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Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea March 15th 2020

12 mars Amman s'éveille doucement alors que je prend place dans la mini-van réservée hier à l'auberge. Nous sommes 5 à partager les coûts dans cette aventure: 1 Américain aux traits asiatiques (qui, Moyen-Orient exige, insistera sur ses origine chinoises), 1 Irlandais avec un fort accent de patate-chaude, 1 Marseillais backpaker sans-le-sous, 1 Irakien du Ministère en vacances et puis moi-même. C'est Mohammed, un jovial père de famille caramélisé qui tiendra le volant et dirigera l'expédition. Le véhicule s'actionne donc et nous partons tous vers notre première destination, Béthanie-au-delà-du-Jourdain, à la fragile frontière avec la Palestine. On laisse Amman derrière nous alors que les cubes beige d'habitations s'espacent tranquillement dans ce décor asséché où ne pousse plus que de rares fins duvets vert-de-gris chétifs sur cette rugue... read more
Fourmis du désert
Frontière israel

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea July 3rd 2019

We can’t help but notice that the breakfast buffet here includes free champagne. This seems a bit incongruous in a country where the overwhelming proportion of the population is Muslim, and alcohol doesn’t seem to be all that readily available anywhere. Our desert camp out in Wadi Rum, for example, was dry in more ways than one. A sign outside reception advises guests that “Outside food, beverages and hubbly bubbly are not permitted inside the Hotel”. I wonder why anyone would feel a need to smuggle in their own “hubbly bubbly” when it’s laid on for free at breakfast. I don’t think there are any non-Muslim university students staying here, but if there were I’m sure they’d be only too keen to start the day by knocking back a few glasses of free champers. Having commented ... read more
Kempinski Hotel with Dead Sea in the background
Greek Orthodox Church next to Jordan River
Greek Orthodox Church next to Jordan River

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea July 2nd 2019

We are exhausted after a very long and tiring day yesterday so we sleep in for a long time. We awake to see the view of the Dead Sea from our balcony in daylight for the first time. It is spectacular, with the morning sun shining on the hills of Palestine and Israel in the distance on the opposite bank. I go for a wander, and watch people swimming from the beach below me. Actually they don’t seem to be swimming at all; floating on their backs just above the surface would be a better description. Anyone who tries to swim face down seems to get involuntarily flipped over within a few strokes. I‘m itching for us to try this. The breakfast buffet includes something called “foul”. Whilst this sounds about as appetising as yesterday’s buffet ... read more
Kempinski Hotel, Dead Sea
Floating in the Dead Sea
After application of Dead Sea mud

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea March 17th 2019

An extremely cold and windy day. We left our hotel for the journey to the Dead Sea. Along the way we took photos of the snow on the side of the road. We stopped at Shobak Castle built during the crusades in 1115 built on a conical mountain overlooking the caravan and pilgrimage routes. This allowed King Baldwin, Jerusalem’s first titled king to control the areas commerce. It is a huge site which was surrounded by agricultural land to feed the people of the site. It was blowing so hard the we were almost blown off the castle top. We stopped for a photo op of the smallest hotel in the world - a VW bug fitted out with cushions and blankets on the side of the road. We reached our hotel at the Dead Sea ... read more
Me floating in Dead Sea
Cathy and Kevin
Flat seas the next morning but we were leaving

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea February 28th 2016

After the busy day touring Petra yesterday, I woke up looking forward to a quiet day on the road. I am not sure whether it was the hours of walking and hiking over rocks, the standing for hours cooking or if I was good old fashioned cranky, but I simply couldn’t face the breakfast buffet today. To say that it was sad would be kind to breakfast buffets everywhere. This one was plain old blech, in my professional opinion. I made do with some lackluster coffee colored water until Haytham picked us up and we headed towards Wadi Rum to check out the desert of Jordan. This trip is winding down too quickly, so I was determined to make the most of it- good breakfast or not. I am often asked why I have not yet ... read more
Just a Blip
Wadi Rum
Restaurant in Amman

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea October 1st 2015

1er octobre 2015 - Jour 8 Nous avons un long trajet de 4h ce matin pour remonter ver le nord et rejoindre notre dernier arrêt, la Mer Morte. La route longe la frontière avec Israël qu'on peut apercevoir avec sa barrière de barbelés. De nombreux postes de contrôles militaires sont situés le long de cette route et nous arrêtent régulièrement pour contrôler nos passeports et le permis de notre chauffeur. Durant le trajet, Ehab nous remet à jour nos connaissances d'histoire biblique sur le parcours de Moïse et le baptême de Jésus dans le Jourdain. D'ailleurs ces événements sont également cités dans le Coran puisqu'ils sont tous deux considérés comme des Prophètes. Lorsque nous atteignons la Mer Morte, nous constatons à quel point le niveau de l'eau a baissé ces dernières années car on voit clairement ... read more
Niveau de la mer
Piscine de l'hôtel
Il fait chaud!

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea July 5th 2015

today we left madaba and headed down the kings highway first stop was herods palace the fortress of mukawir where it is supposed herod beheaded John the baptist this palace was built similar to masada on to of a steep hill though not as steep or as high it only took us about 30 mins to walk up and even Esthers mum made it up, from the top we had a 360 degree view impossible to capture on film today was much clearer than yesterday and we could see Jerusalem in the distance. from here we drove parallel to the east coast of the dead sea stopping wherever there was a view through to the dead sea between the mountains, one of these was the wadi al mujib and we stopped overlooking the al mujib dam ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea June 8th 2015

Despite the stress of the previous day, our hotel room and especially the bed, was very comfortable. I say comfortable. Certainly to lie on. However, this morning we both agreed it wasn't the best night's sleep we'd had. The mattress of the bed was memory foam but we think it had been still remembering someone else's body!! At breakfast we met a young couple from Dubai. We explained our predicament about not being able to find the hotel yesterday. They said that they had GPS in their car and they even had problems. GPS identified the road ok but failed to pin point the location of the hotel. It didn't also take in to account the temporary road closures. Today, the last full day of our trip, we are heading to the Dead Sea, a journey ... read more
The Promise Land, (what Moses saw!!)
The road ahead - descending Mt Nebo
What I have to rub it in everywhere!!

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea October 31st 2014

Trip to Palestine and Jordan These are some pictures taken in Jerusalem Al Aqsa Mosque including Friday Jumma prayers also some pics are from the west bank in Palestine including Bethlehem and Jericho.... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea October 15th 2013

October 15, 2013 After wandering the ancient streets of Jerash it was on to the other place we were visiting that day, the Dead Sea...truly a mythical place, the lowest point on Earth and somewhere I had always wanted to visit so was really looking forward to it... After a nice drive through the Jordan Valley we caught our first glimpse of it in the distance...excellent! We opted to hit the public beach, it is significantly cheaper than paying admission to one of the luxury hotels lining the Sea, all for the privilege of using their beach...pfft...think it cost us 15 JD's each, still enough but again not as bad as other places... Good facilities, had a really nice pool as well but eating options are limited to an expensive buffet at the one was ... read more
Two corks...
Dead Sea II
Dead Sea III

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