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Middle East » Iran » North » Tabriz September 26th 2011

At Friday, 26.8., I started from the airport of Antalya. Rebeccas flight was already at 6 am so that I started riding already at 5.30. I had 5kg less of package because R ebecca took much of my stuff with her. To get my pepper spray back was no problem. I enjoyed the riding towards the rising sun, it was amazing! I followed the road next to the south coast. The first day I planned to come to Manavgat where a family I met near Antalya lives and invited me for having a break there. At 11am I was already there, I had already done 97km at this time. It was a pity that the family wasnt there at the moment, but a colleague of the husband offered me some food. After that nice lunchbreak it ... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tabriz July 27th 2010

Day 19 Dogubayazit to Tabriz (Thurs 22nd July) Up at 0630 today - time to cross the border into Iran! We were supposed to depart at 0730, however our coach had managed to get stuck in the car pack (which was tiny, so not surprising!). Fortunately, despite his propensity for getting lost, our driver is actually very good and managed to get it out in just 20 minutes. So we were on our way around 0800. We stopped for pictures of Mt Ararat (where Noah apparently landed the arc - although they are not the only ones to claim they have found evidence to prove it was in a particular place) as well as seeing the campsite where the original Ozbus groups used to camp (before they started using more hostels and hotels). It didn’t really ... read more
Rest stop

Middle East » Iran » North » Tabriz October 15th 2008

Hello all! Two weeks ago we left Turkmenistan and crossed into İran... Bit of a shock! We hit Tehran fırst and had an interesting tıme gettıng around. We dıd manage to see all sorts of nıce sıtes and then headed off ın the truck. Here are the cıtıes we stayed ın: Tehran Yadz Shıraz Esphahan Bush Camp near Zanjan Tabrız The people of Iran are very frıendly. Everyone wanted to talk to us and ıt was sometımes dıffıcult to keep walkıng! The locals always wanted to know what we thought of Iran. Image seemed to be at the forefront of every dıscussıon. Meghan's experıence wearıng hıjab was not a really pleasant one. Women are certaınly regarded dıfferently and Meghan felt ınvısıble sometımes. Kwesı dıd all the talkıng and all the buyıng. It was HOT to wear ... read more
Esphahan Family Mosque

Middle East » Iran » North » Tabriz October 4th 2008

Today was a driving day, starting with us getting into our ridiculous tent dresses, crossing the border (better than we expected; we didn't even need our bags checked), and ending with us getting into Tabriz and pretty much crashing in the hotel room. Iranian hotel rooms are nice; for some reason (something to do with saving face) we're staying in ridiculously nice hotels for the whole country, so yay for random social customs. We also stopped at a nice restaurant where we all ate ridiculous amounts of food, mine more ridiculous than other people's because I was in the rapidly shrinking healthy camp. The rice was good, the fired egg and chips were a harbinger for more to come (or the eggs were anyway; I wouldn't have minded the chips).... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tabriz August 7th 2008

We set off the next day after a wonderful breakfast of bread, cheese and homemade -jam to Jolfa on the border with Azerbaijan. I had just finished the book by Kurban Said called Ali and Nino, about the romance between a Muslim boy and Christian girl growing up in Baku at the beginning of the First World War. Apparently this is seen as the national book of Azerbaijan. Fantastic story, romance and history interwoven… After a long drive through Tabriz we arrived in Jolfa, where we had lunch in a great restaurant (sorry don’t know the name) we set off the last few km to St Stephanos along the Aras river, the border with Azerbaijan. On the Iranian side all is calm, road is there and there is nothing wrong with a tour bus going for ... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tabriz June 24th 2007

A moment after I'd finished the sweet cups of tea that a local street vendor gave me, I suddenly realized they were definitely stashed with something. Panic struck me, although the corners of my lips couldn't get out of this ridiculously cheesy grin. Despite my horror, everything began to look like a joke. I laughed at the watermelons, the hysterically funny minarets (???), even the cops in front of me...COPS? I'd heard that the police occasionally do their rounds and give trouble to both locals and tourists for inappropriate behavior/dress etc. Even recently, a fellow female traveller told me that she had been dragged into a police station for harsh questioning regarding her risque clothes - the loose tunic over her baggy pants had been an inch too short, revealing an inkling of curves of ... read more
Minarets (that seemed so funny)
Another look at the Bazaar
El Goli Park

Middle East » Iran » North » Tabriz June 23rd 2007

I doubted my ears when I first heard a 'Careless Whisper' ringtone go off in Iran. The owner of the phone was not a lovelorn western woman, but a local man who had this uncanny resemblance to Omar Sharif (plus 30 kilograms). During my few weeks in Iran, I would hear George Michael's famous tune (polyphonic and mono) ring accompanied by a grizzly 'Bale?/Yes?' of a 40+ unshaven local. I decided to look into this, as my curiosity spasmed knowing about the western music ban imposed in the country. Was this a sony/samsung/motorola trend amongst all imported phones? No, a man happily responded it was of his own choice and he downloaded it when he went to Turkey. Everyone knew it, to my shock. The carpet seller, the woman in the heavy chador and the ... read more
Poets' Mausoleum at Tabriz
Armenian Church, Tabriz
Poets' mausoleum

Middle East » Iran » North » Tabriz May 19th 2006

I knew nothing about the Islamic Republic of Iran before this trip, and although Robin knew a little more the country was largely a mystery for both of us. It was also something of an enigma - we knew one story about the country based on news, history and political impressions from the west. We had already learnt from our experience in Syria and other countries not to trust these however. The stories from other travellers and Iranian people themselves, i.e. people who had actually been there and didn’t have a political axe to grind, painted a very different picture. This was partly what made us so keen to visit the place, to find out what the real Iran was actually like. We had been given a 1997 guide book and I was a little apprehensive ... read more
Mountains and Mosques
Martyrs Memorial
Open Steppe

Middle East » Iran » North » Tabriz January 22nd 2006

Pues si....aburridos.....que le vamos a hacer. Despues de la gran nevada de ayer hoy ha salido el sol, y la ciudad esta mas practicable aunque aun hay riesgo de ostiarse con las placas de hielo que aun se resisten a fundirse. Esta noche, a las 20.00, sale el tren a Teheran. Compartimento de 6 personas, literas....como sardinas en lata...ya me lo estoy viendo, y a Marc le va a dar claustrofobia :) Y ahora estamos en internet, dejando pasar las horas porque no hay nada que hacer, no hay muchos cafes donde sentarte y si te sientas te echan enseguida, y en la calle hace frio....pero no me voy a quejar mas, que a fin de cuentas estamos aqui porque queremos :) bueno, pues hasta pronto y deseadnos un Buen Viaje!!!!! ... read more

Middle East » Iran » North » Tabriz January 21st 2006

Hace ya muchos dias que partimos de Estambul en el Van Golu express. Eso fue el lunes 16 por la noche y 48 horas mas tarde llegamos a Van, cerca de la frontera irani. El viaje en tren, en un compartimento para los 2, fue comodo aunque muy largo y con continuas paradas inexplicables en medio de la nada. Conforme el tren avanzava el paisaje se fue cubriendo de un manto blanco hasta que el horizonte se confundia con el cielo. Una vez en Van nos confirmaron lo que ya nos frontera esta cerrada!!! Solucion: Ir a Dogubayazit, 200 Km mas al norte donde la frontera principal entre Turquia e Iran si que esta abierta. jueves 19: por la manana cogemos un minibus a Dogubayazit y pasamos la noche en esta ciudad que no tiene ... read more
tren 2
tren 3
tren 4

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