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Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba March 11th 2020

Today we had a beautiful sunrise at the peaceful Bedouin camp. We left at 7 a.m. and went by 4 X4 to Sammy's camp for breakfast. After breakfast we traveled to Aqaba - a port city on the Red Sea. This city was a strategic city in WW1 with Lawrence of Arabia. Aqaba (English: /ˈækəbə/, also US: /ˈɑːk-/; Arabic: العقب... read more
Bedouin Camp
Sunrise from Bedouin Camp
Sunrise on Bedouin Camp

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba April 2nd 2019

April 1st Aqaba After 3 sea days its nice to get feet back on terra firma. We came to Jordan and in particular Petra in 2014 (you’ll have to go back and read the blog) and it is still the main tourist attraction when you come to Jordan. As you arrive at the berth, you have four countries visible from the ship. Egypt is on your port side (left), Israel to the front, Jordan on the starboard (right) and behind you is Saudi Arabia. Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan and the largest and most populous city on the Gulf of Aqaba. Aqaba plays a major role in the development of the Jordanian economy , through the vibrant trade and tourism sectors. It is Jordans winter resort on the Red Sea and as we ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba December 4th 2018

We are looking back at a few great weeks although it took a bit of effort from our side to fall in love with Jordan and the Jordanians. Maybe it's because we could let our guards down completely for such a long time in Iran that now suddenly we feel we are the subject of scams and tourist traps or at least not always very friendly attempts of the locals working with tourists to get more of our money without delivering any service, product or value at all. Suddenly we are the target of an army of men trying to sell us something we don't want for too high a price. If we don't specifically ask on beforehand about the exact price we know for sure we will end up in an argument about a suddenly ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba April 13th 2018

Breakfast at 6:30am for an early 7:30am exit for the long drive to the south of Jordan. During the early part getting out of Jordan, our guide Lana pointed out a few things but once out of the city, most of the drive was through very flat arid land with the occasional quarry or cement company. We had two comfort stops amounting to about 40 minutes and got to Aqaba at 12:30pm. As we got closer to Aqaba, the landscape changed as big rocky outcrops started appearing and the land was not as flat. Aqaba is a very popular holiday destination on The Red Sea and it is quite different to downtown, where we stayed in Amman. Generally cleaner and the buildings are in much better condition and generally newer looking and not as confronting as ... read more
On the way to Aqaba
Aqaba Cruise
Aqaba Cruise

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba May 28th 2017

Greetings fellow wanderers - I believe I have a recommendation for you....! Well, actually, this is probably going to sound achingly familiar, but for a trip to Jordan, as compact a nation as it is, splitting a week-long trip between northern and southern Jordan seems like a perfect strategy, right? Whatever the case might be, in terms of your perceptions, this trip kicked off in Aqaba, a coastal town, Jordan's one and only, signified the first leg of the tour, and a chance to see one or two treasures of the region. The period being Ramadan, an eerie sense of tranquility pervaded to the extent of this being something of a ghost town, at least compared to the vibrant buzz of Aqaba at its busiest. A couple of attractions lined the way, namely the majesty of ... read more
A yacht harbour (Aqaba; Jordan)
The Treasury (Petra; Jordan)
Tranquility! (Wadi Rum; Jordan)

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba October 11th 2016

We were up, packed, and breakfasted, ready to leave at 8:15 this morning. Mohammed and Sami (our driver) were a little late picking us up at our hotel (Mohammed spent the night at the other hotel where 4 other new members of our group were staying). We met another new member, Patrick, from London, this morning at breakfast. The other four new members are a family from Brazil: Paloma and her mother Sonia, and Paloma's aunt Marisa and uncle Luis. Unfortunately we had a very sad incident this morning. I had just got into the mini van when I heard some commotion outside and people were staying "it's broken". I left the mini van to see Patrick on the ground, with one foot stuck out in a very unnatural position. He had tripped and fallen while ... read more
Desert Highway scenes
Our boat

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba June 12th 2016

Five days at sea from Oman to Aqaba, now getting up early to walk the decks as it is 31 by 6.30, Thursday now turning up towards Red Sea with Yemen on our right and Somalia on our left. Due in Aqaba Sunday morning 7.00a.m. Ship life is John playing table tennis every morning for three hours or so and myself laze on the deck reading a book and swimming! Steakhouse every week and happy hour every couple of days! John won the singles comp a couple of days ago and has also won the doubles with our excursion partner Joan, the 82 year old livewire! Were invited to the Chefs Table on board a couple of nights ago, it was sensational! Invited but it did cost us $125 a head for the privilege! Had appetizers ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba May 11th 2016

Trip to Tel Aviv This was quite a spontaneous trip but I love spontaneity! In fact applying to become a Divemaster in Tenerife was purely spur of the moment. As after watching a documentary about SCUBA diving and having an urge to live, work and travel abroad for a lengthy amount of time I applied that same evening to Tenerife Divemaster Academy and paid for it using money I would have easily pissed away on a 2 month trip to South America or something. I received a message from an old friend who I used to be really close with in my teens as she lived on the same street as me in Liverpool. Rachael is her name and she told me on Facebook that she was going to Tel Aviv for a weekend break in ... read more
Cool coat hangers!
There were 100 bottles of beer on the wall
In the Market

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba May 10th 2016

Well well well hasn’t this been a long time? The blog is back for just a one off to kind of catch up where I’m up to now that I’m nearly 9 months, but if I got a bunch of likes on Facebook then WHO KNOWS. I’m kind of a whore with Facebook likes so if I get a lot then the blog may make a return somehow… But this blog is just a brief thing I put together as I just wanna catch up to where I am now and talk about the exciting things in Aqaba happening now! Basically I haven’t written a Blog for over 5 months now because I’ve just been so damn busy! Plus I’m a bit lazy. But I think I left off when me and my dad were going ... read more
Welcome to The Treasury
Such a poser
Dad drinking Bedouin tea

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba March 24th 2016

We set sail from Salalah and it was time for the dreaded six days at sea. We had to head down through the Gulf of Aden between Somalia and Yemen and then into the Red Sea. I’m sure I don’t need to mention the pirates in the area that could have potentially made it the most exciting part of the trip. We saw none, however. But the Aegean Odyssey was prepared nonetheless. Coils of razor wire were strategically placed around the ship where boarders could potentially target. Also on board were a small number of security personnel who looked like they were ex-military. We did not see them about much, but we were assured they were there. We also found out they were armed when on Saturday morning it was announced that we would be rendezvousing ... read more
The're taking our guns!
American aircraft carrier
Shipwreck on a coral island

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