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Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea June 1st 2008

Swimming in The Dead Sea is one of those remarkable experiences never to forget. You walk into the sea as normal but then try to sit or lie down and bounce straight to the surface, like on a spring, feeling bouyant. The stories about being able to read a paper or drink while swimming really are true. The other amazing thing about swimming there is that we were just a few miles from the Hebron Hills of the West Bank and Jerusalem was only 10km away! A few of us decided to try the Dead Sea mud and caked ourselves with the stuff, much like sump oil. We were covered head to foot in black, gooey stuff, which had to set for 20 minutes before we washed it off. Needless to say we were all boiling ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea May 20th 2008

Das Königreich Jordanien ist ein Land das vielseitiger kaum sein kann: Mit seinen Burgen und Schlössern, mit Jerrash, den besterhaltensten Rückständen einer Stadt aus der goldenen römischen Zeit, dem toten Meer in dem man nicht untergeht, dem roten Meer mit unberührten Tauchplätzen und 365 Tagen Sonne pur, seiner einzigartigen Wüste Wadi Rum, in der unter anderem der Film Laurence von Arabien gedreht wurde und mit Petra, der roten Stadt in den Felsen, die erst kürzlich zu einem der New Seven Wonders of the World gewählt wurde. Jordanien schafft den Spagat zwischen Tradition und Moderne und ist durch seine diplomatischen Beziehungen, trotz seiner geographischen Lage, gleichzeitig ein sicheres Reiseland. Das klingt fast wie Werbung. Soll es nicht sein. Es ist einfach so, das mich dieses mit Geschichte vollgepackte Land einfach überzeugt hat :) Mein Besuch war, nach ... read more
der Lehmboden am Toten Meer
Sonnenuntergang am toten Meer
weiter schweben

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea November 6th 2007

Hey everyone, it has been a little while since I last posted because I thought I would give your eyes a break after writing a book about my Eid trip. Everything has been going well here and I just finished my midterm which only took a measly 3 and 1/2 hours to complete. Classes are going well and I feel like I am really getting a grasp on the language. I was in the French Cultural Center (where I take Amiyya classes) talking to one of my friends in Arabic and a group of Jordanians interrupted us to say that we sounded fluent and spoke just like they did which although probably not true was nice to hear none the less. I felt the need to write another entry because I just got back from a ... read more
Walking in Moses' Footsteps
Jesus is a Snake
The Creek Jordan

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea July 7th 2007

Hey, So I must apoligize for my lack of contact... internet has been very difficult to get my hands on and the time to use it even more so. Yesterday we played tourist and spent the day at the Dead Sea. It was incredible! The sensation is unlike anything else. We first arrived at this semi-resort that is frequented by tourists but mostly Middle Eastern tourists. It had a couple swimming pools and a private section of beach and showers... stuff we didn't need but it made it all easier. I think the place was named (oh so original!) "The Dead Sea Spa." After establishing ourselves on a couple chairs we headed down to the beach. The sand was incredibly hot and those few who forgot sandels had fried feet by the end of it. ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea June 18th 2007

pics uploaded from Turkey The Dead Sea, camping on Mt. Nebo, and crossing the Syrian Border. Leaving the Petra area, we drive North to the Dead Sea. Everyone knows that the shore of the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, something like 438 meters below sea level. I guess I always thought maybe this was a sort of low plain, but in reality, at least on the Jordan side, the hills rise rather quickly, surrounding the sea with fairly high vistas. Of course we swam in the Dead sea, marveled at how buoyant we were, were VERY careful not to swallow any or splash any of this toxic brine into our eyes, and we were quickly able to identify any bites, cuts, or scratches we had as the salt water on those areas ... read more
View from the church on Mt. Nebo
Swimming in the Brine
St Georges Greek Orthodox Church

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea April 29th 2007

DEAD SEA: In the beginning of my second week of stay in Jordan, I was beginning to feel that my energy is running short, since we were spending the whole day walking under the relentless sun around the country and ruins, while at night we were enjoying the hidden Jordanian nightlife! That is why the Musharbush sisters (Mirna & Dima) decided to spoil me with a daily trip for relaxation and endless sunbathing. Dead sea rests at 410 meters below the sea level and it is one of the most spectacular destinations anyone can visit. It is an ideal resting place where one can relax in the most organized and economical spa of the big hotels, or simply to enjoy splashing around in the dead sea -a truly unforgettable experience as we are talking about ... read more
Marina, Farid & Dima covered in mud
pool games

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea April 10th 2007

Been a while since last post, and falling behind. Haven't had much net access lately. Currently in a net cafe with no ventilation, surrounded by chainsmoking Syrians... not sure how much longer I can stand it so this may be short :) When last we met we'd arrived in Amman. The following day we headed out to visit the fabulous ruined Roman city of Jorash, the highlight of which was a fabulous semi-circular theatre in excellent condition that seats ~3000 people. It was even possible to view seat numbers carved beneath the seats... funny how some things work so well they remain unchanged after two thousand years. Was amazing to just sit on a seat (by seat, I mean rows of concrete benches) and wonder who had sat in the same seat over the past two ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea November 25th 2006

On Friday morning, I joined up with the Ingall's again and headed out to visit the various historical Christianity sites a stones throw from Amman. Our first stop was Mt. Nebo, the Memorial of Moses, the presumed site of his death and burial place, and center for pilgrimages since early Christian times. The site was located high above the Jordan Valley on a cold windswept hill with sweeping views of the valley and Dead Sea. From here, we cruised down the hillside to an important place associted with Jesus and John the Baptist, the settlement of Bethany where it is presumed the baptism of Jesus took place. The site is located along the Jordan River, and along the border with Palistinian controlled territory in Israel. For sure, the highlight of my day was taking a dip ... read more
Ahhh great fun!
Laura Floating
Baptism Site

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea April 9th 2006

Geo: 30.7668, 35.3437We hit the road this morning for Shawback castle. Rabbi decided to change the itinerary, as he believed this castle was better than the one we should have visited. It seemed okay. It did have a secret passage or two that we were able to go partly down. This castle was set up on a hill and we were all celebrities for the half hour we were there. There was a group of local children who wanted to continuously take photos of us!We kept driving until we arrived at our Dead Sea resort. There we ate a huge, fancy buffet lunch. After we had eaten all that food we had to change and get ready to float!! The sea was still, no waves. We were told not to open our eyes or mouth under ... read more
02 Dead Sea

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