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Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea April 14th 2024

We were very nervous when we settled down to get some sleep, not knowing what was likely to happen. After my shouty note about how safe Jordan is (see ), I was starting to eat my words. Well not quite, I standby the fact that Jordan is safe, it's just surrounded by a lot a places that aren't and, sadly, there's a worry that events can spill-over. We were woken up at around 2.00 in the morning due to lots of dogs barking, clearly sensitive to something that was going on. In the distance we could hear some bangs and rumbles, but they were, thankfully, a long way away. I did get up and look out of the window but I couldn't see anything, although we were facing away from the Dead Sea, Israel and The ... read more
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Dusty Road

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea April 13th 2024

Our friends were leaving at 4.30 in the morning today. We had all been due to fly back on Friday, but that flight had been cancelled, presumably because of the lack of demand, They had got an alternative flight back today, but we were unable to get one until tomorrow. Never mind, it's hardly a hardship having to stay here another day! It was sad not to be coming back together though. We said our goodbyes last night - close friends as we are, we're not going to be up at 4.30 to see them off. In some ways, we were grateful that the Friday flight had been cancelled, otherwise we would have arrived late on Thursday (see ) and then rushed to get in a quick swim in the Dead Sea before getting an early ... read more
Bed Decorations
Mecca Direction

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea April 12th 2024

Today is the first morning that we did not need to be up excessively early, so we left it as late as possible before going to breakfast. Unfortunately, so did everyone else, so, like the meal last night, it was over-run with noisy and energetic children (see ) who don't know how to queue. It was a buffet, so, as usual, I hit the pastries in a big way. So much so that even the Dead Sea would struggle to keep me afloat. The same probably applied to all of us as my cravings for pastries were matched by the others' various breakfast related cravings. I were a bit naughty as just before the breakfast closed, some women arrived with their faces fully covered. We were fascinated to see how they were going to be able ... read more
Dead Sea Rules
Mud Pot

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea November 21st 2022

Sunshine dawned and this is a hang-day for us at the Dead Sea Marriott. Car is safely stowed, pools ready to be used and the big activity….MUD and SALT. More on that in a bit, as we had to enjoy the breakfast with lots of choices, including fresh fruit, fresh vegis and of course local food that is fresh and tasty. Ken is even venturing into the local fare and not complaining that “this isn’t breakfast food!”. Ok, salad and grilled vegis are not normally on the day-to-day breakfast menu, but you gotta admit it is healthier than most “normal” breakfast foods. Now, it was time to head for the beach and check out the mud and float in the sea. Down the paved path, down the stone stairs and soon we were at the private ... read more
Mud Facial
Ken Relaxing

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea November 20th 2022

Our day in Amman seemed quite short, and there were many more things we could have done...but it was time to move on to another part of the country...the Dead Sea! I had originally planned to do a stop in Jerash, one of the most preserved Roman cities. But good guidance from my brother Rick was that even though it was only an hour north of Amman, there wasn't really time to do it properly and then head to the Dead Sea. Instead he suggested doing Mt Nebo and a stop in Madaba for some lunch, then heading to the Sea. And as he is much more experienced here, I listened, we adjusted and it was great advice!! But first, it was rental car time. And since we were in the city, I rented at a ... read more
Mt Nebo
On Mt Nebo
Moses Memoria

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea July 4th 2022

After lunch in Petra, we were driven to the Dead Sea. Once there, we went into our hotel’s private part of the Dead Sea, and it was certainly strange. I knew beforehand that you float in the water because of the high salt content, but it was still surprising to go into the water and shoot up like a buoy. The hotel offered a mud mask to put on and then take off in the Dead Sea; I did mine on my face and legs. We washed off and then went to the pool. After that, we took showers and ate yet another wonderful Lebanese dinner before calling it a night.... read more
I took this picture
Floating in the Dead Sea
Dead Sea Jordan

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea November 16th 2021

Do it now before later becomes Never. A perfect title for this blog and seen on a t-shirt yesterday morning at breakfast. Chris and I got back from Mexico just before the first lockdown in Spain in March 2019 and as most of you know had our Christmas 2019 plans scuppered by the pandemic. We did get back to the UK in April this year and again in June for the summer. We have been waiting to continue our travelling as the world begins to open up. Chris still has not been able to do his bike trip to Rajasthan and our bucket list isn’t getting any shorter. Last year we used our travel budget to install solar panels on the house and given the rising electricity prices it was a good move. Amongst all of ... read more
Amazing Jerash
Church at Mount Nebo- Moses
Amman ampitheatre

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea March 15th 2020

12 mars Amman s'éveille doucement alors que je prend place dans la mini-van réservée hier à l'auberge. Nous sommes 5 à partager les coûts dans cette aventure: 1 Américain aux traits asiatiques (qui, Moyen-Orient exige, insistera plutôt sur ses origines chinoises), 1 Irlandais avec un fort accent de patate-chaude-en-bouche, 1 Marseillais backpacker sans-le-sous, 1 Irakien du Ministère en vacances et puis moi-même. C'est Mohammed, un jovial père de famille caramélisé qui tiendra le volant et dirigera l'expédition. Le véhicule s'actionne donc et nous partons tous vers notre première destination, Béthanie-au-delà-du-Jourdain, à la fragile frontière avec la Palestine. On laisse Amman derrière nous alors que les cubes beige d'habitations s'espacent tranquillement dans ce décor asséché où ne pousse plus que de rares fins duvets vert-de-gris chétifs sur cette rugueuse pe... read more
Fourmis du désert
Frontière israel

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea July 3rd 2019

We can’t help but notice that the breakfast buffet here includes free champagne. This seems a bit incongruous in a country where the overwhelming proportion of the population is Muslim, and alcohol doesn’t seem to be all that readily available anywhere. Our desert camp out in Wadi Rum, for example, was dry in more ways than one. A sign outside reception advises guests that “Outside food, beverages and hubbly bubbly are not permitted inside the Hotel”. I wonder why anyone would feel a need to smuggle in their own “hubbly bubbly” when it’s laid on for free at breakfast. I don’t think there are any non-Muslim university students staying here, but if there were I’m sure they’d be only too keen to start the day by knocking back a few glasses of free champers. Having commented ... read more
Kempinski Hotel with Dead Sea in the background
Greek Orthodox Church next to Jordan River
Greek Orthodox Church next to Jordan River

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea July 2nd 2019

We are exhausted after a very long and tiring day yesterday so we sleep in for a long time. We awake to see the view of the Dead Sea from our balcony in daylight for the first time. It is spectacular, with the morning sun shining on the hills of Palestine and Israel in the distance on the opposite bank. I go for a wander, and watch people swimming from the beach below me. Actually they don’t seem to be swimming at all; floating on their backs just above the surface would be a better description. Anyone who tries to swim face down seems to get involuntarily flipped over within a few strokes. I‘m itching for us to try this. The breakfast buffet includes something called “foul”. Whilst this sounds about as appetising as yesterday’s buffet ... read more
Kempinski Hotel, Dead Sea
Floating in the Dead Sea
After application of Dead Sea mud

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