Fears - Lets get this out of the way shall we?

July 1st 2012
Published: July 1st 2012
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As this is our first real adventure, it would be a waste to travel and not address or attempt to conquer any fears. My biggest is that it will take Scott and I in different directions. But I’m prepared to let whatever happens, happen if it means we’re following our hearts and starving instinct. Another fear is that we run out of money half way through our trip and I’m forced to turn tricks down a darken alley way in Bangkok to make ends meat – I even thought of a name! Sparkle McLovin’.

I fear I’ll get eaten by a shark (ridiculous but it could happen) and just the sea in general. I love the sea, deeply. I’m often overcome by the aspect of being one tiny temporary resident in such a big open space. The sea soothes me, I feel cleansed and positively manipulated but I’ve never jumped off a boat, gone diving or snorkelling because I’m scared I’ll get attacked by one of it’s inhabitant monsters or drown.It's the unknowing. Yes I'll have the world under my feet but how can I walk in the right direction if I can't see what lies beneath?

My biggest fear however is the trait of my star sign. I’m a Pisces. We are famous for being easily distracted and instinctively needing change whether we like it or not. And that’s it. What if on my travels I become so exhausted with my thoughts and behaviour flowing up the same stream, that I get bored and am forced to change direction? I’d like to believe that the pearls of my oyster just won’t let that happen but I have to believe I’ll go with the waves.


3rd July 2012

Nice blogging
Pleased you started blogging your ideas and thoughts. It's really interesting. Don't worry about the fear of the sea. I love looking at the sea, being near the sea and swimming in it but if I get deep and I can't touch the bottom I have a panic attack. Even if I'm wearing a snorkel so I can see there are no sharks. I'm pretty sure they creep up on you when you're not looking....
3rd July 2012

LOL! scary thought! Glad you're liking it. There's been a recent development that set me off in tears and may have us rushing this sooner. Stay tuned.

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