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December 6th 2012
Published: December 7th 2012
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It was back to work as usual starting on Tuesday and what a busy week it was! One of my projects was one of my first major site visits and I got to meet various French people at a french company. I don't think I've been around so much French speaking individuals since my sister's wedding! And seriously, are all french girls gorgeous? It was a pleasant day - many of these people have been here for about three years while a couple have only been here a few months. That part of the day was great. Actually, despite being incredibly busy, the work aspect of the week was great!

Then I decided to get something quick to eat so I made a stop at Quizno's. 45 minutes later I got my sandwich. The "manager" was nice and apologetic but I still didn't get the hold up. There were three of them there and they were all rushing around working hard, but something is not working. For one thing, I always notice that the person (usually a girl) taking the order, does not listen to you, so when you get the incorrect order, you complain until it is right. This is something that factors in later in my day - I arrived home from work, starving, and still with another 2 hours of work to do, so I decided to order room service. They have forgotten my drink three out of the last four times that I ordered so I made sure to have the girl read it back to me: Beef stroganoff with fries and coke light. They arrive and after I finish my first project, I'm ready to dig in. No coke. And rice instead of fries. Argh!!!! So, I try to call back but it was either busy or no answer. After about 10 minutes, I'm able to get a hold of someone and she said she'll send me my fries and my coke. The girl arrives - just a coke. So, I kind of took her to task. I told her I know it was not her fault, but the service with this restaurant has been ridiculous lately and they need to pay attention to the orders and would she please go back and repeat what I"m telling her? "Yes ma'am" I could see in her eyes she wouldn't so I reiterate - I don't want the fries, but you are going to tell them this right, because I'm serious. "Yes ma'am" - I know she didn't. I guess I didn't need the fries anyway...

It's little things like this that are the most frustrating here. I tried to figure out why I'm so frustrated with this particular incident and I think it is two things (on top of it happening twice in one day and being generally grouchy when I'm hungry): 1. They are "service" workers and they often do such a poor job and with very little friendliness and 2. There is zero accountability for making mistakes in the service industry here. They do not apologize or try to make amends - it's just too bad. It happens in nice restaurants too - for instance the McGettigan's incidents where they didn't have their advertised signature brunch BOTH times that we went - the manager had ZERO sympathy for us, just a cursory "Sorry". He knows he doesn't need to because if he loses our business, it is nothing. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not in America where servers work for their tips and you can have a pleasant dining experience. But really, I just ask for a little bit of pride in your work, you know? It is a very different mindset to get used to, especially for me who spends my life trying to please others.

So yesterday I went to the grocery store and stocked up my fridge. I can NOT wait until I get my own stove again so I don't have to eat out. Until then, berries, veggies, ramen, and granola bars it is.


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