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May 9th 2009
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Pat at Latchi
Following our return, we have been gradually settling further into our new life. There are a number of legal, business and personal matters that we need to sort out, not least our residency, the car, water, electricity, home internet access, finding how to best to get mail and so on.
There are a number of ways of founding out information: you ask someone who has done something similar, you ask the body or organisation itself, you look at local information, advertisements can help. Sometimes, if you don�€™t want to know an answer, don�€™t ask the question, which is not a bad philosophy, but, in a country, where you haven�€™t lived before, sometimes, what isn�€™t important to you, can be very important to them, so burying your head in the sand, isn�€™t the ideal solution.
One of the many and strange things, we have now discovered, is our mail. We had been to the Central Post Office in Paphos, some time ago, to find out about Post Office Boxes. You can only apply in person on the first of the and see if any have become available.
However, It has now been discovered, by some close neighbours of ours, who were having

a meal with some other people in the village, that there is in fact a Post Office in Konia itself.
To be fair, we had seen the signs for it previously, but followed them to the middle of nowhere and thought no more of it.
It turns out that the mail is delivered by Paphos to a yellow box, by the roadside, in the village the mail is then taken into a house, an ordinary domestic property, which it turns out is the Post Office and that is where the mail is to be collected from, they do not deliver.
So, our very kind neighbours, found the house, along with the geese and children, protecting it, were invited into the house, and managed to retrieve some mail they had been expecting. Along with some mail of ours and our other neighbours, which they were allowed to take away.
The location and the tale of discovery was recounted to us, along with producing some of our mail.
We now have an informal arrangement that if any of us collects mail, to bring back any belonging to the others. A wonderful idea. We have now followed the directions given and found the place, although no-one seems to have been home, we will try again.
All be it that, this postal system is nothing that we would recognise, If it turns out this system works, then I for one, will not feel the need to spend money on a Post Office Box.
Friday, 24th April, 2009
We found our way to the immigration office. We were given some paperwork to complete and an appointment at the end of July, to see someone.
Monday, 27th April, 2009.
During our time back in the UK, we had information regarding our water connection and the fact that we now needed to register our meter and ourselves, for payment etc., or we would be cut off.
I had assumed that the water office was going to be in Paphos, but again, in speaking to the neighbours, found out that it was actually, in our village of Konia.
We had spoken to our rental agents and found that we would of course be paying for the water and that we should register at the office. As we were going though, we agreed to pay for them what was owed from before our arrival, which they gave us the money for.
We decided to take a walk up to the village and try and find the office. We had thought it was near to the church, but found that the building was a Community / Parish Hall type place. We continued our wandering around, in a looking lost kind of way, as you do, when we were met on the street, by a lady, who asked if she could help.
Once we explained that we were looking for the Water office, she very kindly took us to the building and showed us exactly where to go, it turned out we were nearly there. Whilst walking she told us where she lived and invited us to her house, if we were passing. She had had a fall and had an operation on her back earlier in the year, but was pretty sprightly and we were very grateful for her help.
The office itself contained a young lady, who us us sorted out very quickly and we were on our way, now registered for water.
On the way back, we passed the local hair salon and as Pat had recently mentioned needing to get her hair done, she went in and made an appointment for first thing tomorrow.
Another of our list of things, to find out more about was The UKCA (United Kingdom Cyprus Association).
We had heard about this place for a while and had wanted to find out more. It is basically a social club for the British in Cyprus.
We had looked for the place before, but had been unable to find it, we had a better idea where it was through an advert we found in a magazine and a phone number.
We got to where we thought it was and made a phone call, for final directions and found it this time.
We went into the place and at the entrance, told them we were interested in joining, and were introduced to the meeters and greeters for the day Roger & Morag, who kindly showed us around and then bought us a drink, while we had a long chat.
The have food and drink at reasonable prices, internet facilities, music evenings, they loan books and DVD�€™s and provide a meeting place and many other things . There is a lot to be said for the place.
Tuesday, 28th April, 2009.
Pat went out first thing and had her hair done. She returned happy and will use the place again.
On our list of things to do today was find the Electricity Office and Gwennie�€˜s.
I had been informed that the Electricity Office, was somewhere near the Paphos District Court. We had a vague idea, where the Court was, so headed in that general direction, we beatled around the area, for a while and gave up.
Our next goal was to try and find Gwennie�€™s Office. To explain, Gwennie is a person who has set themselves up as an expert in matters, like immigration, car imports and so on. You pay her a fee and she does the tedious work for you. One of our very kind neighbours had supplied us with her card, with her address and we found the place easily. We went in and made an appointment for Thursday morning. On leaving I asked if they knew where the Electricity office was, and given more detailed directions.
This time we managed to find it. There was a lengthy queue, but we got there in the end. The only minor problem being our rental agreement was an unsigned copy. So we had to go to I-CY and have them sign it for it to be all above board, and returned again later to the Electricity Office, who were now happy. Another box ticked ü .
On returning to the apartment, our neighbours were in the pool. So we quickly changed and joined them for a swim. What a life.
Wednesday, 29th April, 2009
Today, we went to see about a visit to CYTA, who are the major phone network people here, with a view to finding out more about a Broadband connection.
We have been passed our connection reference allocated by CYTA via the developer. Apparently this is really important, although, we presented this and it didn�€™t seem a big deal.
We were basically advised that CYTA would have to check things out and that the line was all hooked up. This would be completed by an Engineer in the next few days and they would get in touch with us.
Thursday, 30th April, 2009
Today, we had an appointment with a Company in Paphos, that specialises in helping people complete their immigration registration documents etc.
We have a whole load of documentaion and paperwork to gather together, but the advice given has been of help.
Friday, 1st May, 2009
Today, was a Holiday in Cyprus, Labour Day.
We had decided that as we had had a week of completing formalities and chasing around, that today would be for us.
We took a drive up to Latchi, the journey is about 30 plus kilometers, so not to far. Latch is nearly on the North Eastern corner, of Cyprus, so North from Paphos. We had not ventured to this part of the island yet, so very much an exploration.
The Paphos to Polis road, is under a lot of talk at the moment, as they are possibly going to spend a very greta deal of money on improving the road, and everyone seems to be wondering why?
The sun was shining, although a little windy. It was certainly slightly cooler inland.
We arrived and parked up near the Marina / Harbour area and took a stroll. It was nicer than I had expected it to be, I had envisaged something along the lines of Paphos, but it wasn�€™t nearly as big.
We had a very pleasant lunch on the quayside and watched the world go by.
We returned via Aphrodite�€™s pool and had a leisurely return.


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