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Middle East » Qatar » Doha August 6th 2015

On my flight from Budapest, I asked for an upgrade at check-in. The agent told me there were no upgrades available, but another agent was standing next to her and he saw my California driver's license and apparently he had lived in Venice for a few years. Then he asked where I was flying to and I told him; he had lived in Doha for another three years. So we chatted amiably until I was set to go. I experienced yet again what I am trying to explain about the customer service here. I sat at a bar with a menu for about 10 minutes, closed it and waited. Three different waiters looked at me and not one came to me; finally I asked one guy if I could order food here and he said yes ... read more
Boarding the A380
Closed door suite

Middle East » Qatar » Doha June 26th 2015

Well, my time has arrived. I have given it a good three years and I look back at my time here fondly. Despite my gripes, time flew by and I will always treasure my experiences here. I have made many new friends from different places and different walks of life, I gained very valuable experience, and I earned some good money. There are, of course, positives and negatives about Qatar and the Middle East in general, but that is true of any place. When I returned from my annual leave, I had already had it in my mind to go back to the US, but I wanted to go to work and think about it over the weekend before I made up my mind. Well, I guess I was already in the mindset of going home. ... read more
Last beach day!
Iftar / birthday dinner
Iftar / birthday dinner

Middle East » Qatar » Doha April 9th 2015

The white Land Cruiser approached the rear of our saloon car, flashing its lights. I was overtaking a small bus filled with low-paid immigrant workers. The men were heading back to their work camp after completing their latest twelve hours of on one of the highway developments going on all across Qatar. Outside, a flat expanse of brown sand and marching electricity pylons filled the view: a typical scene outside the major towns. In the distance, a red sun was rapidly disappearing over the horizon. Flash! Flash! Flash! The Land Cruiser was almost upon me, but I was still passing the bus in the second lane, my foot pressed flat down on the accelerator. A few workers wearily gazed at me, blankness in their eyes, tiredness on their faces. FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! ... read more

Middle East » Qatar » Doha March 23rd 2015

Well, it looks like I actually some semblance of a social life here in Qatar at the moment. I am midway through a busy month with lots of plans. Brazilian Steakhouse One of my favorite restaurants is Rodrizio at the Crowne Plaza. They are so friendly, and while it is quite expensive, the food is fantastic and the atmosphere is great. Flanery loves steak so he has been wanting to go back for a while and I wanted to take my new geologist to dinner one night, so we went Thursday. They have an excellent Malbec that I have with my dinner, but the various types of meat are the star. I think they just season the meat with salt and it is so delicious! They have everything: chicken, lamb, top sirloin, bottom sirloin, etc. Yum ... read more
Beautiful sunset
Horse rides on the beach
After the freezing ocean plunge

Middle East » Qatar » Doha March 18th 2015

One of the best ways to meet people here in Qatar is to get to know the people you work. Sure, you can find community groups of people from your own country, but work is the best way to expand your horizons. I am happy to say that I have friends found at work from the US, England, Australia, Netherlands, South Africa, Egypt, Croatia, Wales, New Zealand, Lebanon, Jordan, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc... Desert Camping This past weekend, a group of us work friends decided to do one of those desert camping adventures. It was 360 riyals per person (around $100) where they would take us to a desert camp and provide us with dinner and breakfast, a pool, and a tent. Thirteen of us opted to go for Friday the 13th. We met at ... read more
Love the potty signs
Group photo!
Melinda's baby shower

Middle East » Qatar » Doha March 4th 2015

I have not been able to travel much in the last few months, which has been a bummer. But to keep you up to date with my life, here are some anecdotes of life in Qatar… Octoberfest For this ritual, I went to Abu Dhabi with Jamie, meeting up with Addi at a hotel on Yas Island. Our room was pretty awesome - a one bedroom suite with a view of our party location for the next day. Both nights, the hotel next to us had a raging party with disco balls, bright lights and techno music. Not sure what was going on there! It was actually a good weekend to chill as we were just planning for the festival with no other plans - so we slept in, got a good breakfast, and slowly got ... read more
Thanksgiving at MIA

Middle East » Qatar » Doha February 14th 2015

Can you, or can we write a blog for spending 24 hours in there something to write, or to see in Doha...and what are we doing here for 24 all those questions, trust me, there is only one answer...could we have 36 hours in a single day...please! The kids have already been on a Qatar Airways plane, but it was a first for me. Tiffany and Leslie have their week of school holidays, so we are heading on the road again. This trip will not be on the glamour side, neither on the bubbles one...rather discovering some out of the way places. I have few miles to use...that's not a surprise for anybody, so we are using them this time on Qatar, with a 24 hours lay-over in Doha. First impression of Qatar Airways ... read more
Souq Waqif
Leslie y Tiffany...
Doha by night...

Middle East » Qatar » Doha October 16th 2014

Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar officially opened for business in late May 2014. While at that point, all commercial flights were then flying from there, there was and still is a lot of work to be done. It has been interesting to note the changes at the airport in the last five months, including the opening of the food court and many shops. I went tonight and there was definitely much more going on. I was actually thinking before I went to the airport, "golly it would be so nice to have a table that is not for food, but in a business area, where I can do my borehole logging." And bam! I saw one on the way to my gate! Like, I wish I were making this up, but it was comical to ... read more
#6:  Ronald Reagan International Airport, Washington, DC
#10:  Orlando International Airport, Florida
#14:  Dubai International Airport

Middle East » Qatar » Doha October 8th 2014

Blog Entry Two. The first day of our trip entailed a very long flight from Chicago O'Hare International Airport to Doha, Qatar on Qatar Airlines. Our goal is to make this blog funny and entertaining, but to be honest, the humor potential of a 13+ hour plane journey is limited. Maybe its better if we just give you that facts. We departed from O'Hare on time on a Qatar Airlines 777.Qatar Airlines prides itself on the quality of its service, and we all agree that if you need to endure a 13 hour slog over the arctic and most of Europe, Qatar is the way to go. Seats were comfortable ... with plenty of leg room ... and the food and the service were excellent. We arrived at Doha's shiny new airport (only 6 months old) ... read more
Interior of Qatar Airways 777
Doha International Airport

Middle East » Qatar » Doha September 9th 2014

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