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April 15th 2009
Published: April 15th 2009
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Was taken to Maalula to see Mima's home village where her family spend the summer months. Its only a 40min drive from Damascus and Mima's dad drove us there as he had business to attend to in the area. Got to see her house and all the mess that she and her mum and sister will arrive to in the summer. Her dad and brother regurarly spend time there due to the close proximity to their work. They also have a farm that they grow fruit in which only 5km from the house set at the edge of the village.

Maalula is the only place in the world that still speaks Aramaic, the language of Jesus.
Was dropped at St. Sergius monastery which is a interesting but quick stop over point. There are a few things to see but for the non religious it all starts to look the same. From there we headed though what I call mini Petra. The mountain has created a twisty passageway though the rocks for people to walk though to the other side. It is a nice walk, but a bit busy with all the tourists and locals. After that we stopped of for a quick bit to eat at a cafe that mima knew the owner. Yazan, Mays and her sister Collette caught up with us there.
Mima talked to her friend in the cafe and got us into a more scenic view on top of the mountain that is fenced off to general vistors. After a while we headed down and Mays invited us into her Grandparents home which was on the road. Inside was a fascinating look into a tradditional way of life. Her grandparents home is build into and around the mountain. It had many levels and I enjoyed the chance to explore it all. We sat down with the family for a short while and I heard many tales and background stories that I enjoyed. Amongst them was Mays grandfather singing the song that he sung to his wife to be before he was called away to national service. Your dont get that on tour package holidays.

Afterwards we got the mini bus back into damascus to see the afternoon easter festivals around the city. On the bus we was talking to a group of 4 itailans. Its amazing the friends you can make when you say someones football teams star player. Current or past. To Brecsia and Roberto Baggio.

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16th April 2009

you do get in lob buri , which is 2hours north of of bangkok , and its sweltering....c.ya.coon...

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