I Am Not Going Gently into That AARP Night

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February 28th 2016
Published: March 17th 2016
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After the busy day touring Petra yesterday, I woke up looking forward to a quiet day on the road. I am not sure whether it was the hours of walking and hiking over rocks, the standing for hours cooking or if I was good old fashioned cranky, but I simply couldn’t face the breakfast buffet today. To say that it was sad would be kind to breakfast buffets everywhere. This one was plain old blech, in... Read Full Entry

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Lunch on the RoadLunch on the Road
Lunch on the Road

That is our driver Haytham

Do you think it will really look like that?
Sea LevelSea Level
Sea Level

And where are are heading 400 meter lower

17th March 2016

Quietly into that night....
Dave here....I was the first to read your blog! Enjoyed it and felt like I was there....wait a darn minute...I was! And you knocked a certain person off the front page....yes!
17th March 2016

No Quiet, Yest Loud and Larger Than Life!
I am very glad that you were the first to read this. Hopefully it brought back good memories.
17th March 2016

While I still can
We also love deserts. We also prefer off the beaten track to cities. Why? Because we can. And how well do we do it? Brilliantly, adventure in spades, serendipity in overdrive. Why? Because we still can!
17th March 2016

Rock Rock Till You Drop
I love that you are out there traveling your bum off. And I love that you do it brilliantly. You have the travel dance down pat. Thank you for following and for such nice comments. I really appreciate them.
17th March 2016
Making Tea

Adventurer, not AARP!
So wise to visit Europe later when you can take advantage of senior discounts, not generally offered in wild places like the Wadi Rum. Fantastic rock formations there, so soft-looking and rounded by the wind and sand, and how great to be shepherded by a real Bedouin, who knew the desert. How fabulous that you and the Binkleys--all lovers of adventure, creature comforts and fine food got along so famously. Next trip--you love the desert, so maybe the Sahara and Morocco, but a new direction. Hmm--a surprise.
17th March 2016
Making Tea

You Are Living That Too Tara
I am so happy that you followed along on this trip. It was yet another amazing trek out into this huge world. Europe will be there when I am ready.
17th March 2016

What a good trip you guys had. So jealous of your living the room service life. But now that we are all old (ha ha) don't we deserve it? Great adventure and thanks for taking us along with you. We enjoyed every bite!
17th March 2016

Ah, the Room Service Life
It doesn't happen often, but how sinfully decadent it is when it does. Thank you so much for your comments. I was reading your Cinque Terre blog while I was on the road and reliving my trip there through your eyes. You have a great way with words and with your camera.
20th March 2016

Raging against the age machine...
We rationalise travel in the same way as you - those river cruises will be much more appreciated by us when we are in our 70s :) I LOVED that Mohamed made a fire and brewed tea in the desert for you...what a treat! Thanks for taking us on this trip with you, my first guess for your next adventure is Namibia!
21st March 2016

Rage on!
Thanks for your comments and for following along with me on this trip. Tea is tea, but when it is made over a fire in the desert, then it becomes Tea! Sometimes the smallest thing can be wildly interesting. Ah, I knew you would be curious. Let's say that I am heading West from CA, but won't be in your country, but close-ish.
27th March 2016

Beautiful other than Lacklustre coffee
We the committed traveller become used to lacklustre coffee on the road, but it certainly looks like your trip was anything but lacklustre. Ive always dreamed of Petre. I fully agree the room service life is definitely worth all the other lacklustre coffees on the way. Glad your trip was so enjoyable.
29th March 2016

Into each life some lackluster coffee must fall
It really was an amazing trip. I know that there aren't that many diving possibilities in the region, but I think you would enjoy it. I can just picture you trying to dive in the Dead Sea and bobbing back up. lol.

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