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Middle East » Iran » West » Nain November 13th 2000

We leave Yazd early morning heading west for the last of the big cities on the tour - Esfahan. The familiar desert landscape is all around us, and to keep spirits up Mr. Bergman is assaulting me with a barrage of quotes from the spoof magazine Grönköpings Veckoblad which is about as exciting as it sounds. Well, you've heard of the Esperanto language haven't you? I bet you didn't know that it has a cousin called Transpiranto. And I bet you didn't know how to say "Prohibited to walk the park lawn". It's "Non stampas on Pampas". There you go, I'm afraid it is all that I can remember. Crossing into Esfahan province we encounter the ruins of another caravansaray on the outskirts of Na'in. Parts of it are now in use as a camel pen. ... read more
Caravansaray ruins in the desert
Caravansaray ruins in the desert
A weird camel keeper

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