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July 12th 2012
Published: July 12th 2012
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For SaleFor SaleFor Sale

The sign outside our house
And so it begins. The agent has been instructed, our house is on a website and this board is stiff in the ground of our front garden.

When I first saw the board, it did startle me. I even asked myself “Oh my goodness! Who’s selling??” Thought: Ummm you are!

My best friend and neighbour across the road text me today saying he feels sad every time he leaves his house for work as he can see it from his street. It’s official and this is all becoming more real by the day. I now have my mum and step dad on board. I even had my step dad ask me how to join Skye this morning so he can see how we’re getting on. We’ve also had Scott’s parents offer to rent the spare room out to us for about £200 each a month until we’re ready to leave. When I think of the money we’ll be saving and the debts we’ll pay off, I feel a slight relief I never thought I would have when giving up ones house to go back to basics.

All week, I’ve had friends ask “how do you feel seeing it up on a website?” I understand that question, after all, this is typically about the time I would freak out, give up and slink quietly back into my comfort zone. But I’m nowhere near that feeling. I explain to my friends that that house has not felt like home! How can it when my husband is spending 4 days or more away?? The truth of it is, we should never have bought it when we did. We weren’t ready. Neither of us drive, we had debts to clear and neither of us were willing to get jobs in Aylesbury because the pay just wasn’t enough. So The fact that when we return from our travels, we’ll have to start from the bottom and work our way up, is oddly comforting to me.

I’m also seeking comfort in creating an itinerary for our travels and listing what to buy before we go. From First Aid kits to sealed sandwich bags, I’m planning what we’ll need down to the “just in case”. I’ve also downloaded an app to my Iphone on useful Thai phrases and bought books on top of books on China, Thailand, Cambodia and Australia. We are researching hotels and things to with the trusty Trip Advisor for a reference. Instead of going out or socialising, my evenings now consist of our laptop, a glass of wine on a bed of travel brochures. But you know what…I’m happy. Work is becoming even more mundane. You know that feeling you get when you’re in the office on your last day before you go on holiday. I now have that feeling. But with everything! I am officially carefree and I haven’t even left British soil! I have become so depleted with general life here, the jaded routine and constant rainy weather in this sorry excuse for summer, that the only way I can get through each day is by picturing me on a plane or in Thailand….which is where I’ll be when I turn 25!!!


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