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April 9th 2007
Published: April 9th 2007
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So, how have you been? I’ve been away from my blog, I know ...

One of my 2007 resolutions was ‘to make more time to myself and my friends,’ thus I wont be updating my blog every month, but I’ll have time to go for a coffee in the weekend (just send me an email) ;-)

2007 started among friends (excellent!) with Raclette (the national dish of Switzerland, after fondue of course …), coffee and home-made ‘olliebollen’ in peaceful Lausanne.

The highlight of January/February was Rotterdam’s International Film Festival. The movie I wont forget is ‘The Scream of the Ants,’ a movie about differences, beliefs, and about how our view of the world can make it easy/difficult to cope with it (made in Iran, with the plot in India).

I was in Paris in February and really bought some bargains! For those who have been begging me to recall where: I checked it out and it was in St. Germain, nearby the metro-stations St. Suplice/Rennes. Satisfied?

March took me to Cyprus: friendly people and fantastic Mezze! I was pretty impressed to witness that most houses had solar water heaters (apparently 92%!!(MISSING)). It seems that the government through grants for investments on renewable energy stimulates it. Economics should also be an important driver to the government itself, who provides energy to the occupied territory at North, without receiving a penny ... It was quite an experience to cross the ‘ Green Line’ (please if you go to Cyprus don’t use the word ‘border’ - people finds it offensive!). It’s really amazing that there is still a divided city in Europe ... the only capital. In the North side, the buildings are a mix of ruins, beautiful renovated palaces (with money from international organizations) and ordinary houses. People are equally friendly!

This weekend, I visited the historic ‘white town’ of the Netherlands: Thorn in Limburg. Though it has only about 1,100 inhabitants, it has a rich cultural activity with e.g. 2 orchestras! Besides, it is pretty cute :-)

Well, time to catch some sun guys.
Till later in the spring,

P.S. Recently I gave voice (literally!) to a video. A friend of mine (Catia) turned 30, and another friend (owner of Paprika productions ;-) decided to make a video as a present for her. I'm one of the voices: check it out in You Tube! It also has a reference to ‘The Scream of the Ants’ in the end … and fantastic music.
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