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July 3rd 2012
Published: July 3rd 2012
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So I have spent a few days writing draft blogs about things leading up to our travels but something has happened recently which has given me major anxiety and has totally thrown a spanner in the works. Forgive me if I breeze through this. I’m at work needing a retreat.

Our plan was to put our house on the market on 1st December 2012 while I was away for a week in Vegas. Planning permission to build new houses next to our house had been granted but I was unaware that works were commencing yesterday!!! So I came home from work to find a huge gaping hole in the hedge next to our home. Grass had been flattened on the country style field to show where the road was going to go and where the new houses were going to go and I felt a hole in my heart about the same size as the hole in the hedge.

I called an estate agent to value the house for sales and rentals today. He said renting was out of the question as we would only achieve £650 per month when our mortgage is £720 per month. For sales he quoted £154,000 when we paid £157,000. On top of that if we manage to sell it soon, we’d have to pay an early repayment fee of £2,600 + the agents fees of about £2,000. Our hands are clearly tied. We have no other option but to sell it as quickly as possible. The longer we leave it the more time the builders have to erect 12ft cranes and make our countryside a building site. We’re at a loss and it’s breaking my heart that things are now well out of our control.

As I do have Vegas in December, if we sell soon, it means I’d have to rent a room from a friend or family. I mentioned this all to my mum yesterday and when I told her I may have to live with her for a little while to clear debts and save money……she laughed and said nothing until I was furious enough to hang up the phone on her. I’m in panic mode with nowhere to turn and the only thing I want to do is get on a plane.

I was speaking to my boss who doesn’t even know I was thinking about travelling. After explaining the situation of our house, her response was “If I talk to you from a totally non selfish point of view, may I advise you to go travelling. If you can help it, don’t use your deposit money but if you feel you have no choice then just go”. She went travelling as well you see. She’d actually done it twice but managed to be in a better off situation and didn’t have to sell her apartment. I feel under pressure, anxious and on my own but I feel like all signs are pointing to…”Get on a plane, do not pass go, do not collect £200”


3rd July 2012

I know when you go travelling and are making huge changes in your life anything out of the ordinary is pretty freaky. But if you rent its wonly a 70 pound loss a month...that would be better wouldnt it than the $000's if you sell? Plus the possibility of property market looking better in a few years when you return?
4th July 2012

Eeeek indeed!
We certainly did think about that. But I work in a real estate agent and I see the way tenants treat your home and things get broken and tenants can default on rent payments etc. We wouldnt have the money to cover those kind of what if's. Selling is our only option. The plan is to sell as quickly as possible. Scotts parents have offered to take us in for a cheap £200 each per month meaning we'll make that money back in no time at all. When we return, we're going to rent a room again and try and save an even bigger deposit for a bigger house. Although it's daunting to start from scratch, I think it could be really good for us in the long run. Thanks so much! wish us luck! xx
3rd July 2012

FFS!, that is a real pain in the bum, for you.
Owning ones own home can be almost a burden sometimes. I have an appartment in Dublin that between tennant disasters, weird new surprise taxes, floods, security issues... I could fill a bunch of blogs on. Good luck with yours. :)
6th July 2012

Don't Panic
Don't panic, keep a clear head - you are only 24, you've got lots of time! Robert, my husband and I are inthe process of selling our home - we are oldies - in our sixties, and we would both like to travel a little bit but when I think of the future I only see a sort of vague splodgy scenario! We have been diy ing for 2 years now getting the house, shich is old and rural, in good repair - we have been here for 30 years and had our 4 children rampaging through rampaging through it and whenever had a lot of time with work etc to do the large jobs! However, now we have a For Sale sign up, but Robert has decided to try selling it himself, so I have to be patient, it may take some time! I can sympathise with your position, but I have found that life often puts a spanner in the works, so you have to adapt to each situation. Try asking your mum if youcan stay with her - although my children have left home now, we have provided an emergency refuge and repository, but they always do me the courtesy of asking first, even though they know I'll say yes, talk it all through with your mum, I'm sure it will be fine!

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