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December 7th 2005
Published: December 7th 2005
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Right now we are in Rome. However, considering the history of this city there really that much that is worth seeing. Of course, this statement doesnt really include museums as we haven't really been going to many. We went to the coloseum and were harrassed by people trying to sell us tours. The coloseum is impressive, but its really the only thing in Rome that i would go to see. The ruins throughout the rest of the city are nice, but the crowds of people, beggars and pickpockets, traffic and noise certainly make it hard to appreciate your environment. Before Rome we were in Pisa and Florence. We went and saw the leaning tower, although we didnt climb it. This is actually one monument that was better than i expected it to be. We didnt get a ticket to the other buildings in the squre, however we wandered into the church without even realizing that we needed tickets. The security guard there wasn't doing a fantastic job which was just fine by us. And the church was fabulous.
In Florence, we only stayed one night so sightseeing was limited. We wandered aimlessly about the city on the first night, and chatted with a girl in our hostel who was from toronto. she is in italy studying italian cuisine, which i think is really cool. i still find that the best part of my travels is the people that i meet on the way and the stories that they have to tell. We left the next morning, but not before seeing the statue of david. And it is a specimen of perfection. If you only ever see one artistic sculpture in your life, see David. In pictures you can tell that it is a wonderful piece, but to actually see it in person and be able to examine the detail and pose at leisure is fantastic. But enough gushing, its not like me.
Before Florence we were in Bern. Bern is not a very exciting place, at least not on a sunday. Everything there closes on sunday...except for the christmas market oddly enough. The christmas market there had the most variety of all the ones we've wandered through and it was a lot more relaxed than the one in munich. We left on the monday, but we swung by einsteins house before heading to the train station. However, it was closed! I'm not overly disappointed by that though, because when we actually went into the building there was a little information board up which stated that the house was einsteins "family home" for two years. Before going there i was under the impression that it was where he lived during his adult life.
Before Bern we were in Paris...for something like eight hours...that was a crazy trip. I had been to paris before and wasnt overly interested in seeing it again, and dave didnt want to see it at all. So basically we just went there to get some fragonard perfume for my mom. We got it, swung by notre dame and went on our merry way. before paris...i forget where we were. munich maybe. but i think i wrote about there. in any case, thats enough rambling for now.


7th December 2005

hey there!
hey Janine. I miss you so much. I know that I barely saw you before you left, i missed you then to... i miss everyone realy because i'm so busy working but oh well, i'm saving money so i can get to my own european excursion someday. not much is new here, the only exciting thing lately was my b'day and that wasn't even really exciting. did you do anything cool for your b'day.. i can't remember if i sent you a birthday message if not "happy birthday" looking forward to your future blogs! luv, d

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