed.

We arrived at Bodrum and got the car off the ferry.

We now had to go through unknown formalities and paperwork.

I popped back to the car, while Pat started queuing at Passport control and a customs officer asked to see inside the car, see I opened up the back door, he asked to see inside some of the crates and of course picked the medicine box, which contains our various medicine stuff for four months of travel. He didn't seem to fussed, had a look in the cooler, which contained our sundry food items and said to see him in the office after sorting out the passports.

We queued at the passport control and had Turkish Visa's stamped in our passports at a cost of €30.00. No problem.

Next came the customs again and we were asked about our Green Card insurance which we didn't have. We were told that the car had to have Turkish or Green card insurance.

We asked how we could get some insurance and were told by the customs office that the lady from the shipping company could help us.

So we went to the office along the quay and were then told we could get insurance in the cafe along the road at a nearby cafe.

It all seemed pretty curious being sent to the cafe to get car insurance and were making mental preparations about getting ripped off etc.

At first no-one knew what we were talking about. So we returned and where given a piece of paper with a name on it.

Back to the cafe, showed the paper and were taken to a little office inside the cafe. This looked a little more like somewhere that sold insurance, but it hadn't been clear to us to start with and we wondered what we were getting in to,

The guy in the office was extremely helpful and after taking the car details, stuck on some official looking stamps and filled in a form we had car insurance for ten days. Now come the cost - €10.00, I only had a twenty note and he didn't have change, so I told him to keep the change. We were fixed up with Turkish car insurance. We left his office and were delighted, even at twenty Euro's we were happy.

Back down the quayside and the Shipping office copied all our stuff, then sent us to customs. The only problem was the whole place looked shut up and locked. After looking very lost a chap came down from one of the shops and the gate turned out to be open.

We went along to the office and found the customs chaps who entered all our data into their system. Asked us lots of questions about our travelling, stamped my passport and they cleared us for ten days with the car in Turkey.

We were well chuffed and everybody had been very helpful. Our treatment at the port was exceptional.

Then off to find a hotel, we drove along the main drag of Bodrum, stopped at a Hotel Marine View and they were full.

The next place was also full, but recommended one a short drive away, and gave us directions. The Hotel was called Azka.

Pat noticed a cash machine just opposite so got us some Turkish Lira. The machine dispensed currency in Euro, Sterling of Lira, whatever you wanted, which was interesting.

Up a hill and round several corners we found the hotel. Security on the gate let us in and we approached reception. Room for YTL110, we were given a discount from YTL 130, b&b.

There were Staff all over the place and after taking our relevant bags out of the car, it was taken from us and the bags taken to the room.

After we arrived at the Hotel a thunderstorm started, with torrential rain.

We tried to order some room service, but the reception talked us out of it, because the restaurant was nearly open and they did a fixed price of YTL10.00 per person.

So at just after seven we went through to the restaurant. The fixed menu was tomato soup, roast chicken, and a self service buffet dessert.

We then headed for an early night as we had a long day tomorrow.

Our general experience of English spoken has been very high and most people always try to help.


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