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Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea September 25th 2009

Check the entry on the Bedouin camp for additional photos of the interior of the camp. Also, I have posted some additional photos of Jordan here. ... read more
Chilled Melon and Mint Soup with Gorgonzola
Roasted Peach salad with pine nuts
Why it takes so long to get anywhere in Jordan

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea September 24th 2009

Happily, we made it to the Dead Sea with enough daylight left to have a quick soak. Security is incredibly tight here, so much so that we had to prove that we had a reservation and then they checked under our car for explosives before we were allowed to pass the gate (just like the airport in Nairobi!). And, at the door to the hotel our bags were scanned and any beverages we were carrying were confiscated. Once in the door we made a beeline for the sea. The Marriot has a private beach, so women are legally permitted (and culturally allowed) to swim. However, the hotel clientele are an interesting mix- expats and foreign tourists, Jordanian Christians and liberals, along with women in full chador. This same mix is represented on the beaches, where the ... read more
The Dead Sea at Sunset
Amil in the Dead Sea

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea August 2nd 2009

We did more than just cover ourselves in mud, float, and pamper ourselves when we were at the Dead Sea! We all had visited the Dead Sea on the Israeli/Palestinian side, but we had never visited the Jordanian side. We were not disappointed. Our first visit to the lowest point on Earth was 10 years ago during our first Mid-East trip. We all said we hoped we would return without believing it would really happen. We were blown away by the bouyancy and our ability to float without effort. Floating in the Dead Sea is a one-of-a-kind experience that should be at the top of any Bucket List. You can't help but giggle like a child and relax. We could have floated for hours...and maybe we did! The temperature at the Dead Sea was 114 degrees ... read more
Remember the Sunday School song...A River Running Deep and Wide?
Peering across to the Mount of Olives
Purple Pride at the Lowest Point on Earth...Go Cats!

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea July 27th 2009

Wow what a day of travel! We started out in Beirut, drove across Syria and ended our day floating in the Dead Sea! It was a day of seeing the countryside and border crossings. It was amazing how each country handled their military and border police. Most of the time in Syria and Lebanon was spent greasing palms. The process in Jordan was expensive, but efficient. If you were to look at our pictures or over hear our conversations, you may think that we travel just to eat or that we spend our time between meals thinking about the next what? Maybe we do! I was not joking about our meal plans... before ending our day in Jordan at the Dead Sea, we started the morning in Beirut eating crepes on the street. Kyle had ... read more
SOS From Kyle ---
AHHH! Comfort food.
Dead Sea Mud - Feels like Kansas Mud

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea July 19th 2009

Yet another weekend down. We made two day trips. In my opinion, the first trip on Friday was by far the best. We made a trip along the western border that ended with a stay at the Dead Sea. The first place on the itinerary was a stop at a town called Madaba. It has one of the largest Christian populations in the country. It is famous for its mosaics. Their crown jewel is this old map of the middle east area. The other big event in the town was a shared lunch I had with two other UofR kids over true sausage pizza: nothing like some old fashion ham, which I haven't had in two weeks. An interesting point here too involved another restaurant in the town. We went to meet up with some other ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea April 4th 2009

Today is the penultimate day of the trip. Today is a day of rest. Today, we are playing Dead! After a very relaxing night's sleep, breakfast came round at 08h00 - in a restaurant. What luxury! To be totally honest, I have done nothing today apart from upload my blog as it's the first day with any internet access - albeit using the link belong to the hotel next door! The only thing I have done today is swim in the Dead Sea - enjoy the photos, I'm not writing any more - I'm on holiday!!!!... read more
View from my balcony
Look away now
The Wierdest Thing I've Done?

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea April 3rd 2009

The night under canvas went very quickly - for me. Others complained at the noise coming from the dogs, the little train, the odd vehicle, snoring, but I heard nothing - apart from the occasional mosquito trying to get a quick bite. I heard nothing until 06h15 that is when Bassam wandered through camp urging everyone to get up. Breakfast was a simple affair - strong coffee, pitta bread dipped in olive oil and herbs and hard boiled eggs. By 07h00, the bus was packed and nine sleepy adventures headed for 5 hours across the Jordanian Desert back towards the north. To pass the time, we managed a group crossword, although next time I recommend that the person with the pen has some numeracy and language skills!!!! Coming off the Desert Highway, we joined the Dead ... read more
Wadi Rum
Sea Level
John the Baptist's Spring

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea April 1st 2009

A different rythm and pace has settled over the last piece of my journey. No longer part of a group but travelling solo with my buddy Brooke means a fresh perspective. Independence suits both of us! We are similar in the sense of knowing exactly how and what we want to experience. Remote nature, village life, and culture - with some history for good measure. As soon as Brooke met me in Cairo we have set a cracking pace. We've decided we can sleep when we get home :). A revisit to the pyramids and a mooch around the main bazaar set the tone of the first day. Now just over 24 hours in Jordan we have crammed in alot but we feel peaceful and free. We agreed immediately that having a driver was the way ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea February 9th 2009

Started our day with a Second Cup coffee! Hell yeh, been a while! Even had a Canada flag in the window. Made our way out of Amman, bound for Mt Nebo. Holy place where Christians believe Moses is said to have seen the promised land. He then died there at age 120. Old guy! He was buried here and churches were built on top of the hill. Totally cloudy, windy, and hazy so could not see a thing. Apparently you can see all the way to Jerusalem. Also went on to River Jordan and Bethany Beyond The Jordan. That means it is where Christians say Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, also where the 1st 5 Apostles met, and Elijah ascended to heaven on a chariot. Of course! Was big Military area as was border ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea January 21st 2009

See letter in English below Amman, 18/01/07 ¡Hola Lou! Como te comentaba ayer, he ido hoy al Mar Muerto con Eric y con Félix. Al grupo se ha sumado Jim, un chino de Hong Kong que se hospedaba en el hostal y que se ha interesado en nuestro viaje. Hemos ido en autobús hasta un pueblo (Al-Janubya o algo así) para tomar allí un taxi hasta el maniantal de Herodes. Me ha resultado bastante curioso como en un control de policía ya cerca de este pueblo, que linda con la frontera con Palestina, a nosotros por ser guiris no nos han pedido la documentación. En vez de eso nos han sonreído y dicho: "sahlan, welcome to Jordan". En el taxi, ya llegando al mar Muerto, hemos tenido otro control policial, y de nuevo lo mismo, sonrisas ... read more
Mar Muerto -- Dead Sea
Mar Muerto -- Dead Sea
Mar Muerto -- Dead Sea

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