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Middle East » Syria » South » Maalula August 2nd 2009

Retour au Paradis des rencontres Dès l'arrivée de Cécile, nouveau membre de notre équipe (courageuse!), et après un passage festif dans la famille de Louay à Maaloula, nous filons sur les routes syriennes, toujours aussi hospitalières aux auto-stoppeurs, vers notre bien aimé monastère Mar Moussa el Habashi. Nous connaissons bien l'ambiance de cet oasis de paix entre ciel et terre où se retrouvent des hommes et des femmes de bonne volonté issus de toute religions, confessions et spiritualités pour apprendre à se connaître et à s'aimer. Nous y retrouvons des vieilles connaissances (Nasser, Samir, Khalil, Usaam, Nathalie, Raphael, Dina ... et la communauté el'Khalil) et nous découvrons de nouveaux visages, de nouveaux parcours : nos futures "vieilles connaissances"! Dimitri, diacre melkite étudiant dans une université islamique, Sabrina, franco-algerienne musulmane poursuivant s... read more
Traducteurs de chocs !
Prières/Chants Soufis

Middle East » Syria » South » Maalula April 15th 2009

Was taken to Maalula to see Mima's home village where her family spend the summer months. Its only a 40min drive from Damascus and Mima's dad drove us there as he had business to attend to in the area. Got to see her house and all the mess that she and her mum and sister will arrive to in the summer. Her dad and brother regurarly spend time there due to the close proximity to their work. They also have a farm that they grow fruit in which only 5km from the house set at the edge of the village. Maalula is the only place in the world that still speaks Aramaic, the language of Jesus. Was dropped at St. Sergius monastery which is a interesting but quick stop over point. There are a few things ... read more
Mini Petra
Mini Petra 2
Shout it from the mountain top

Middle East » Syria » South » Maalula December 27th 2008

Well last night was very interesting. Abdul had told us yesterday that there was a wedding party staying in the hotel. Well at about 10:30 last night, just as we had all gone to sleep the most amazing racket started up from somewhere. There were symbols, and horns and drums and shouting and it was so loud that it actually hurt our heads. The noise lasted for about ½ and hour and then stopped again. We thanked the peace and quiet gods and went back to sleep again. Only to have the noise start up again at 12am. This time it was even louder and I had had enough. So I got out of bed and stormed down stairs to the reception desk and proceeded to tell the front desk staff that they were to give ... read more
The Safir Hotel in Homs
Abdul and I
The girl who made the beaded things

Middle East » Syria » South » Maalula September 16th 2008

Los días 13 y 14 de septiembre se celebra en este pueblo las fiestas de la cruz, en recuerdo de cuando la emperatriz Santa Helena descubrió los restos de la cruz en Jerusalén, una noticia que se extendió por toda la cristiandad a través de señales de fuego, por eso tiran troncos y ruedas desde la montaña. 13 ve 14 eyllül bu köyede Haç bayrami kutluyorlar, tam ayni bir günde Helena imperatriçe Kudüste Hasret Isanin Haçi bulmustu, o zamanda heberlesmek için ates isaretler kulanilirdi, o yüzden dagadan odun ve lastik atiyorlar.... read more

Middle East » Syria » South » Maalula July 10th 2008

Wherever you go through Maloula you could hear a fable that tells a parable allegory composed by the creative imagination of the man. It was conveyed to us by generations, till it reached us in this splendour shape, and the remaining ruins are good proof of this area-mans will, and his ability to defy the time. The best example for this is the spoken language among the people of Maloula. You will be amazed for these utterances, and the language that is still used in common without any knowledge of rules of writing, or its alphabet. Its is amazing when you discover that: this language or as it is called (the language of Maloula) as one of the most ancient languages of history, was spread before the Islamic Conquest that helped the Arabic language to be ... read more

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