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Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra July 6th 2015

Tis morning we got up at 6;30 hadd breakfast and straight down to the bus for 5min ride to petra very expensive to get in 50 jodanian dina p/p about 100 aus but wouldnt have missed it unfortunatly it was spoiled by the continual harrassment of the horse donkey and camel ride salesmen and boys the first of which is just inside the gate where you are offered a horse ride to the entrance supposedly included they say in the ticket price but when you get there a tip is demanded of at least 20 jod, once you get off the horse and pay your tip you will be expected to take a donkey ride the rest of the way and if you decline they follow you all the way while continuing to sell their ride ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra March 10th 2015

Petra is cool. It was an accent city that was deserted and left to the Bediouns for many many years. Until an explorer tricked the locals into showing him the way into the secret city. As I walked trough this place I thought of him often seeing it for the first time! We got up early and had the whole place to ourselves, it was great! The city was a thriving living city and you can feel it as you walk through and see all the decorations and homes built into the side of the cliffs. It is also crazy how tall the walls are! The pictures can tell the story for Petra!... read more
The Monastery
The Siq to get to the Treasury
It's huge!

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra December 8th 2014

Near tragedy struck just after midnight, when I rose to write the previous day’s blog. I positioned the laptop at the desk, even placing a throw rug under the chair so my feet wouldn’t get cold on the stone floor. In the room lit just by the bathroom light I found the mouse, just where it was supposed to be, and also the adapter plug for Jordan (different than the European style Israeli plug). Actually, the two round prongs of the European plug without ground will work in Jordan, but the third prong for ground is different. When I went to find the power cord for the computer, it wasn’t where it was supposed to be. After searching everywhere, and waking Sharon so she wouldn’t miss out on the joy of searching everywhere, we gave up, ... read more
Hallway of our hotel in Petra

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra November 8th 2014

The second part of my trip to the Holy Land took me outside of Jerusalem to explore the rest of the country. Leaving Jerusalem as another terrorist incident occurred, I boarded my bus that drove eastwards towards the Dead Sea. Whilst Jerusalem and the area around was very hilly, eventually you get to a huge valley, marking the border with Jordan, which at the bottom is the Dead Sea. As you then wind down the hill side there are some plaques denoting the elevation. And it is not long before you reach the "0m - Sea Level" sign. Fair enough, except when you look out to your left, you see the valley continues even further. Then it goes down "-200m", and you're still barely half of the way down. Passing by the Masada, I eventually arrived ... read more
Ein Bokek
Dead Sea
Israeli-Jordanian Border

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra May 26th 2014

Petra is hands-down the biggest tourist attraction in Jordan. As one of the new seven wonders of the world it has been segmented as a must-see place for any tourist with respect for him- or herself. Most come in large buses from neighbouring Israel and Egypt. Lonely Planets edition for Israel and the Palestinian Territories even has a chapter on Petra. They arrive for a two hour visit during which they have the time to walk the winding road of the Siq until it opens up to the iconic view of the Treasury. They might have time for walking to some of the graves and the Amphitheatre, but as much as they will be in awe of the grandness of the place, they haven't even scratched the surface of why Petra is a new yet old ... read more
The Treasury
The Royal Tombs
On the road to the Siq

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba May 24th 2014

While I hate the idea of myself in a bikini and have an odd fear of drowning, I have had a long time dream to experience the wonders of the sea. Aqaba and the Red Sea seemed the obvious possibility to try out my dream. Partly Jordan is a Muslim country and Aqaba is a rather conservative city where tiny bikinis are only the norm in the southern resorts. Thus, I could show off my very conservative bathing outfit. Partly, the Red sea is not muddy green and cold as the Baltic, but rather crystal blue and clear - not to mention warm, making me feel a little safer that Jörmungand or the Loch Ness Monster were not to grab me from below. Therefore, before going we had booked a tour on Layla One, where we ... read more
Cowboy Camel
Beach life
Doing the scary eyes - under water

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba April 26th 2014

25thApril Aqaba, Jordan After 5 days at sea we arrived in the Port of Aqaba, Jordan for what we think is one of the highlights of the cruise with a visit to the City of Petra, a spectacular attraction, abandoned and forgotten for centuries, a ‘Rose Red City half as old as time’. Aqaba is Jordan’s only seaport on the southernmost tip of the Red Sea; it is the countries winter resort because of its sandy beaches and coral reefs. It was 30 deg C when we arrived at just after 8.00 in the morning & people were flocking for the weekend from Amman. The deep water port was built by King Hussein to accommodate the imports the country needs but also to facilitate the export of its main commodity of phosphates. As we approached the ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra April 12th 2014

We were scheduled for an early pick-up and did out best to comply, but we had a hard time getting going. First, we couldn’t find the Petra tickets that we were supposed to have. After we gave up and left the hotel, it took about 15 minutes for us to realize that we’d forgotten our passports. When we got back to the hotel, they told us they’d found them within 2 minutes of our departure, but had no way to contact us. We had planned a hike to the Monastery, one of the major buildings in Petra for this day. Ali met us near the entrance to Petra and we boarded a beat-up four-wheel drive and headed off up the mountains. The four-wheel drive had several problems, the most significant being that the exhaust leaked into ... read more
In a cave at Petra

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra April 11th 2014

We were picked up about 7:15 (actually the guide was there at 7:15, but Jack was dealing with camera stuff for a bit) and headed toward Petra picking up our guide, Ali, on the way. Petra is too incredible to try to describe in words, I’ll add when I can add pictures. My memories were that it was unlike anything I had ever seen and the place did not disappoint. Ali gave us background and helped us climb to places that we would not have seen without his knowledge and help. Since he has been a guide for 23 years he knows everyone. He also has special relationships with some of the vendors. Early on, he and the proprietor of a shop told me that if I wanted to support a charitable project set up by ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra March 30th 2014

Today is the day. I'm so excited! I've been wanting to see Petra for ages and I was so ready to get this adventure started! We had a good breakfast at Bait Ali Camp, where they baked us bread, made me eggs, and allowed me to sip some good tea in peace. Then it was time to high tail it to Petra! We chugged our way up the big grade out of Wadi Rum area and into the hills, where we veered left for the road to Petra. Holy crap - I knew there were some mountains, but this road reminded me of the Santa Monica Mountains between the 101 and the Bu. And we were going 100 kph (Matt was driving...) There was a cool sign where there is an incline and a car heading ... read more
The treasury
Garden temple
The Monastery

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