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Middle East » Qatar » Doha May 22nd 2018

Well, here we go. After an afternoon shopping in CapeTown’s upmarket waterfront last night, obviously punctuated by the odd glass of Paarl estate Sauvignon Blanc to ease the stress of parting with hard earned cash, we had our last African dinner in a sauve Belgian Restaurant (Den Anker) recommended by our Safari pals, Bruce and Nancy. And very nice it was too. Needless to say, on our taxi drive to the airport, the sun was shining again and we had a great view of table mountain from the taxi window!! Ah well, next time maybe. If we’re spared. So now writing this in the air somewhere over Mombassa, about an hour from crossing the equator and need to fill the sink to do the old down the plughole thing… know, south, anti-clockwise, north clockwise…..or is it ... read more
V and A Waterfront
V and A
Table Mountain

Middle East » Qatar » Doha February 8th 2018

I hadn't visit Qatar for 15 years and to be honest it wasn't a very memorable place then but the city has grown. From the nice new airport to the nicely designed museums near the harbour I was pleasantly surprised. After arriving at the hotel I met up with a colleague and we set out to explore the city with the award winning Islamic Art museum the number one priority. The museum sits on a piece of land jutting out into to the harbour and is an impressively modern building with three floors of wonderful Islamic art, we spent several hours enjoying the collection. As we departed the sun was setting so we decided to take a boat trip on the harbour the new city with its many architecturally unique buildings was lit up on the ... read more
Entrance to the souq
One of the many alleyways

Middle East » Qatar » Doha October 27th 2017

We arrived in Doha this morning, the capital of Qatar, at 1.30am, temperature hovering at around 30 degrees. Construction of Hamad International Airport was only completed in 2014, in a bid to solidify the city's diversification into the tourism industry, and away from it’s dependence on oil and gas. Hamad features two of the longest runways in the world. We were collected from the airport by our Hotel Shuttle service, arriving at the hotel at 2.45am. After setting the alarm for 8.30am, we crashed in bed. After enjoying a buffet breakfast at our Golden Ocean Hotel, we asked for a map of the city, and set out on our morning walk. We headed for the Corniche, the bay that Doha is located on, to take photos across to the West Bay area, where most of the ... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha October 3rd 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! Today I once again started in a very leisure pace with a dip in the pool of the compound. I tried to contact Kerry's jet ski guy but got no reply and with the desert tour costing an arm and a leg I went for the free museum option that I had checked out yesterday. Since I still had value left on my bus card I decided to go to the centre by bus. It turned out though that google maps had the location of the bus stop wrong due to the construction work so I ended up missing the first bus and spent a lovely half hour sitting together with a local in the shade of a traffic sign, stubbornly waving off taxi after taxi. When the bus finally came I ... read more
Radwani House
Company House
Bin Jelmood House

Middle East » Qatar » Doha October 2nd 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! I started with a leisure pace today, taking a few laps in the pool of the compound that Kerry and Trudi live in. My plan for the day was to go to Katara, which is a really cool area currently being built that is sort of a mix between Islamic and Roman building influences. Since there are no bus going there Trudi actually arranged for an Uber to get me there, my very first Uber ride! At Katara there is still a lot of constructions going on so there are many areas that are off limits but even the areas that are open sort feel like and empty shell. It's grand and beautiful but it doesn't carry the same feeling as the old Roman structures of the mosques of old. There is ... read more
Masjid of Katara
The Pearl

Middle East » Qatar » Doha October 1st 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! Today Trudi dropped me off by the Museum of Islamic Arts which was pretty much all of my plan for the day until when me and Belal would meet in the evening for the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra at the QNCC. First I would visit the Museum of Islamic Arts and then the Souq Waqif and if I had enough time then walk along the cornice. I can tell you right away that I didn't have neither the time nor the energy for that walk! The Museum of Islamic Arts is really big and really well organised! I spend a lot of hours in here, gawking at the many gorgeous artefacts! They are all very well presented and illuminated which makes this a photographers heaven! It's very easy to take photos of everything ... read more
Camel Guards
Horse Guards
Falcon Souq

Middle East » Qatar » Doha September 30th 2017

Hello my fellow travellers! Late last night I took the train to Copenhagen airport to spend an uncomfortable night waiting for an early morning flight to Doha. My friend Marcus who lived in Malmö has moved to Västerås now so my days of cushy waiting in his apartment with home cinema are gone. So I settled in for the night on a two seat bench with tonne of anime shows at my disposal. Once I boarded the flight it was lights out pretty quickly for me and I pretty much just woke up to eat. But the flight with Qatar Airways was really comfortable even in economy class. Plenty of leg space, comfortable seats and lots of entertainment. When I arrived in Doha I bought a bus card, it cost 30 riyal and gave me 20 ... read more
Red Devils
The Pearl
Waiting at Copenhagen Airport

Middle East » Qatar » Doha May 20th 2017

Up very early and a flight to Doha, Qatar. Once in Qatar, there is a 15 hour layover and the temperature is 40 degrees with 60% humidity. Escorted to a hotel 10km away, the boulevards of Doha are covered in sand and the shops sparkle with opulence. On arriving, we receive a cup of Arabic coffee mixed with spices and served with dates. We had initially planned to carry on our adventure in the Middle East to Jordan and beyond but that is just not in the cards at this time. Perhaps on our next visit. Later, flying with Qatar Airways, near the end of the flight at around eight am, Chris and I are asked to come to the front cabin. The stewards have put together a birthday cake, handmade signed card, and champagne to ... read more
Desert to Sea
Oil still rules in Qatar
Arabic coffee with dates - great flavours

Middle East » Qatar » Doha March 4th 2017

So here I am on the road again, this time en route to the Middle East countries of Oman, Israel and Jordan. I was able to secure a very attractive flight with Qatar Airways, arriving in Muscat and departing on the way home from Amman, with a transit in Doha each way. The transit on the way was 6 hours, which is much longer than desirable, but my research have given me a great option to spend that time. Or so I thought! Qatar Airways offers a free City Tour service (including transit visa) from Doha airport, which takes 3 hours and is available for any passenger who has a transit stop of six hours or more. Given my stop was between 3pm and 9pm, I found out there was a tour between 4pm and 7pm, ... read more
Dhows on the Corniche at sunset
The Museum of Islamic Art
Doha city skyline behind a group of Dhows

Middle East » Qatar » Doha February 24th 2017

Geo: 25.2819, 51.5175... read more

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