Bit of a testing time

September 17th 2009
Published: September 17th 2009
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Hola once again from sunny Spain
It seems like ages since I last wrote a blog... at least a few days I think and in that time so much has happened.

Today was amazing in so many ways. I have just returned to the alburgue after the best meal out. We dined like kings tonight! Our pilgrim meal included salmon and homemade creme caramel with of course, the vino tinto! It was delicious and served with real napkins and two glasses (one for water, the other for wine). My, how the small things start to matter. All this after our 30kms walk today through absolutely beautiful countryside. It was sooooo cold this morning ...even wore our gloves and winter thermals. may still need the balaclava as we start to ascend the mountains tomorrow.

The day got warmer and the walk got longer... well it seemed to as is usually the case, the closer you get to the city the harder the walk in. No matter, Astorga is a lovely city.

Today´s highlights included walking into Hospital de Orbigo where we just had to stop and enjoy a delicious orange juice (freshly sqeezed) with fresh summer fruit we´d been carrying, while seating on a sunny balcony overlooking the river and a 13th century old bridge. Amazing!!!!!! it was a great break in the 30kms walk.

Tomorrow we start to climb the mountains. It is only a short walk of 22kms but its all up hill! The next day is even moreso with a very steep descent to follow. Chick then leaves me on Sunday from Ponferrado.

This blog´s title suggested that the last few days have been a bit testing... and they have. I realise now that 3 weeks away from home, family and friends is my limit. I am ok now but really did have a taste of homesickness there for a bit. I also was very tired of the food... no vegies and same old chips and pork or chicken so it seemed. But a doner kebab and yummy savoury pastries soon fixed that. I feel much better now esp. after salmon (a first) tonight.

We have also had a lot of fun (read: trouble) with getting a bed. Won´t bore you with details but enough to say that we have had a bed each night but you do have to stand your ground some times!!!!!

I must admit to being glad to be through the meseta.. it was hard going at times although not as bad as I had thought it could be. The weather was hot but is now really quite autumnal. We leave early in the mornings all rugged up and wait for the sun to rise (7.30am) to start warming us. I am really glad to have bought my winter woolies.

As i said earlier we are about to start climbing. Chick has two more full days and hopefully her feet will last the distance. it has not been easy for her wiht blisters continuing to be a pain.

After she leaves I will be solo again for another week until meeting up with Bill. that´ll be lovely.

I hope all is well. there. i can´t belive I jhave been walking for three weeks now with only 276kms to go!!!!!

Take care and enjoy your weekend.... I will.


20th September 2009

missing you
Sounds like you are having a wonderful, if not a little testing, time! And I am sure you always knew it would be! You are very missed here!

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