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July 26th 2006
Published: July 27th 2006
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sunset in Rishon
Hey Kids. well, yup, I'm still here in Israel. The past few days have been very relaxing. I've spent a lot of time at the beach, and just walking around town. On Sunday, we had some excitement at my cousin's house. Their adorable dog kaya was playing outside, and someone left the gate open, so she was outside. A guy with a huge labrodor (or however u spell it) came walking by, and the dog scared the shit out of kaya who started screaming and then bolted down the street so fast and off somewhere. the guy who's big dog scared kaya, left his big dog with me, and then went running after kaya. my cousins followed him, on foot and by car, and they were all probably chasing her for a good half hour. the guy finally came back for his dog. thankfully, he was a good dog, cuz you all know how i do'nt like dogs, let alone big dogs that are almost as big as me. and we finally found kaya. so that was fun.

hmm what else. Condi Rice is over here right now, tryign to work out some peace deal. While I wish her all
sunset 2 sunset 2 sunset 2

sunset in Rishon 2
the luck, and am so thankful for Bush's support of Israel right now, I'm not holding much hope for the ceasefire or peace deal they are trying to make up. I'm sure something will be "worked out" but ceasefire and peace deals are not exactly synonomous with terrorist organizations. they dont work that way.

So, the war continues, and hundreds more rockets continue to drop in northern Israeli towns, injuring and killing many innocent civilians. Soldiers continue to be killed or injured in fighting as well. While I don't want to get into more politics about this right now, I know innocent Lebanese civilians are being killed and injured too, and it is really too bad Hezbollah doesn't care about the damage they are causing to their own people, and that the very young Lebanese government hasn't been able to do anything to stop what is going on. I hope that whatever peace endeavors to come about in the next few weeks, that the new lebanese democratic government will be able to form its own army and take care of its own people, and finally get rid of the terrorist organizations within its borders. Beirut, from all that I've

Israel... Be strong and have courage!
heard, was a beautiful, up and coming city, and it is said that there might not be much of it left, I don't know what is left or not.

So lets all keep our prayers going for a peaceful end to all this. (I don't often say to pray for things, but I figure this is something important to pray about). (Of course, I also dont talk politics very often, but it seems I've been doing a lot of it recently. But I do'nt have much choice).

SO (wow I say So, and well, a lot). I'm hoping to find a job soon, but I just do'nt know the likelyhood of that happening. I"m going looking tomorrow. I have to make some big decisions in the next few days for what I plan to be doing here for the next several months, so I'm just working on that.

Thanks to all for the concern and safe wishes while I'm here. I'm sure it must be scary for you to watch the news and think of me over here, but I am really living a pretty normal daily life. I'm as safe as possible while I am here.

Ok, thats it for today.


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