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November 26th 2005
Published: November 26th 2005
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in germany so far we've seen hamburg, berlin and munich. i'm not really a city person, so i don't really have too many comments on the cities we've seen here. Hamburg i think i wrote about before, as we went there on our way up to scandanavia. berlin is an interesting city. we went to the reichstag, brandenburg tor, a couple of museums, checkpoint charlie, and the topography of terror exhibit. i was a little disappointed with the reichstag because you couldn't tour the inside! (at least not too my knowledge). We did go up to the roof however, where they had an exhibit showing the political events leading up to hitlers rise to power and the division of germany and the berlin wall. We also climbed the dome for a view of the city..but to me a city is a city..and the view wasnt worth the wait in line.
We also went to museum island and toured the pergammon and another that i forget the name of. the second one had the ancient egyptian display, as the egyption museum was moving locations. I think the highlight of the museums was the bust of nefertiti. I've always wanted to see that. Plus, both museums let you take pictures, which was pretty cool. I have taken lots of pictures in the last three weeks, but unfortunately I cannot get them off of my camera and on to a computer. I'm not sure why, but I might have to wait until I get home to upload my pictures. Hopefully they don't get erased going through airport security!
In between berlin and munich we stopped in cottbus for a night to visit tom, and the little village of weddel to visit lindsay. I have to say that seeing tom has probably been the highlight of my trip. Its always good to see old friends.
We are in Munich right now, and we spent the morning window shopping at the christmas market. by noon though, the crowd was getting pretty crazy so we made our way back to the hostel and just chilled out for the afternoon. We are both sick so we weren't feeling very ambitious. In Braunshweg, Dave and Lindsay had gone out while I stayed in the hostel in Wolfsburg because I was already really sick. However, when Dave went to catch the train back to Wolfsburg at the end of the night the train just never came. So he ended up spending the night outside in the snow wandering around braunschweg. now he is sick too.
Tomorrow we are backtracking a bit up to a little village in the rhine valley. I think we might spend a few days there and just take it easy and enjoy the scenery. I'm excited to see the castles, as we haven't seen any yet on our trip. Thats it for now, and hopefully soon i will be able to upload my photos!


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