Day 28 + 29 - Cologne and off to Brussels

August 3rd 2017
Published: August 3rd 2017
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Day 28 - Cologne
Not much to say today - I went to the Old City, did some shopping, walked along the Rhine. I went up the Triangle Tower for a nice view of the city as well.

I also walked along the Hohenzollem Bridge back to the Cathedral/Hauptbahnhof. Holy... their love-lock bridge puts all other love-lock bridges to shame. It is COVERED end to end. It was really fun to look at all the graffiti (no pain in the ass quality, but I few nice comments... mixed in with a lot of One Direction comments lol, bless) It was also sweet seeing couple adding their locks - or at least trying to find a spot to add them. I also saw a couple trying to find their lock from 10 years ago. Aw.

Day 29 - Brussels

Well had my last ride with Flixbus today. I'm pretty sure the ride originated at Cologne Airport so we actually were allowed to board 25 min early. Shocking 😉 It was a short ride to Brussels, but the bus stopped to get gas somewhere and the driver did a jolly old announcement: "You can get out the bus to smoke but we are leaving in 10 minutes with or without you."

Brussels was Brussels - I've been here before, so I didn't do all that much. I wandered around the neighbourhood a bit - there's some giant fair thing a few blocks away, so I took a walk through there. I then headed off to find a Primark (lol) to spend my leftover Euro. I could be fiscally responsible and save it for when I'm back in March, but nah. I also went in search of some waffles because that is just the thing to do here. All of this was happily done en francais. Felt nice to a) actually be able to talk to people like a local and b) speak some french.

I went back to the hostel after supper thinking I was going to get a head start on planning for London, but instead I met Jenny... the chatter queen from Canterbury lol. She was sweet by my God did she talk. That ended up being my evening more so than my planning. I also met a girl from California who was very envious that I was Canadian lol. Seems to be a recurring theme this year...

So yes, tomorrow I'm off to London. FYI I'm usually really bad at updating this once I get to London because I actually stay out/go out at night. I'll probably only do one or two updates while here, but I'll be back in Canada on the 9th. See you then xo

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