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Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jeddah July 6th 2016

That turnaround was the worst ever in my whole career. Hard to manage timing, night departure and noon arrival, very difficult passengers profile. Well, that job is not always about nice and easy flights with pleasant layovers. Hope to never experiance that again. / Ten turnaround był najgorszym lotem w mojej dotychczasowej karierze. Począwszy od trudnej do pracy pory, nocny wylot i powrót w południe, kończąc na bardzo ciężkim typie pasażerów. Cóż, ta praca to nie tylko łatwe i przyjemne loty z fajnymi layoverami. Mam nadzieje nie powtórzyć tego doświadczenia nigdy więcej.... read more

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jeddah February 15th 2016

It was only turnaround flight but opportunity to interact with full a380 of Muslim pilgrims in ihrams (traditional pilgrim clothes), whole families from infants to grand grand parents, was priceless. All of them with extra heavy bags, no english, and all of them swapping seats to be close to each families, but anyway it was nice surprise, because i had really good time with those people. They need really not a lot to be happy, and whole flight were calling me per sister :) / Był to tylko lot turnaround, jednak sposobność interakcji z pełnym a380 Muzułmańskich pielgrzymów w ihramach (tradycyjna pielgrzymkowa odzież), całe rodziny od niemowlaków po pra pra dziadków, była bezcenna. Wszyscy obładowani ekstra ciężkimi bagażami, nikt nie mówił po angielsku i wszyscy zmieniali miejsca, żeby siedzieć blisko ze swoimi rodzinami, mimo to lot ... read more

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jeddah September 1st 2011

"Madain Saleh (Al-Hijr) dates back to the Nabataeans Civilization considered as one of the very important archaeological site in Saudi Arabia that is called The Capital of the Monuments as it contains huge amount of diverse and multifaceted monuments." - We left Jeddah City at 3 am for a 10 hour ride to Al Ula, the closest town to Madain Saleh. I was quite at ease during the past first couple of hrs on the road until i was doomed to a very uncomfortable sleep since i decided not to sleep the night before it as i don't want to miss the trip. Although we made a couple of stops for a fuel refill and time for stretching and some sort of comfort. The scenery along the road was picture perfect and glad to take ... read more
random desert
sand dunes along the road
Photo 5

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jeddah June 18th 2010

Sakir was a deeply-tanned, well-built man in his mid-thirties, very much in the mould of the men I remember seeing everywhere in my father’s village in Bangladesh, only he was Indian. He had that wonderful Asian hairdo, where the hair is just left to grow into a huge mass on the head, styled only by a slight comb-over at the front and wonderfully complimented by a thick moustache that wouldn’t look out of place on the top lip of a Bollywood gangster. The ‘tache was also clearly something he took pride in, cultivating it regularly with a comb that he kept in the breast pocket of his faded beige shirt. We became properly acquainted one night as I struggled to enter my Jeddahn accommodation carrying several heavy shopping bags; “Coffee?” asked Sakir in his strong Indian ... read more
Amir the Harris

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jeddah May 28th 2010

JEDDAH 26 - 28.05.2010 Jeddah, the mysterious coastal town of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh’s rival. It’s intrigued us since the day we arrived. We had heard many stories about it from fellow expats who had been there or had lived there and it sounded like a pretty relaxed version of Riyadh, plus the added bonus of the mighty red sea. When in April we returned back to Riyadh from our dreamlike Goan holiday on the southern coast of India, Andrew and I both felt deflated and miserable. Looking down the barrel of a 10 week stretch in Riyadh was making us borderline suicidal and so I decided to rescue us from sure death by boredom and booked us on the cheapest flight to Jeddah. I’d promised myself that I would keep it a secret surprise for my ... read more
amazing marine life
red sea

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jeddah August 23rd 2009

First few trips to see the campus.... read more
Driving Range
Water for the golf course

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jeddah August 23rd 2009

A few lads in the desert, driving 4x4's like they were stolen.... read more
The crew
The Crew
Damo and Driver

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jeddah August 20th 2009

The air steward walked doen the Isle handing out Immigration cards, in large bold print beside a skull it reads "Death to Drug Traffickers". We stepped into the terminal building where hundreds of toweled pilgrims were waiting. They had arrived to visit the holy city of Mecca and perform Umrah. Air France looses my bag for two days..... great start ... read more
Museum In Jeddah

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jeddah December 23rd 2008

As everyone in our group came to know (and probably got tired of hearing!), I was a student of Ottoman history in a former lifetime. The second part of our journey - to Jeddah and the Hijaz - was an opportunity for me to walk the walk of the Arabian Peninsula's Ottoman past. And with the end of the Hajj just a few days before our arrival, I got to experience the aftershocks of the most important of Islam's communal rites. An Ottomanist's dream! *** Landing in Jeddah's airport, I realized right away that we were in a very different Saudi than what we'd experienced in Dhahran, even considering our foray into the desert. Jeddah, from it's earliest days (which stretch back well over a thousand years), has been a cosmopolitan entrepot and the staging point ... read more
Jeddah as Crossroads
Coffee and Date
Empowering Saudi Women

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Jeddah November 26th 2008

OK.... well actually we are no longer in Saudi.... and are now in Kuwait. But... as these pics are from Saudi I wanted them to come under the Saudi section here on Travelblog. The tour is over... and we are now on our way home. From Jeddah we went to Dubai... had two nights there... and then 1.5 days here in Kuwait. We fly out in 3 hours. Everything went by so fast. Jeddah was great... and so liberal compared to the rest of the Kingdom. Hell... women can actually walk outside of the hotel without a man at their side!! Holy moly. We flew south to Abha and Najran.... where the landscape is quite different from the rest of the country. Mountains and a wee bit of greenery. Seemed quite conservative... and we were always ... read more
village in Souda.. southern Saudi
prayer section at the back of the plane on Saudi Airlines
Asir National Park in the south

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