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September 21st 2009
Published: September 21st 2009
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Hi once again
I am not sure where to start ... there seems so many things I would love to share with you all. Do I start with dinner at Rabanal with the Canon from Westminster Abbey or the fact that Rabanal was the end of a very hard day of wlaking... easy kms but agony as my left calf muscle was really tight!!! yues, I cried a lot but as is often the case, reached down deep and called on all my inner strength and that of my guardian angels to get me through... and I made it!

The climb to the highest peak of our whole walk was the most magic experience of all. Starting off early we saw the sun rise and the many colours of the valley change as we climbed higher and higher. the threathening clouds never produced the rian just lots of wondrous images instead. You can imagine, I´m sure what it is like to be higher than the clouds... this was how it was for so long. Yes... true magic.
But like all good things they come to an end.. and so we descended down to the valley.

I was walking with our Aussie friends and we all decided that we´d finish the day with not just a beer (or two) but a comnfortable bed and festive dinner. So we satyed in a hostal... that means sheets and privacy!!! We dined together for the last time.

Yesterday I said goodbye to so many ... Chick left by bus to go to greece and I stayed on in Proferrada after also saying goodbye to all those we had been walking with.

I am now walking shiort days as I have plenty of time till Bill arri9ves on Sunday.

Today though was also magic walking. Lunch was by the river, eating fresh figs, apples and grapes bought from the grower at his roadside stall.

31 degrees warm but great day!



26th September 2009

It all sounds so great. I can't wait to to get over there now. The countdown is well and truly happening. I have done hardly any walking but I have a light pack and good shoes so hopefully it will be fine.

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