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July 21st 2006
Published: July 24th 2006
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hey folks, i'm finally getting a chance to write what i did in jerusalem. my cousin's computer is finally fixed. so thisi s a post dated entry. hehe.

jerusalem is an amazing city with an ancient past that we can't really comprehend. the city is ancient ruins built on top of older ancient ruins, modern buildings built on top of that. it is a beautiful mountain area, the sunsets are beautiful and the night time air is perfect. there is a very special feeling to the city, with all the religions and past looming on the surface, and it is evident everywhere you go. it is hard to describe, but when you are here, you understand.

so, since i spent 5 weeks in jerusalem last summer, i had done most of the touristy things already. but i did a few more. i saw the chagall windows at the hadassah hospital, which are beautiful. i went to the israel museum again and saw the dead sea scrolls (and was there for the bread festival, which wasn't so great). i hung out at ben yehuda and kikar zion, the bus station (woohoo), went to the shuk. it was great to be back in this city, kinda like returning home, or to pittsburgh for me.

i hung out with a few friends from pittsburgh while i was there. i stayed with my friend julie who was at seminary here the last year. we hung out with our hillel friend laura who was just here for a few weeks, also studying. and i stayed with my friend yacov and his girlfriend stephanie. it was great to see my friends, yacov and julie especially since i hadn't seen them in over a year!

i of course went to the Kotel (Western Wall) and wandered around the old city too. i love it.

hmmm i guess thats about it for jerusalem for now. look for another blog soon.


24th July 2006

I have heard about the mystical quality of Jerusalem before...and I am quite intrigued now. I have decided I will visit before I die. Or maybe after...who knows :P
26th July 2006

yes, you should definately come visit, before you die preferably. i think you wuold enjoy it more that way. you should come visit while i'm here, of course, if you want to wait till after the war, i guess i'd understand. haha. but i'd be a good tour guide.

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