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December 8th 2012
Published: December 8th 2012
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After this week's issues with ordering foods, I stocked up on some healthier options that I can use at my own bare-bones hotel room. I have a fridge and a kettle - limited options but I am making do. Still no sign of a slow cooker anywhere... 😞 It has not been my favorite last few days, but I think it is mostly because I'm getting a little stir crazy in a one room hotel room where the only thing to do is mess around on the internet, which doesn't even work half the time. I miss cooking.

So, I prepared my lunches for the week as well as easy snacks for the rest. I can munch on those for a while, right? I just had a giant steak delivered from Applebee's so I'm set on the meat for a few days (and happily the food was correct, the service was good and quick, and it cost me only about $20). For the next few days I have:

apples, blueberries, strawberries, lemons, salad with onions and balsamic dressing, green and yellow peppers (capiscums), almonds, carrots, cheese, granola bars, jello, and iced tea. I tried some ramen noodles but they were pretty gross; the little cups to just add water work well though. I'll be getting bread for some PB&J, maybe some tunafish sandwiches too. My meager, yet healthy, food options will help with saving some money and my weight (no more fast or salty foods). We'll see how long this lasts!

It makes it easy for lunch because our office is so far from any civilization - they put the industrial area on the outskirts of town and since we have a lab, we are considered "industrial". There is a nice restaurant about a 5-minute drive from the office that serves "charcoal chicken" and a nice group of Indian guys run it; they also deliver. But I only just ever get the chicken, which is delicious, but gets old pretty quick too.

You can see the map my daily commutes - there are no real freeways, so you have to drive straight through town, roundabouts and all. It can be a headache as it always seems to be rush hour, but during rush hour you just want to die...


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