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April 6th 2006
Published: June 16th 2017
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Geo: 29.4045, 34.9758

We had a 2am wake up call this morning, as we are going up Mt Sinai, which sounds like hard work. We began our walk at 3am, 5 minutes later I take the camel option- I wouldn't want the camels to get lazy and unfit!! The sky was beautiful and full of stars. The ride was really smooth and enjoyable in the dark. Passed lots of people walking up. It was getting cooler as I got higher up. On the way up I passed a small group with a lady lying on the ground- she didn't look too good. Wayne was trying to help, but couldn't do anything and kept walking. The ride was much better than walking in the dark and much more fun. The end of the ride was at the camel station, from there I had 750 steps to go and it was freezing now. They were steep and a bugger. I got to the top with 2 mins to spare before the sun rose. It looked pretty good I suppose. We all had a hot chocolate at the drink hut. Then made our way down. I walked as I thought that it would be scary
02 Sunrise02 Sunrise02 Sunrise

Looking down, I realise how far up I´ve come
to go down on the camel.
After breakfast we drove to Nuwieba to catch the hydrofoil to Aqaba, Jordan. We said goodbye to Tarek, who had been a great guide. The boat ride was long and slow, especially since we sat on the boat for an hour after it docked in Aqaba. It was good to leave Egypt. This city was clean, civil and westernized. Across the sea- a short distance was Israel. Went out for dinner to a pub, was great to have western food again.

Additional photos below
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03 Prime position03 Prime position
03 Prime position

Most of the crowd beat me to the top and got a better view than me
04 Little grey tent04 Little grey tent
04 Little grey tent

Some keen person actually camped here
05 Gorgeous05 Gorgeous
05 Gorgeous

Sun behind the clouds- pretty good photo!
06 Mountains06 Mountains
06 Mountains

Some of the mountains as I look around
07 Looking up07 Looking up
07 Looking up

This is the path we took up and down
08 On the way down08 On the way down
08 On the way down

Me on the way down the mountain
09 Path09 Path
09 Path

This is the path down and on the right hand side is the camel station
10 Cute camel10 Cute camel
10 Cute camel

Camel´s are so cute!
11 Another camel11 Another camel
11 Another camel

A camel standing up
12 The way down12 The way down
12 The way down

Walking down was easy
13 Camels and rocks13 Camels and rocks
13 Camels and rocks

Camels among the rocks, looking for customers to take to the bottom
14 More camels14 More camels
14 More camels

All the camels have very colourful seats
15 Refreshed15 Refreshed
15 Refreshed

Our group has showered and eaten after climbing the mountain, bring on Jordan!
16 In Jordan16 In Jordan
16 In Jordan

This is the Jordanian flag and across the sea is Israel
17 View of Israel17 View of Israel
17 View of Israel

This is the view of Israel´s mountains from our hotel room
18 Sunset18 Sunset
18 Sunset

The sun setting behind the mountains and the hotel pool
19 Convenience19 Convenience
19 Convenience

Home delivery- this would be great in Australia for recovery from going out!

17th January 2010

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