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March 17th 2019
Published: March 20th 2019
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An extremely cold and windy day. We left our hotel for the journey to the Dead Sea. Along the way we took photos of the snow on the side of the road. We stopped at Shobak Castle built during the crusades in 1115 built on a conical mountain overlooking the caravan and pilgrimage routes. This allowed King Baldwin, Jerusalem’s first titled king to control the areas commerce. It is a huge site which was surrounded by agricultural land to feed the people of the site. It was blowing so hard the we were almost blown off the castle top.

We stopped for a photo op of the smallest hotel in the world - a VW bug fitted out with cushions and blankets on the side of the road.

We reached our hotel at the Dead Sea and checked in. Unfortunately the wind that had been around all day made the sea a little choppy so it wasn’t the relaxing float that we expected. It had warmed up though. A very weird feeling When you got in the water. You couldn’t swim naturally because if you did it was almost impossible to roll on to your back. If you did, you ended up face in the water and by the this time you had so much salt in your eyes that you couldn‘t see.

I also tried coating the therapeutic mud over me but the following day could see no appreciable difference in my aging skin. 😔.

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