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Middle East » Israel » North District » Ein Gev July 25th 2013

The trip brought us then to Eastern Galilee; “land of Jesus”. This place was indeed special. We camped right by the sea, hiked up mountains like ‘Mount tabor”, were the transfiguration took place. (An force was present at that mountain for sure.) We took a car up the southern Golan heights to the ancient city of Hippo (which they are still excavating). We ate and and swam in the Sea of Gallilee, 'Kinneret'. We visited the Kibutz “Ein Gev”, and enjoyed the evening breeze that swept across the sea at night, and enjoyed the many, many beautiful holy places around the area. We have attached lots of pictures and some videos, that we hope you enjoy. Adrian and Nis... read more
sommer 2013 081
sommer 2013 082
sommer 2013 843

Middle East » Israel » North District » Ein Gev May 28th 2012

I write to you at 665 feet below sea level, on the western shores of the Sea of Galilee. A long-craved for cup of coffee in my hands, our team has landed at a lavish resort complete with a sandy beach, bike trail around the Sea, and...hammocks. A man could get used to this. After an early start from Jerusalem, our first port of call was...actually a port of call. Caesarea (Maritima) is on the Mediterranean coast between Tel Aviv and Haifa. Being the despot engineer that he was, Herod the Great commissioned an artificial harbour here, constructing between 22 and 9 BC. Once finished, the harbour was told to accommodate 300 ships. I had not previously made the connection between this port town and the events in Acts, wherein Paul would have arrived and departed ... read more
Harbour at Caesarea Maritima
kayaker in the Mediterranean
Absurd sign

Middle East » Israel » North District » Ein Gev September 17th 2005

I am now back at the dorms at Haifa University, but I spent last week north of Haifa at a Kibbutz called Ein Gev. From there, we traveled around a lot in the region of Israel called the Golan Heights. On the first day of the trip, we visited a community called Har Khalutz, which means in English, Pioneer Mountain. It is a pluralistic community founded in the 1980s by upper middle class folks from around the world but mostly North America who were looking to settle in Israel--it was very pretty. In the following few days, we did a lot of hiking. We hiked up a mountain called Gamlah, derived from the Hebrew word for camel because it looks like a camel's hump. Gamlah is home to one of the oldest synagogue's. Historians say it ... read more
The Golan Heights
The Golan Heights
The Golan Heights

Middle East » Israel » North District » Ein Gev June 11th 2005

This is a quote from our Jewish tour guide. The struggle for the promised land makes life difficult for the people of Israel. An air of danger and insecurity is part of daily life. You need not look far to see checkpoints, barbwire, armed guards and security fences. Yet the people are willing to fight to the death to stay in the land they hold dear. On a deeper examination his quote can hold another meaning. Jesus also lived and died for Israel. After 4 months of travel this is the first escorted tour we have taken. We chose the Pilgrim tour company because we wanted to do more than sightsee. We wanted to see the bible come to life. We are being lead by “Mickey” (his nickname) a Christian Jew. His family immigrated from Russia ... read more
A & J Caesarea
Valley of Armageddon
Sea of Galilee

Middle East » Israel » North District » Ein Gev May 27th 2003

We spent today exploring the Golan Heights with Elliot Chodoff, an American oleh who works as a guide as well as a lecturer and political & military analyst. There are many areas there that are marked as minefields, left over from when the Syrians controlled the area. We also went to a mountain that overlooks Mt. Hermon and Syria, which provided an excellent vantage point to discuss the strategic benefit to controlling the area. We also had a chance to go through an Israeli bunker there, which is unused because the primary military base is on a different peak. After lunch in the village of Katzrin, we took a hike to Devorah Falls. This is deep in a gorge, and the hike was spectacular. There was lots of foliage and flowers, and the falls themselves are ... read more

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